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Kosher Vegan Ashkenazi Passover Protein (wow) suggestions

by GreenGirlHereGGH 23 days ago

Hello community: I know that some within the Kosher Vegan Ashkenazi community think quinoa is permit...


Mandjewkikeski commented 9 hours ago

Kosher kimchee

by mrsphud 2 days ago

My friend loves hot and spicy dishes. She loves kimchee and wants to make her own but all the recipes she can find se...


ferret commented 2 days ago

Lieber's sriracha - setting myself up for disappointment?

by ferret 18 days ago

Saw Lieber's Sriracha and Sriracha Mayonnaise in the Pesach section of the store and my hand instinctively reached fo...


ferret commented 4 days ago

Kosher for Passover Dessert

by GraceW 7 days ago

I am attending a Seder but not well-steeped in preparing food for a one. I've already made the other side-dishes that...


lburrell commented 4 days ago

ISO: Pesach version of Unstuffed Cabbage?

by SoCal Mother 12 days ago

Has anyone tried to make KBD Unstuffed Cabbage with quinoa instead of rice? What purpose does the rice serve in what...


SoCal Mother commented 4 days ago

Breakstone's Passover cottage cheese

by Pluckyduk8 7 years ago

Hi all, Anyone know what happened to the Breakstone's kosher for Passover cottage cheese this year? Is it missing...


MartyB commented 4 days ago

kosher vinegar making?????????

by robin 12 years ago

i am interested in finding out where i can aquire kosher vinegar starter culture a.k.a. mother of vinegar.on the inte...


mrsipstenu commented 9 days ago

Best Kosher Vegan (and or "Clean") Cholent Recipes?

by GreenGirlHereGGH 23 days ago

Hello community: Question: I am looking for what people people believe are the "best Kosher Vegan (a...


GreenGirlHereGGH commented 9 days ago

Parve Blackout Cake

by meinNYC 11 days ago

My Most Favorite Dessert Cookbook has a recipe for parve Blackout Cake. The pudding in it can be make kosher for Pas...


meinNYC commented 9 days ago

Any K for P Philly restaurants

by bigredesq 16 days ago

Hi - I'm planning to be in Philly for Chol Hamoed. Are there any Kosher for Passover restaurants/caterers that will ...

queenscook commented 10 days ago

Pargiyot (boneless skinless chicken) without a grill

by EmpireState 10 days ago

During the year I marinate skinless cubed chicken thighs in olive oil and spices, then cook them on my indoor grill. ...


DevorahL commented 10 days ago

NEEDED - *BEST* Kosher Caterer in NYC metro area!

by saradoesmakeup 1 month ago

We just got engaged!!! I am a reform secular Jew and my future hubby comes from a Modern Orthodox family. His 3 s...


meinNYC commented 11 days ago

Kosher Spare ribs at Costco

by chuck 4 years ago

I saw packages of Meal Mart spare ribs at Costco the other day. I am not a fan of much of anything from Meal Mart bu...

MisterBill2 commented 12 days ago

Kosher Be the first to comment

Passover cheeses in Bay area?

by zatar 12 days ago

Does anyone know whether Belfiore cheeses (made in Berkeley, CA and kosher year round) are certified this year for Pa...

Mocha Burger vs. Amsterdam Burger

by AdinaA 11 months ago

Today I ate Amsterdam for lunch and Mocha for dinner. To be fair, Mocha just opened and they are probably still work...


daniklein_YTK commented 13 days ago

Passover Recipes

by caryn 11 years ago

Hi, I'm working on my Passover recipe page, and am trying to be sure I'm not including any item that can't be found...


elmom commented 14 days ago

Where can I buy Charedim Shmura Matzah in NYC area?

by uncle moishy 25 days ago

I've been buying it every year in Brooklyn at Glatt Mart on Avenue M. But this year Glatt Mart isn't carrying it. ...


masteraleph commented 14 days ago

Best quinoa brand for pesach

by EmpireState 16 days ago

For those who have used quinoa in the past, which kosher for Passover brands are good? I don't want to get into a di...

nannygoat commented 16 days ago

Kosher Be the first to comment

What brand of thin shmurah matzah tastes most like Charedim

by MartyB 16 days ago

It looks like this question needs to be answered since Charedim obviously cannot meet the demand, so if you have trie...

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