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Mehadrin/Glatt in Ramat Gan area

by Cholent Fresser about 15 hours ago

Could use some help I'm Going to Israel next week, Staying in the Bnei Brak - Ramat Gan area Would really appreciat...

OT: Hate new Chowhound format

by MartyB 18 days ago

Is it just me or does the new layout suck. The prior layout was more compact and by a simple glance I was able to see...


healthytouch101 commented about 19 hours ago

Traveling to Las Vegas next week -

by weinstein5 3 days ago

Will be in Las Vegas next week and am looking fir suggestions for a restaurant neat the strip - the two I have found ...


cappucino commented about 21 hours ago

Chow-worthy kosher road food

by SimonF 7 days ago

Hi - I'm trying to make the switch from eating dairy out anywhere to eating in only kosher or vegetarian places. Thi...


avitrek commented 4 days ago

New Israel recommendations 2014

by Pluckyduk8 over 1 year ago

Hi all, I was hoping for recommendations for Israel restaurants...will be mainly in Jerusalem but will be going up...


ferret commented 6 days ago


by gorgeliot 8 days ago

Are there any Glatt Kosher Butchers or stores that sell assorted different salami's and/or smoked meats, similar to w...


ferret commented 6 days ago

Help dried out kugel

by nonks 7 days ago

can anyone sweet kugel dried out..can I save it??


nonks commented 7 days ago

yom tov/shabbat friendly ovens

by koshergourmetmart about 6 years ago

we are looking to purchase new ovens. I would like one where the oven controls are manual (that controls the oven to ...


avitrek commented 9 days ago

ISO Shabbat Takeout - 5 Towns or Queens tomorrow

by iris 14 days ago

Hi, what's best? Please include specifics - town, etc. I'm not so familiar with the area. Thanks!


MartyB commented 11 days ago

East 60's and 70"s?

by JackieR 17 days ago

Does anyone know of a decent restaurant, ideally, somewhere between the low 70's and the upper 60's? (It's for out o...


zsero commented 14 days ago

Kosher Elmo cake NYC area?

by Effex 22 days ago

Hello, I am looking for an affordable kosher certified Elmo cake for a bday party. I know that kosher and affordable...


JackieR commented 17 days ago

Madras Pavilion in Houston

by SavoryBeatsSweet about 2 months ago

Has Madras Pavilion in Houston found a new location to reopen in yet? Any other Houston kosher news?


SoCal Mother commented 18 days ago

Didn't Notice the Name: Krewstown Shopping Center, Philadelphia

by Bashful3 about 1 month ago

ATe here last night with family when our original destination, Palace Royal was closed due to a special function. ...


lepidoptery commented 20 days ago

Anyone familiar with the Chefman Electric Hot Water Pot?

by helou over 2 years ago

I've googled it and it doesn't come up at all. The box states that it's "manufactured for Shabbos distributors" and...


zsero commented 20 days ago

Kosher Butchers

by bubblesdlev 21 days ago

I am looking to move for a new job and am filtering the list by cities with a fresh kosher butcher not prepackaged em...

weinstein5 commented 20 days ago

Kosher freeze dried strawberries?

by Effex 21 days ago

Hello, where can I buy kosher freeze dried strawberries for a decent price on line? Bought a 1.3 oz bag for $5 on Am...


whitewater commented 21 days ago

Mocha Burger vs. Amsterdam Burger

by AdinaA 4 months ago

Today I ate Amsterdam for lunch and Mocha for dinner. To be fair, Mocha just opened and they are probably still work...


whitewater commented 21 days ago

Quinoa kugel and other quinoa recipes for Passover

by AdinaA over 4 years ago

I hope people will share recipes that work for them. Here's a milchig kugel that is very useful as a weekday main c...


lburrell commented 21 days ago

Kosher Delivery, EZKosher

by MartyB about 1 month ago

The way of the future. Riverdale is being serviced by two Monsey location. Almost daily deliveries, good prices and s...


MartyB commented 21 days ago

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