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Horrible Restaurant Names

by RhonelyInsanediego 6 months ago

Place here in town called, "The Fish Bucket". Horrible right? Any food place with "Bucket" in the name sounds prett...


ricepad commented about 5 hours ago

When the ingredients aren't there

by Joani Macaroni over 1 year ago

Am I just unlucky with the cook/chef, or is this a new trend? If the menu says the salad has almonds, shouldn't the s...


nannygoat commented about 5 hours ago

"Country club casual" dress code. What is it?

by Harters about 1 month ago

I'm doing some restaurant research for a forthcoming trip to America and I've come across this dress code phrase. ...

johnb commented about 6 hours ago

Say what?? Cooking comments that baffle you

by Spice_zing over 3 years ago

Ever had someone make a comment about cooking that had you scratching your head? Here’s one that happened recently. ...

EWSflash commented about 7 hours ago

I see you haven't's good to see you anyway.

by SamuelAt 8 days ago

After being away for business and personal reasons, I decided it was time to have a gathering at my home. Since I wo...

EWSflash commented about 8 hours ago

Help! What house temperature do you set your thermostat to when entertaining?

by Astur almost 4 years ago

I never know what to put mine at. I keep ours very cool for normal every day life and bundle up but know that I need ...


ikomrad commented about 10 hours ago

Being addressed as "boss" by employees

by ebchower 20 days ago

I recently shopped at a food store and was emailed a survey that asked what could have been done to improve the exper...


nikkib99 commented 2 days ago

Rude guests bringing wine - should I have served it?

by kali_MM over 6 years ago

I'm still brooding about this one, and am wondering if I reacted badly... what are your thoughts? Some friends/acc...


SamuelAt commented 3 days ago

Dog needs to gain 15 more lbs

by tessadw 18 days ago

Help, I have a rescue English springer who needs to gain 15 more pounds. His last foster got about 8 pounds on him b...


beevod commented 3 days ago

Get your own silverware?

by Hobbert 7 days ago

So, my dad was in town last night and stopped by around dinner time so we (dad and my husband and I) decided to head ...


Hobbert commented 4 days ago

Phrases You Don't Hear Anymore

by al b. darned about 2 months ago

When I was growing up, when I'd get caught trying to "put one over" on my mother she would often point out that she, ...

cosmogrrl commented 5 days ago

At what point would you not pay?

by cresyd about 2 months ago

On a Facebook page I follow about general business frustrations in Israel, someone recently posted a comment about at...


CanadaGirl commented 5 days ago

Please return your shopping carts, you lazy bum

by Chemicalkinetics about 2 months ago

This may not apply for citizens of other countries, but in the US, most of us have used shopping carts for grocery sh...

Motosport commented 6 days ago

Question about timing....

by coldbeer 8 days ago

Just back from an extremely unsatisfying trip to an as of now, unnamed Italian establishment in, let's say Morris Cou...

jfood commented 7 days ago

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Create a nuts and seeds smoothie

by VeeK727 7 days ago

Hey Guys, I'm vegetarian and trying to add some nutrition to my diet and found out the nuts and seeds are a real powe...

Speaking to a celebrity chef at a function

by prio girl 9 days ago

I'm not sure if this is the correct board (or if "Etiquette" is better suited) but here goes. Picture this: 1) You...


prio girl commented 7 days ago

Can you taste dish soap on your dishes?

by AnneInMpls over 8 years ago

I have trouble finding a dish soap that I can tolerate. Most are so strongly perfumed that the taste never comes off...


kellistar28 commented 10 days ago

Wrong Line?

by nannygoat 13 days ago

I was fascinated by this article-apparently I've been strategizing all wrong!


nannygoat commented 12 days ago

Stained stainless steel sink.

by NVS 21 days ago

I have a very nice Elkay kitchen sink that is very stained. I have used vinegar, stainless steel cleaner and elbow gr...


nannygoat commented 14 days ago

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