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Beverly Hills Thai for 28th wedding anniversary


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Kosher Thai Anniversary

Beverly Hills Thai for 28th wedding anniversary

ganeden | | Sep 2, 2012 09:05 PM

We went there tonight for the first time, for our 28th wedding anniversary, and both my wife Jennifer and I were impressed with both quality and value. We began with the Tom Kah and the hot and sour soup (Tom Yum), both chicken. Jennifer, who used to enjoy spicy food but who became less enamored with chilis upon becoming pregnant the first of 6 times, found both comfortably within her range, though she remarked as to the spice of the Tom Yum. Of the 2, she enjoyed the Tom Kah most, whereas I enjoyed both, with a comforable dallop of pepper oil (quite hot) into the Tom Kah. We felt that though they were average sized bowls, they were a good value at $7 apiece. We progressed to vegie egg rolls ($8), which were crispy but not memorable. We then tried the spicy beef salad ($15),w hich we found impressive, again with me sprinkling on the hot pepper oil. Very flavorful. Then we were served yellow curry chicken ($15), which came with white rice. Again, quite flavorful, a bit different than the curries my wife makes (she's Cantonese, but has lately been using coconut milk quite a bit), thinking it's a somewhat different blend of spices. Beef Pad Thai ($13)rounded out the lit of entrees, and somewhat less successfully, in both our estimations. Finally, we ended the meal with mango and sticky rice, which was a wonderful concept (which we found again in our Thai cookbook upon getting home, so impressive was it). Not everything can be best, and clearly, we had our favorites, but everything was of high quality. The biggest criticism we had is that everything was on the sweet side to a greater extent than we prefer. Perhaps sweetness has an affinity for chillis, but since the food was toned down, either because of my wife's preferences or those of the typical consumer, it might have been well for them to cut down on the sugar. However, the quality of the dishes made up for the slight lack of balance. Overall, well worth the money and our time. We went early, by the way, and service was quick and accurate.