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Smoked Oysters -- yummy ways to eat?

by bite bite over 8 years ago

Just picked up a couple cans on a whim. Last time I ate was when my parents were driving me to college in the back o...


medlar commented 8 minutes ago

Menu help, please: need a dairy, gluten, shellfish and soy-free entree to go with a special dinner

by gimlis1mum about 5 hours ago

Hi folks, I'm planning a dinner for a few friends to commemorate what would have been my 20th wedding anniversary...

JTPhilly commented 9 minutes ago

What's for Dinner #387: A Fresh Start

by hannaone 7 days ago

The first What's for Dinner since the new site roll out. In the northern part of the world Fall has arrived. Cooler...


pistachio peas commented 14 minutes ago

Easy appetizer/dips

by Disneyfreak about 1 hour ago

I am going to a housewarming. They are supplying a whole roast pig cooked in a caja china (yum!) and are asking folks...

shanagain commented 20 minutes ago

COTM November 2015 - Nominations Thread

by herby 5 days ago

It is this time of the month again when we need to start thinking about a book to choose for the next month. November...

herby commented 43 minutes ago

How do I make my own ghee?

by KathleenMP 2 days ago

I went to buy ghee yesterday and discovered that no stores sell it where I live. Ridiculous, I know. Can I make my ...


MikeG commented about 1 hour ago

Former Taco Bell Employees, Please Help!!!

by HoundDogz about 4 years ago

Some time ago I started a discussion on how Taco Bell tasted a lot better in the '70s and '80s. The meat was much be...


whoeverdroid commented about 1 hour ago

Afraid of Botulism from Curing Green Olives and Storing tomato sauce in jars

by Hasmato 6 days ago

I learned a good way to cure unripe green California olives about 10 years ago but have now been reading about the sa...


MikeG commented about 1 hour ago

If you had to have only one cookbook...

by pistachio peas 1 day ago

It's an unthinkable thought for us cookbook addicts, but I am very curious, if you were forced to have only one cookb...


Westminstress commented about 1 hour ago

October 2015 COTM: PRUNE by Gabrielle Hamilton - Dinner Mains, Dinner Vegetable Sides

by herby 12 days ago

Use this thread to report on: Dinner Mains p. 96-155 Dinner Vegetable Sides p. 156-210 If you are the first to r...

L.Nightshade commented about 2 hours ago

To Peel or Not: Ginger Root

by cayjohan almost 9 years ago

I use a lot of ginger root in cooking. I generally scrub the root under water with a stiff brush, then grate on a cer...


gcoleman commented about 2 hours ago

Favorite Spreads

by nannygoat 1 day ago

Most of my meals are sandwiches and I'd like to branch out with my spreads. I've always relied on avocado, but lately...


Sharuf commented about 2 hours ago

Boneless, skinless chicken thighs

by Bat Guano over 6 years ago

I would never buy these, but my GF brought a big pack of them home from Costco. Now what the heck to do with them? I ...

justbeingpolite commented about 2 hours ago

Pancake-type thingies?

by Sharuf about 2 hours ago

I have made pancake-style potatoes, zucchini, and egg fu yung. What do you like to do?

Is there anything in Toronto that rivals Calgary's Silk Road Spice Merchant?

by Googs 5 days ago

For being comprehensive and fresh, I haven't found a place here that can compare. Of course I can mail order, but it...


pakmode commented about 3 hours ago

Stuck in a soup rut

by highlyunlikely 6 days ago

My five favourite soups to make are (in no particular order): -NYT corn soup with poblano peppers -Anthony Bourda...

Sandwich_Sister commented about 4 hours ago

Suggestions on how to elevate bottled BBQ sauce

by letsindulge 5 days ago

No time to make homemade so I'm soliciting your ideas for a unique, and tantalizing sauce that starts with a bottled ...

Sandwich_Sister commented about 4 hours ago

Why does the miso become tasteless?

by anotherjennifer about 23 hours ago

I love the flavor of miso. Miso soup is delicious. I'd really like to do some kind of chicken with miso for family di...


MikeG commented about 5 hours ago

Roux-making: fast or slow?

by Hungry4Good about 8 hours ago

There are die-hards on each side of this -- whether to make roux low and slow for a long time OR fast over high heat,...


DLovsky commented about 5 hours ago

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