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Atlantic Ave Report

Barbara H. | | Sep 11, 1998 09:21 AM

First of all, thank you all for your suggestions. I
had a wonderful lunch at the Fountain Cafe --the baba
ganoush was smoky, creamy and didn't have too much
tahini (one of my pet peeves), and the tabouli was
fresh, lemony and not overrun with cracked wheat, but
was mostly parsley (also the way I like it). The
charming waiter, Mohammed, brought me spice tea (lots
of body and redolent with cardamom) and baklavah at
exactly the right moment. I was very happy. After
that day, however, they changed my courthouse to the
one near Montague St., so I have had a couple of
wonderful takeouts from Lassen & Hemmings, which I ate
sitting on the Promenade, watching hawks circle over
NY harbor and planes flying in formation south to
north over the City. I could have been eating dust,
it would have seemed special.
Anyway, I'm not finished with jury duty yet, so I
plan to have another walk on Atlantic Ave and check
out more of your recommendations. Thanks again, all.