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Batali recipe question -- new thread or COTM voting thread?


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Batali recipe question -- new thread or COTM voting thread?

foxy fairy | Sep 19, 2008 09:54 AM

Hi -- In anticipation for Oct COTM (and because I felt inspired), I checked Batali's books from the library and I'm going to start cooking from them this weekend. I have questions about one recipe in particular and I'd like to know if anyone else has made it. Do I start a new thread? Or do I tack this onto the ongoing Batali talk on the voting thread? There's already a lot of discussion about cooking from his books there, but it seems like it would clutter up the voting thread for me to ask there. I just want to post appropriately. Thanks.

The question is --

I'm thinking of trying Batali's Meatballs with Ricotta in Milk this weekend (Molto Italiano, p 398), which he calls "lactic love bombs." They're served "in a 'broken' white sauce" which makes me a little nervous. I don't care but I wonder how that will appear b/c my date might get scared. LOL! Has anyone made this?

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