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Kosher in Tampa?

by morris 5 days ago

Going to Tampa for a few days for business meetings... Anywhere to get a kosher lunch or dinner? Pick up, dine in o...


zsero commented 2 days ago

Re Salomone in Milan - Excellent!

by SoCal Mother 1 year ago

Even my kids who had wanted pizza agreed that we had an excellent meal. We ordered all sorts of things but the stand...


SoCal Mother commented 4 days ago

Kosher Pittsburgh?

by faleentoby 6 days ago

Heading to Pittsburgh tomorrow, Oct. 19th,.....are there any kosher meat restaurants in and around the city? ....i gu...


rotini commented 6 days ago

Mendy's 3rd avenue avoid like the plague

by Cholent Fresser 16 days ago

Was in the area from out of town a few weeks ago late afternoon was meeting a client for early dinner. And hadn't eat...


Cholent Fresser commented 11 days ago

Turkey in Israel?

by cappucino 14 days ago

This may be a dumb question, but I'm going to Israel to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for my son. Will it be easy to ge...


cappucino commented 12 days ago

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Kosher Restaurant near st marks place

by janetldd 16 days ago

I am going to see a show this week at the st marks theatre and need a kosher restaurant near there for dinner before...

Shabbos oven

by yitweib 20 days ago

We have a GE Star K certified oven and this yom tov again we had issues with the 12 hour shutdown. I am pretty sure w...


avitrek commented 19 days ago

Israeli products at Aron's

by queenscook 27 days ago

I saw a couple of Israeli products today at Aron's in Queens, that I thought people might be interested in. The ...


susiejane commented 23 days ago

Gluten Free Rosh Hashonna dessert (apple?)

by Diane in Bexley 1 month ago

Looking for gluten free dessert recipes for the Holidays. Preferably with apples? Thanks for your help!


essingepicure commented 29 days ago

Looking for an Israeli style toast....

by marissaj 4 years ago

Like this Any idea where I can get one in NYC/Brooklyn- I am not looking for a r...


edcornell2011 commented 1 month ago

3 Day Rosh Hashana Vegetarian Menu?

by mamaleh 5 years ago

RH is a three day event this year (with Shabbat immediately following). Anyone with a 3 day vegetarian menu for lunc...


lburrell commented 1 month ago

ISO Best Kosher Butcher/Kosher Meat Market

by iris 1 month ago

Looking to branch out a bit. In the metro NYC area what's your pick for the best Kosher meat, taking into account qua...


essingepicure commented 1 month ago

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Mexikosher on The Meat Show

by avitrek 1 month ago

The Meat Show just featured Mexikosher on their latest episode. If you're not familiar with the show, the host goes ...

Food and Wine in Barcelona

by Baum010 1 year ago

My wife and I just got back from a few days in Barcelona and I wanted to share what we found: There is one kosher ...


SoCal Mother commented 1 month ago

Home made Kosher Pastrami

by CrazyAish 1 month ago

Since the beef I will use is already koshered with salt does anyone have a recommendation to make sure the finished p...


CrazyAish commented 1 month ago

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Healthy, Low-fat ideas

by esti.f 1 month ago

I'm new to this site... looking for low-fat recipes for dinner such as chicken, meat, fish. Can anyone help me?

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Sent my son a custom birthday cake in Israel!

by cappucino 1 month ago

Today is my son's birthday and he is studying in Israel for the year. I had a custom cake sent to him from the Kosh...

Kosher pizza Cherry Hill?

by emacat 5 years ago

Is there a kosher pizza place in Cherry Hill or near there? Thank you!


slselis1 commented 2 months ago

Kosher marshmallows at Trader Joe's

by EmpireState 5 months ago

I saw kosher/pareve marshmallows at Trader Joe's today. I believe that they are under the supervision of KSA (I didn...


sharonfl commented 2 months ago

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