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Baked bean sandwich


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Baked bean sandwich

rworange | | Nov 4, 2008 08:35 AM

Seriously I thought I invented this when I was a kid. However, this wiki article dates the sandwich to 1909

How do you make a baked bean sandwich?

Mine is very simple ... warm baked beans between two slices of white bread ... Wonder bread sort of bread preferred.

However, googling around there are a bunch of variations ...

1943 baked bean sandwich (celery, walnuts, onion, pickle, catsup)

Bacon & Baked Bean Sandwich Recipe (bacon, hard cooked egg, lettuce)

That would make me think that the sandwich with a sunnyside up egg would be swell, the yolk breaking as you bite into it and mixing with the beans. Maybe on an English muffin.

Hmmm ... it seems some people make cold baked bean sandwiches. Doesn't appeal as much to me as warm.

Cold Baked Bean Sandwich, Club Style (butter, lettuce, cauliflower)

Camping Baked Bean Sandwich (Italian bread, chopped onions, cheese bacon ... mmmm)

Yeah, chopped onions are sounding real good.

Boston Baked Bean Sandwiches (applesauce, piccalilli, Jarlsberg, ham ... photo looks good)

Heinz even considered a frozen baked bean sandwich

"Heinz chief Bill Johnson said the company needed to give people "new ways to use beans".

"If people take the time to cook beans and put it on toast, why shouldn't we cut the process for them and give them beans on toast?" he said. The technology is being developed by Heinz researchers in New Zealand."

Now what makes my jaw drop about that is it is a 'technology' needing researches to develop.

So how do you make your baked bean sandwich?