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When is it "too much"?

maisonbistro | | Sep 4, 2008 11:39 AM

So, I have a new client in Old Montreal, and luckily for me, they are right up the street from Olives et Gourmando. So I stop in today to pick up some croissants and a brownie ($3.50). I was standing to the left of the cash when I ordered so I didn't really pay attention, but I just got home and took my precious cargo out of it's bag and, well, my jaw dropped, my heart when ba-boom and my brain said "wha?????????????????????" The brownie is minescule. Probably 4mm X 4 mm by 3mm (thickness).

Now don't get me wrong. I don't mind paying for quality, and I don't expect quality to be judged by quantity - but I am insulted by the price and the portion.

As you all know, I cook, and I would never ever, in a million years, consider selling that size brownie for that price. I can only imagine the profit they make on one pan of brownies, cut to that size, each selling for $3.50. Do they not make enough profit on the other baked goods that they have to gouge clients with their brownie prices?

It's good, but it's the last one I'll buy.