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3 sweets around Davis Sq


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3 sweets around Davis Sq

Limster | | Aug 24, 2002 04:57 PM

Denise's ice cream -- slightly chewy texture on the Guinness ice cream, almost comparable to some of Toscanni's. Malty flavor, and a taste that was almost coffee-like. The tiramisu had a softer texture, with a coffee flavor that dominated instead of a more all rounded tiramisu flavor. Would love to have a more boozy taste to the ice cream.

La Contessa -- pretty good cannoli, though not as crisp as some of the N End ones. Generous but uneven filling with small patches of pure ricotta that were not dispersed into the filling.

Mr Crepe -- good elasticity near the middle of the crepe, but that nice texture is brief -- it thins out too quickly into a crisp two thirds or so toward the edges. Perhaps more batter required. But it's easy to forgive a warm handmade crepe with sugar and butter. The tables just to the right of the door lets you see the crepe making in action. With lamb tagine and meguez on parts of the menu, there's definitely a French-Moroccan connection here.