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how to make amaranth cereal


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how to make amaranth cereal

lilaki | | Oct 23, 2010 08:11 PM

hi hounds,

i was at a bulk store today where i spied some amranth grains (or are they seeds?). i bought about 2 cups worth just to try it out. and old coworker of mine used to make hot amaranth cereal (she was sensitive to oatmeal). i eat oatmeal religiously and would like to try making amaranth for some variety.

so, some questions:

- how much does this stuff swell? one cup of raw steel cut oats yields enough breakfast servings for me to last 5 days.

- what is the amaranth to water ratio i should use?

- what is the cooking technique? (boil, simmer, how long, etc.)

- can i cook this in my zojirushi rice cooker (i cook my weekly stash of steel cut oats in my rice cooker and it's super convenient)

thanks in advance for your help!