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Baker help pls-leftover cransauce-muffins?


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Baker help pls-leftover cransauce-muffins?

OldDog | | Nov 24, 2007 10:29 PM

I made a new recipe for cranberry sauce this TG and have a lot left over.

Texture is semi chunky, made with whole berries, chopped orange meat, sugar and vanilla and just slightly thinner than canned whole berry sauce, like a soft jam. Flavor is good...sweet, tart, a tiny bit bitter from orange pith, and too much vanilla overtone, IMO. We did enjoy tiny servings of it on TG, but I won't repeat this recipe, tho' I think it's too good to just throw it away.

I'm thinking muffins, but not being a baker, I'm afraid to fiddle with muffin recipes, any baked goods recipes, actually...will they turn out sloppy moist, should I increase flour, decrease liquid, adjust leavening, temp/time and on and on and on...I drive me nuts. OH! should I add nuts?

I'd love help from experienced CHOW bakers. I've had, to be kind, "mixed" results with too many googled online recipes to trust them much for baked goods.