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Banquet at Rising Tide-Philly


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Banquet at Rising Tide-Philly

Susan H | | Apr 22, 2007 12:29 PM

Last night, we had a 10-course birthday banquet at Rising Tide in Philly Chinatown, and they rose beyond my wildest hopes. Michael was a pleasure to deal with in the planning. We had one of the two upstairs party rooms. We started with veggie spring rolls and fish dumplings. Both were excellent - non-greasy, served hot. Then chicken/corn soup, which everyone loved. Then an outstanding version of peking duck (with the "rolls" rather than the wraps), also no grease, no fat. This was followed by a series of stir-fry's, each better than the last. Kung po chicken (not breaded), slivered pork in garlic sauce, beef short ribs sliced paper thin (with the bone in the middle), fish with veggies served on a fried fish frame, veggie fried rice, and an amazing version of seafood noodles. If you're looking for a place for a banquet, this is it. We've been to Ocean City, and there is just no comparison -- OC was routine compared to this.

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