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Birria o Consomé de Cabeza?


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Birria o Consomé de Cabeza?

Anonimo | | Dec 8, 2006 01:37 AM

This morning I was finishing a shopping excursion in Pátzcuaro's mercado. I needed some breakfast. Usually, I go to Birrería Don Prisci, where you can get pretty good birria de borrego o de res, albeit somewhat filled out with diced potatoes and carrots.

This time I headed to the left of the entrance, to where several stands are set up. One with a steaming stainless steel cart atracted my eye, and I sat down for a bowl of "Consomé de cabeza" I'd eaten something similar many years ago, on our first visit to Pátzcuaro. But this time, instead of a few tacos and a steaming cup of picante broth, I got a substantial bowl of soup and tender meat. No potatoes nor carrots. It looks like birria, it tastes like the birria we had in the Mercado del Arroyo de la Plata in Zacatecas, but here it's called Consomé de cabeza.
(I think I also saw some tongue tacos being made, but I'm not certain.)

I asked for it "con todo", which entailed the cook tossing in a small handful of chopped onions, cilantro, and a squirt of salsa verde.
It was very good and savory, just enough snap to keep you aware. I was hungry, and finished it to the bottom of the bowl, where a picture of Mickey Mouse greeted me. I also managed to consume the whole stack of small, taco-sized tortillas. Cost: $26 MXP