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Abruzzo - national parks? or Le Marche?


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Abruzzo - national parks? or Le Marche?

Pappardelle | | Aug 9, 2011 09:59 AM

Dear all,
Thanks so much for your recent Rome posts. I lived in Rome for 4 years, and now after a couple of years of being away, I am here for a month housesitting, and I have found your suggestions to be very helpful. I will report back with a full report on August eating in Rome - I promise. My dear friends live in a little town in Abruzzo near Teramo, and I have eaten countless unforgettable holiday and non-holiday meals with them. I will be visiting there this weekend. But, for the first time, I will be venturing out in their region alone for one night, or with my American traveling companion. We have no plans as of yet, and we were thinking of heading around by the national parks, but everything is up in the air (including the precise evening). Does anyone have any suggestions for evening restaurants in the region of Abruzzo, perhaps near the national parks? L'Aquila? My friends produce virtually everything they make at home with stuff from their garden. They never eat out, and, frankly, we are telling them we are going farther away from them so they don't insist we stay there another night! Le Marche is also an option. Our travel plans might be dictated by a really good foodie location.

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