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Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen (Tuesday night report) - long


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Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen (Tuesday night report) - long

jeannechang | | Jul 26, 2006 07:38 AM

I went there tonight for dinner. We tried the hot pepper jack cornbread (muffin style, a bit dry but good with butter)and hushpuppies, both $2.95, the gumbo $5.95, jambalaya$13.50, and shrimp po'boy $10.95. Everything fried was greaseless and perfectly could taste the freshness of the shrimp in the sandwich. We liked the food and had plenty to eat...we couldn't finish most of the jambalaya and bread. My friend also noted that the gumbo wasn't very spicy, but there was a bottle of Tabasco on every table for self-seasoning.
Two sour notes in a mostly pleasant evening:
1. When we were ordering, the server offered a taste of the jambalaya when I wasn't sure if I wanted it or not (It's only offered as a bowl on the menu). I accepted the taste, but then he said he could bring us a cup of it versus a bowl, so I took that offer. We also ordered a bowl of gumbo. Later he brought us a bowl of jambalaya, and when we questioned the serving size, we were told it was a bowl. We briefly explained what we had been led to believe, and a chef talked with the server about it...loud enough that we could hear most of it from about ten feet away. The server came over and told us that the jambalaya was offered in just the bowl, contradicting what he had offered us, and to make things easier we just kept the bowl of jambalaya and changed our order to a cup of the gumbo, which they comped us. That was a little odd, but resolved all right in the end.
2. The po'boy is on the menu with choice of hushpuppies, Zapp's chips, or something else I can't remember. When we ordered, the server offered to bring the hushpuppies with the cornbread as an appetizer, so we did that. Then before they brought out the entrees, he asked us if we wanted chips with the po'boy. I told him that I thought the side order of hushpuppies had already been given to us, and he said not to worry about that (implication that they'd be comped) and that we should try the Zapp's chips. Again, I accepted. However, when we received the check, the hushpuppies were on there as an appetizer. Rather than cause a fuss, we paid the bill ($40 for two people including a 20% tip) and left.

It's a pleasant dining room and I understand they're still working out the kinks, but I just didn't feel like the service was very smooth. When the dining room got busy we were ignored for water and everything seemed like an ordeal, with three different servers swooping by but not really seeming to take notice of us except in passing (i.e. it took us three passes by two waiters to get the leftovers boxed up). I also felt like communication was a factor.

I might go back in a couple of months after Angeline's settles in, but not soon.

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