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BBQ - Chopped vs. Pulled


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BBQ - Chopped vs. Pulled

bvl1 | | Apr 8, 2010 02:55 PM

Hello all!

Recently, a friend and I were discussing general BBQ likes and dislikes and, much to his shock, I confessed an overall distaste for the BBQ I've found in the Triangle. I've tried a lot of BBQ here... The Pit, Holy Smokes, Shane's, Danny's, Old Time, Allen and name but a few.

I take nothing away from these places...they're making BBQ as they know people want it. My problem is with the texture of chopped BBQ. I hate to say it, but it kinda makes me think of dog food. I love the taste...that vinegary, peppery, bite...I love it! But I think chopping ruins everything that's great about slow roasted pork.

I'm in the hunt for a place that "pulls" the pork, instead of "chopping" it. There's something about long strands of roasted pork shoulder...its luscious, in ways that chopping utterly kills.

Does anyone know of a BBQ place in the Triangle (or surrounding areas) that's treating their pork this way, instead of chopping it to bits?

Thanks everyone!