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Birthday Cake Ideas - Fruity, Custardy and/or Cheesecake-y


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Birthday Cake Ideas - Fruity, Custardy and/or Cheesecake-y

ChristinaMason | Jul 1, 2014 08:14 PM

My hubs has a brithday coming up, and I traditionally make a cake. In the past I've made a yellow cake with praline topping and whipped cream, yellow cake layered with berries and stabilized whipped cream, and a raspberry-lemon take on the Boston Cream pie. He's not that big on chocolate cake or things like flourless chocolate cake or basic layer cake. He likes "homey" tasting things with fresh produce, if that makes any sense. I do a lot of upside down cakes, which he enjoys, but would like to branch out.

I asked for tips this year on what he might like, and he said "something fruity, with berries maybe, and maybe custard or cheesecake." Could you folks help me come up with something good (preferred tried and true recipes)?

My baking skills are OK; I can competently follow a recipe. I don't have any fancy piping bags or specialty equipment.

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