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5 Days in Tokyo, need some recs please!


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5 Days in Tokyo, need some recs please!

endyyy | | Jan 9, 2012 01:09 AM

Hello fellow hounders, I will be traveling to Tokyo from Taiwan for the first time and will be staying at hyatt regency in west shinjuku for 5 days and 4 nights. This is our first time in Tokyo and I was hoping that I can get some recommendations for restaurants in the following categories. Our budget is around 5000 yen per meal per person with an exception of 1 nice/expensive dinner probably around 15000-20000/person. Will be leaving in a week so hopefully the restaurant recommended will still have availability.

Our tentative schedule: arriving on tuesday and will probably just explore the shinjuku area so will need a dinner and lunch rec.

Will spend a day at disneyland and tokyo sea. (any food I should try? I've gone to the Anaheim disneyland numerous times)

Will spend a day in Harajuku/shibuya area shopping. ( lunch and dinner recs?)

Don't have plans for the other days yet, but will travel around Tokyo for good food :)

Food we want to try:

Sushi - Sushi Saito (lunch) or maybe something around the tsukiji market or anywhere else

Ramen - There is fuunji near our hotel, but I was wondering if anyone know if theres good dan dan mien ramen? (tried it at honolulu and never found one like it)

Tempura - Saw multiple people recommend tsunahachi rin and close to hotel

Yakiniku, tonkatsu, desserts - haven't found places yet

Also, recommendations for the expensive dinner? Looking for an unique japanese experience.

Traveler details: We're both from los angeles and can only speak mandarin and english. I can read most kanji as well. Looking for foreigner friendly restaurants.

Thanks hounds! If anyone needs recs from taipei I'd be happy provide some recs as well.

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