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Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - January 2017

by fldhkybnva 23 days ago

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2017! I hope that you enjoyed the holiday season though I imagine many are looking for...

davis_sq_pro commented 15 minutes ago

Total Wine Breaking The Law

by hotoynoodle 2 hours ago

Shared via email: January 18, 2017 ABCC Decision - Selling Alcohol Below Cost Can Lead to Severe Penalties ...


zackly commented 26 minutes ago

Andronico's Community Markets Are Now Owned by Safeway

by marssy 3 months ago

From their website: "PLEASANTON, CA — NOVEMBER 2, 2016 — Safeway and Andronico’...


wally commented 1 hour ago

Best Chantilly Cake?

by Hungry4Good 3 days ago

I need to get one for someone's birthday. I know Whole Foods is many times looked to for the "best" Chantilly cake i...

Hungry4Good commented 1 hour ago

Rustica Price Increases... New Location

by brlattim 11 days ago

I love Rustica. Great breads, quality pastries, and good coffee made it a bi-weekly stop for some goodies. I loved th...


brlattim commented 4 hours ago

Discontinued at Trader Joe's in 2017

by littleflower 26 days ago

What products have you liked, and you are sad that they are no longer carrying?

AmyH commented 5 hours ago

Kossar's Bialy Bakery

by bxgirl 1 year ago

Kossar's has been closed for renovation for quite a while now. They were said to re-open around Christmas, but it see...

Motosport commented 8 hours ago

British Bacon and Sausages

by dtm323 16 hours ago

Where can I order real traditional highest-quality British meat, especially bacon and sausages? Thanks in advance!

Pão de Queijo in Boston/Cambridge?

by shlo 4 months ago

Recently got hooked and don't have the time to make these regularly. Are there any grocery stores in the Boston/Cambr...


hungryprof commented 20 hours ago

The Costco Thread - Ontario - Jan to end of June 2017

by elvisahmed 7 days ago

Starting a new thread for Costco. Please share your finds here for food items in Costco location across Ontario

elvisahmed commented 21 hours ago

Question about water chesnuts

by mastrude 2 days ago

I recently read in a trendy Chinese cookbook that canned water chesnuts are dog food, and the only good ones are fres...


FillmoeSF commented 2 days ago

Chocolate chip cookies in TO, 2016

by prima 4 months ago

Which are your current favourites? I've liked the cookies at Bakerbots and the cookies sold at B Espresso Bar, as ...


MattHooper commented 2 days ago

Indian supermarket - what to get?

by lightyouonfire 8 days ago

I've just moved a short walk from an Indian food supermarket. This is a treat because where I live, speciality ingred...


gemuse commented 3 days ago

Costco Food Finds - 1st Quarter 2017

by treb 22 days ago

Well it's 2017, time to post about new Costco Food Finds. Always like to get there right after the holidays, they ...

PreheatedPodcast commented 3 days ago

Thoughts or updates on CSFs in the Bay Area?

by Sablehart 5 days ago

I'm looking into signing up for a community supported fishery (CSF) and was wondering if any chowhounders had recomme...


Sablehart commented 3 days ago

Where to buy good quality duck eggs?

by johndunn2 2 years ago

Does anyone have recommendations for a good spot to buy free range, organic duck eggs aside from farmer's markets? ...

girloftheworld commented 4 days ago

99 Ranch in Edison, NJ

by wench31 7 months ago

I've read that 99 Ranch Market is supposed to open in Edison sometime this summer. It's supposed to be in the same st...

wench31 commented 4 days ago

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Food to go and other food shopping in Pisa

by Michaelspont 4 days ago

I had to return to Italy and landed in Pisa on my way elsewhere, and came across a nice gastronomia/tavola calda that...

Worchestershire powderr

by randyjl 1 year ago

Has anyone seen David Wade's Worcestershire Powder in DFW? Brookshires in Forney has it on the computer inventory but...


neiladammcginnis commented 4 days ago

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