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Advice on a dinner menu

Ernie Diamond | | Apr 21, 2010 07:04 PM

So it isn't exactly summer but I was hoping to get some advice on a dinner menu for this weekend. I am having family over and would like to do something that is fun, suitable for the outdoors but also something that won't require a lot of last-minute cooking.

I like to follow themes when I cook so I can't do pasta, I would need to do a Tuscan pasta and round it out with appropriate sides. You know the drill.

Anyway, here are my thoughts. Advise as you are able and feel free to suggest menus I had not considered;

- Kafta Kebab (minced lamb) on the grill with hummus, tabbouleh, Lebanese pickles, pilaf, etc.

- T. Keller's fried chicken with simple salad (maybe a caesar) and Cherry pie (very All-American)

- Bo Ssam from Momofuku (what to serve with it?)

- Fish Tacos (again; how do I round it out?)

- Thai. I want authentic flavors but my family doesn't manage heat well so suggestions please. Satay? Soups? Curries?

Is this enough to go on? What would you serve for an outside meal?