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Schnorrer selecting eggs

by GH1618 11 days ago

Now I've seen everything in the brazen petty chiseling department! In the U. S., eggs are sold by size based on th...

hill food commented 2 hours ago

So WHY were we forced to sit at the table till the food was gone??

by jenscats5 4 years ago

I've read this in several threads about parents poor cooking or disliking a food & having to sit at the table till it...


Auspicious commented 4 days ago

Retire where?

by brooktroutchaser 2 years ago

A year or so from retiring. Seeking a walkable small town or beach community with mild winters, farmers market, upsca...

MelMM commented 4 days ago

Food names for pets

by EM23 3 years ago

I was just reading through the Dog or Cat thread and see that foiegras mentioned that they named all of their dogs fo...


Bigley9 commented 10 days ago

The Kindness of Strangers

by PattiCakes 1 month ago

I work at 20th & Market, and walk to Suburban Station every day after work via JFK Boulevard. On Friday, as I was cro...

nofunlatte commented 10 days ago

A guy walks into a pub and puts his hat on the bar...

by gutreactions 1 month ago

I do that sometimes for convenience and so I don't leave it behind. One bartender spoke up and said: 'Take your hat o...

hill food commented 11 days ago

Yet another tip question: Servers? Do you have a minimum DOLLAR amount?

by cayjohan 9 years ago

Fair warning - I may be a rube. I just want to know! Back story: I cook at home, for many reasons, most significan...


postemotional1 commented 13 days ago

Is it ok to tip less now with the new minimum wage hike? Regions San Francisco Bay Area, Norcal

by Mission 4 months ago

Now that servers are getting a "living wage"... why tip at all? I mean is that not the point of the new living wa...


postemotional1 commented 13 days ago

What would YOU do??

by PotatoHouse 2 years ago

I pulled this meme from Facebook and although it is directed towards the ladies, men can answer the question also.


Querencia commented 20 days ago

Cleaning while cohosting a party

by El_Mango 21 days ago

I was cohosting a Canada Day bbq with a friend of mine at her condo. She said I was cohosting, so it isn't like I mis...


ricepad commented 20 days ago

Transporting fried food?

by Spiteful Chef 8 years ago

Hi all, I've been asked to provide fried pickles for a meeting at my fiance's hospital. I have NO idea how to tra...


Begonia.J commented 23 days ago

Tall tables...what is it with this?

by Sinicle 5 years ago

I am used to tall (i.e., barstool height) tables in bars or lounges. Lately I perceive a proliferation of this even t...

Sooeygun commented 1 month ago

I'm cooking lowfat for my elderly dog, post-pancreatitis and thought I'd share

by c oliver 2 years ago

My 15 y.o. dog (a Puli) had lost about 20% of her body weight from one annual exam to another. I wanted to get some ...


doonutt2 commented 1 month ago

Challenge: Looking for runners who get what I am dubbing “Tortilla Chip Flush”

by Drew_S 4 years ago

I am a runner. I am also the brother of "Karl S" who is a pretty active Chowhound member; he pointed me to these foru...


carrie321 commented 1 month ago

What's that smell and why is it permeating my food?

by alikaprincess 1 year ago

Please help! I need to figure out what could be causing this, ruining expensive food, and how to fix it if possible....


Elvanar777 commented 1 month ago

Kids and Allergies - long and a bit of a rant

by janetofreno 2 years ago

OK, apologies in advance for even bringing up the subject, as I know there are a lot of strong feelings out there on ...

LMAshton commented 1 month ago

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Orlando love

by thimes 1 month ago

My love goes out to my Sisters in Orlando and Florida. I raise my glass to you all.

Indoor temperatures in Austin restaurants

by wendella 7 years ago

Last night, I was at a restaurant that had it's air-conditioner running full blast. The temperature outside was in th...

BTAustin commented 2 months ago

A guy walks into a restaurant in Napa and orders a beer...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

Just wanted to share a funny story a friend of mine told me recently. They were attending a wedding in beautiful Napa...

Multifoiled commented 2 months ago

Give my dad his beer! Your just standing there!

by galaxycat 4 months ago

My dad and I went out to dinner last night at a local place. My dad ordered a beer. Five minutes later the waitress c...


Bookwich commented 2 months ago

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