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24 Hour Visit From Brooklyn


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24 Hour Visit From Brooklyn

Kid Dynamite | | Feb 24, 2014 12:48 PM

Hey Everyone,

My wife and I are visiting Philadelphia this upcoming Saturday and will be in town for 24 hours. I used to live on South Saint Bernard Street in 2009 and have not returned since. I recall really liking the Philadelphia Pho and beer scene and not being able to afford much beyond that. I now return for a day and am eager to eat a really wonderful dinner.

My wife and I are looking to eat a meal at a place that has either nice d├ęcor or a lively scene that serves up good food. I typically eat lighter fair and usually elect for fish and meat and not fried fare. Any recs would really be appreciated. I'm staying at an apartment near Rittenhouse but would like to travel someplace if it is memorable. Also, any beer bar recs. I recall loving the Devil's Den and the happy hour at the Irish Pol as being unbeatable.

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