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BIM lunches at Taam Tov


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BIM lunches at Taam Tov

BIM | | Apr 17, 2007 12:28 PM

Mike and I managed to sneak away from the crew (who were probably going to take us to another sterile take-out deli) and make our way to 47th street and up the stairs to Taam Tov.

This is my favorite kind of chow experience: an unusual cuisine (Bukharian?) in an obscure location (upstairs amidst the jewelry shops) that feels like you’ve stumbled into a foreign country. Casual, cramped and pretty tasty IMHO.

We ordered the Manty (steamed beef dumplings) which were meaty and delicious. I got a couple lamb rib skewers and Mike got a chicken one – he’s gone off his veggie thing for this trip, thank goodness. The lamb was spicy and unctuous – I blasted through my skewers. The Bakhsh was a rich pilaf with little chicken chunks and lots of some green spice; a good accompaniment to the meat. Mike liked the bread a lot: dense, chewy and warm. We probably could have made a meal of just the bread and the salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. Like that would ever happen.

I ordered a couple of meat pies – ‘Samsa’ – and they’re sitting in a bag downstairs in the cutting room. I predict they will disappear around 4:30.

Thanks to the hounds who posted a link to a midtown lunch blog, that’s you kobetobiko and also the-woman-who’s-post-got-adiosed. What’s the rule, no links to rival sites?

If anybody has any “if you liked that you might like this” ideas I’d be glad to hear ‘em.