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Citron & Rose (updates?)

by Kosher_Fiend 2 hours ago

Hoping to go to Citron & Rose in Merion later in the week. Have never been have the recommendations changed?


avitrek commented 13 minutes ago

First kosher in Dumbo

by EvanM 7 months ago

The Rabbi of Chabad in Dumbo is giving hashgocho to the very first kosher place in what is a hopping new neighborhood...

queenscook commented 16 hours ago

Roast Homestyle NYC (kosher)

by GilaB 1 day ago

My husband, toddler, and I had an early dinner at Roast Homestyle Chicken this evening. The restaurant, located on Le...


whitewater commented 19 hours ago

Samsung Range and Sabbath Mode

by avitrek 9 days ago

Does anyone have any experience with the Sabbath mode on Samsung ranges? Specifically, the manual says not to use th...


yaelaldrich commented 21 hours ago

Kosher Be the first to comment

Chabad shechita chix in Manhattan?

by SimonF 6 days ago

Can anyone suggest a place in Manhattan that sells chabad schehita chickens?

Sabbath mode ranges - have one you like?

by AdinaA 6 months ago

New range needed, with gas cooktop. I last bought one ~10 years ago, a GE profile. I love it because the oven bakes...


avitrek commented 8 days ago


by happyeaters 22 days ago

I am looking for any reviews for the kosherica/leisure time vacation in the Atlantis. Any info is greatly appreciated.


daphnar commented 8 days ago

Kosher Belgian pearl sugar??

by chummus 10 days ago

I'm trying to make liege waffles, and I don't know where to find kosher belgian pearl sugar. Any ideas? Thanks!


chummus commented 8 days ago

Myrtle Beach?

by queenscook 1 month ago

I'll be visiting non-frum relatives in Myrtle Beach in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any valuable info about k...

queenscook commented 10 days ago

Kosher Indian Restaurant in Great Neck(NY)

by moegreene 1 month ago

Did the Mumbai Grill in Great Neck open?


emarcus commented 12 days ago

Hot water urn?

by Southern Belle 19 days ago

Looking for recommendations for a hot water urn for Shabbat. I would like to try one with a spigot rather than a pum...


koomkoom commented 14 days ago

new kosher supermarket in BoroPark

by joebenjamin 16 days ago

The 60th street Pathmark will become a large new kosher supermarket


zsero commented 14 days ago

Parve rosewater pudding. Recipe?

by AdinaA 18 days ago

I had a wonderful rosewater pudding as the dessert course at Rafael's in Paris. More or less a sherbet you eat with ...


SonnyJoon commented 15 days ago

Best butcher shop(s) in Teaneck?

by iris 18 days ago

Hi. I'll be in NJ next week and would appreciate input on what is the best butcher shop in Teaneck? Thanks!


iris commented 15 days ago

favorite specifically kosher cookbooks?

by marissaj 3 years ago

i am a cookbookaholic; i own a ton of vegetarian ones, ottolonghi's "Plenty" , a bunch of Annabel Karmel books and ot...


MartyB commented 16 days ago

Countertop appliance

by queenscook 18 days ago

Just saw this countertop appliance in an email, and though I have little use for it personally, it looks like it woul...


avitrek commented 18 days ago

Single kosher meals in Nassau County, NY

by dckosher 21 days ago

What restaurants/catering companies do people use for getting a single kosher meal at a non-kosher restaurant in Nass...

moegreene commented 20 days ago

Coffee Berry ? UWS

by CloggieGirl 20 days ago

There's a kosher cafe set to open where Bagel Basket used to be. All I know is that they were aiming for a November ...


avitrek commented 20 days ago

Gluten Free KOSHER sufganiyot

by JackieR 23 days ago

Anyone know of any good gluten free kosher donuts (filled or not) available in Manhattan?


MartyB commented 21 days ago

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