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$11 sandwich in Baton Rouge


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Restaurants & Bars Baton Rouge Sub/Sandwich

$11 sandwich in Baton Rouge

frankiii | | Jul 29, 2006 09:45 PM

Smokey Bourgeois, owner of George’s, opened up a deli in downtown baton rouge call City Deli (i think that is what is called anyway). I ate there once last year on the day that all the refugees from Katrina started showing up. Crazy day so i dont really remember what it was like. Anyway, i went there yesterday on a whim, there are so many great places to eat downtown that i don’t get down there too often. And also on a whim i bought the $10.99 Hebrew National Pastrami Reuben. I can’t say why i spent that much money on a sandwich but I do love a good Reuben and as they have no less than 10 options for the Reuben there I went with the one the judged most precious. Okay, so it was good. The meat was much more subtle than other Pastramis i have had (boar’s head included) and the roast beef nature or the Pastrami really came through more than traditional Pastrami. That said, I was not struck by it being to amazing and certainly not $11 amazing. The bread was nice, the cheese was good (maybe could have been a bit softer), there was not really enough Russian dressing but i guess that is more a mater of personal preference. I am not trying to nit pick, the sandwich was good but not great. The deep south is probably not the place to be demanding exceptional deli sandwiched and certainly not Reubens, but i cant help it. I love Reubens. I should probably just be happy with good Muffalettas. Anyway, thoughts on sandwiches in BR or southern Louisiana in general? Will drive for good food

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