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Allen and Son's BBQ

carolinadawg | | Mar 3, 2007 05:47 PM

I had lunch at Allen and Son's today. It had been a while since my last visit, and while I've always enjoyed eating there, today was an absolute sublime experience. I still can't believe how good is was! The pork was not minced extremely fine like so many other places do it but had a nice mix of large and small pieces with some great outside brown; it had that full, rich smoky flavor; moist but with only a little sauce (dip) on it, but with a bottle of delicous, vinegary, peppery sauce provided to add to it. The hushpuppies were perfect...crunchy exterior, moist interior, not greasy, not dried out. I haven't tried every bbq place in NC, and even the worst nc bbq is pretty good, but Allen's is the gold standard for me. Absolute pefection! It costs more than most places, but its well worth it.