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Berlin: Joe Penas - Disappointment


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Berlin: Joe Penas - Disappointment

polyg | | Jun 30, 2008 05:30 AM

I had quite a dreadful experience at Joe Penas' in Berlin last night.

(1) False advertising: outside, there is a board announcing that on Sundays, there is "Eat-as-much-as-you-can" Fajitas. The waitress tells us that this doesn't apply today, as there is a match. I would like to note that we came about three hours before the match started and went about two hours before the match started. The restaurant was half-empty. In any case, how hard is it to delete a board if this doesn't apply on a certain day?

(2) Bad food: most of the food was absolutely horrible. Now, I know that for example at Qype Joe Penas is hailed as a great Mexican, and I wonder if the food I have tried is a Germanised version of Mexican food, and that's why it was so horrible. It doesn't really matter: Enchiladas came half-cold (in places where they should have been hot) and while the Salad in the Caesar's Salad with Chicken was an exact version of Caesar's - the chicken was over-spiced and horrible.

One good point: their Guacamole was really good. That was the only good dish in a four dishes meal.

(3) No apologies (forget compensation! I am talking about politeness): the waitress sees that we ate only half of the meal - no remarks regarding our complaints; regarding a certain drink order, she begins to argue regarding the quality of our German, instead of just deciding that it could be that we're a*hole customers, but we're always right (and we were right. I check with a dictionary back home).

(4) Bill just didn't come. After 20 minutes of waiting, we went to the till and took care of it.

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