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The Beautiful Cookbook series


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The Beautiful Cookbook series

Keith | Dec 27, 1999 12:18 PM

Okay guys and gals, have I got something to make your mouths water!

Ya'll know the "Beautiful" cookbook series (you know, Mexico, the Beautiful Cookbook - Asia, China, etc)? Well, if you do, you probably know, too, that they sell for a minimum of about $35.00 buckolas. Not for me, however!

I got 5 of them for $10.00 bucks TOTAL! No, not $10.00 each, but $10.00 for all of them; they're on sale at Waldenbooks for $2.99 each. I work at a Waldenbooks and about dropped my jaw yesterday when I saw the new prices. The series is now "Bargain" display. And with my discount on top of the bargain price, it was heaven upon heaven upon heaven, I tell you.

I'm pretty sure that all Waldenbooks stores should be reflecting this price. Get them while they last!

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