30" electric wall-ovens: American Range (AROFE-30) / Wolf (S0302US)


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30" electric wall-ovens: American Range (AROFE-30) / Wolf (S0302US)

Doberman_Fan | | Oct 19, 2012 08:18 AM

I suppose if I had not begun reading reviews, I would not be finding myself in what has become a pain-in-the-butt task due to the many bad reviews on nearly every brand I have read. I am out to replace a ten year old 30" Bosch whereby I have put approximately $1000 into repairs over the years. A couple times it has been to replace "plastic" fingers/gears located behind the knobs. I have learned while researching that Bosch, Gaggeneau, and Thermador are all manufactured by the same company; so, I will not be considering any of these due to my experience and the many poor reviews I have read. Although, I must say our Bosch dishwasher has been great; it cleans well, is very quiet, hot, and has yet to require a repair after 10 years.

After exhausting myself in an attempt to find reliable products, I am inclined to pull the trigger real soon on the American Range 30" electric oven with French doors (AROFE-30). I have not found a whole lot of info on A.R. which is surprising considering they have been around forever on the commercial end. The only negative thing I have read were a few comments about the doors being hot; however, I have read that about many brands & I have come to the conclusion none of the residential electric ones are hot enough to be concerned about. Plus, I am beginning to believe since there are few negatives posted for A.R. out there, this is probably a good sign because most folks don't seek out forums to write positive comments; it is usually to complain.

My second product of choice is the Wolf (SO302US). Both the A.R. and the Wolf are between $3000 - $3359. I did like the Viking as well, but (to my surprise) I have simply read way too many negative comments about them.
So, any comments from users of either the Wolf or American Range electric ovens would be greatly appreciated.