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Barbeque sauce?


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Barbeque sauce?

curiousbaker | | Apr 29, 2008 10:54 AM

So I was in the grocery store on Sunday with the boyfriend and, as the grilling season has begun, he was taking a look at the bottles of BBQ sauce. He kept turning to the ingredient list and again and again the first ingredient was: high fructose corn syrup. Thanks, but no. Then I found a brand I had used on occasion before - very good, and no corn syrup to be found. But almost $6 for 8 oz. Yikes! So I told him I was going to make some sauce (keep some in the fridge, freeze the rest). I've made a few specialty-type sauces, like a mango-chipotle bbq sauce, Helen Witty's banana ketchup and so on. But the boy's going to want a fairly traditional sort of sauce, tomato based, rather sweet. The majority of online recipes start with commercial ketchup (and we're back to the high fructose corn syrup). I've found a few recipes that start with tomatoes, but I was wondering if anyone had a great recipe they would be willing to share?

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