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Hosts with pets - BIG pets

by Auspicious 5 days ago

We have hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas for many years. We're tired. Relatives have offered to step up (which is lo...


Chowrin commented 15 minutes ago

Why do guests INSIST on bringing a dish?

by candinr 4 days ago

We are always the host of friend get togethers. While I wouldn't call these get togethers "dinner parties", they are...


Chowrin commented 2 hours ago

How do you deal with the Thanksgiving Mess?

by walkoffdinner 3 years ago

Each year my husband and I host both our families. We love it with the exception of the leftover mess. How do you dea...

hal2010 commented 14 hours ago

Restaurant/waitress adds to credit card bill. what to do?

by rtv 9 months ago

We went out for dinner at a restaurant that we have been going to for many many years. this particular time we had a...


josephnl commented 1 day ago

I fed a vegetarian lard by mistake. Do I tell her?

by lulubelle 6 years ago

I made a big 7-layer taco dip thingy to take to movie night at a friend's house. Because a couple of people in our ...

MplsM ary commented 4 days ago

This is my third visit here for dinner.

by Gastronomos 2 years ago

This is my third visit here for dinner. We usually have breakfast here. Seven of us entered a packed place for dinne...

Gastronomos commented 4 days ago

What Are YOUR Kitchen Superstitions?

by PotatoHouse 1 month ago

I grew up in an Irish-Native American home just rife with superstitions. I don't really hold to those anymore (I don'...

hill food commented 4 days ago

Spelling errors on menus and websites

by Curlz 1 year ago

I just made a reservation on Open Table for a mid-priced restaurant and was stunned to see "pre-fix menu available" o...


Harters commented 5 days ago

I see you haven't's good to see you anyway.

by SamuelAt 2 months ago

After being away for business and personal reasons, I decided it was time to have a gathering at my home. Since I wo...

nannygoat commented 5 days ago

Allergic to tikka masala?

by geekyfoodie 8 years ago

Has anyone experienced something like this? Every time I eat tikka masala, I break out in hives. It's not serious, bu...

hal2010 commented 8 days ago

Best way to clean up fish scales

by gileo1 27 days ago

Hi. I often buy whole fish straight off the fishermen, and remove their scales in the sink (under water to preve...

Cheese Boy commented 13 days ago

Starting a Baking Club

by sandylc 2 years ago

I am interested in starting a baking club in my area with the goal of sharing my interest with others of similar incl...


Garlandj commented 16 days ago

Being addressed as "boss" by employees

by ebchower 2 months ago

I recently shopped at a food store and was emailed a survey that asked what could have been done to improve the exper...

nannygoat commented 17 days ago

Bringing a Book to a Restaurant - My Lunch at Bawarchi in Fairfax

by Steve 29 days ago

Thia is an odd, hybrid post about a particular lunch, but globally about the practice of bringing a book to read at t...

Bob W commented 24 days ago

Harassing a waiter/waitress

by kronictonic 3 months ago

After having a pleasant dinner at a new place my wife and I witnessed an embarrassing scene. A couple at another tabl...

sunshine842 commented 26 days ago

What are these stupid bugs and why won't they die??

by thursday 4 years ago

We found teeny tiny little bugs in our sugar bowl close to a year ago. They're about 1/4 to 1/2 the size of a gnat, ...


cmvb commented 26 days ago

Dinner Club Ideas

by yeoyeo 8 years ago

I have recently started up a dinner club in my area (Newport, RI). Any ideas for themes? I think this will be a gre...


smilingal commented 27 days ago

Halloween and Peanut Allergies

by jlafler 8 years ago

Our daughter, who is almost two, went trick-or-treating for the first time this year. She's allergic to peanuts, and ...


Pinkgal23338 commented 28 days ago

Buying Halloween Candy: How Soon is Too Soon?

by 512window 1 month ago

Every year I have to buy candy to hand out to the trick or treaters. Every year I play a game of chicken with myself...

512window commented 29 days ago

Large Amount of Spices

by preciousone 29 days ago

Can a tourist visiting US bring large amount of spices for his friend? (such as, black pepper powder, plum powder, pr...

Coogles commented 29 days ago

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