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Do you add oil to cook brown rice

by gargupie 1 day ago

At home, my brown rice is always plain, but when I get tired, I would buy brown rice from Chinese take out places and...


gargupie commented 8 minutes ago

What cookbooks have you bought lately, or are you lusting after? October 2015 edition

by buttertart 3 days ago

Hey everybody, this looks like a dynamite cookbook season. I'm trying to carve out some time to wallow in The Food L...


apprentice9 commented 25 minutes ago

What's For Dinner #386. The Happy (pick your observance) Day or Week Edition

by hannaone 19 days ago

Independence Days (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico) , Malaysia Day, Eat a Hoagie Day, National Cr...

hannaone commented 31 minutes ago

Baked Apple Desserts - Home Cooking Dish of the Month (October 2015)

by meatn3 3 days ago

This was a close vote! Baked Apple Desserts got a last minute surge and reached the finish line narrowing beating Bra...

Caitlin McGrath commented 38 minutes ago

October 2015 COTM: PRUNE by Gabrielle Hamilton

by herby 3 days ago

Welcome to somewhat controversial but enjoyable and challenging COTM: PRUNE by Gabrielle Hamilton There is no index,...


nannygoat commented 43 minutes ago

How do I make my smoked salmon appetizer look appealing?

by movesalot about 5 hours ago

I am doing a very simple appetizer for a crowd with just cucumber, small slice of smoked salmon on top and a sprig of...


valerie commented about 1 hour ago

October 2015 COTM: PRUNE by Gabrielle Hamilton - Brunch, Lunch

by herby 3 days ago

Use this thread to report on: Brunch p. 362-416 Lunch p. 262-336 If you are the first to report on a recipe, ple...

MmeFleiss commented about 1 hour ago

What's the best chili recipe you've ever made?

by scully4er 3 days ago

We have an annual chili cook-off at my office. I've never won yet, but I would like to. One year I made a lovely chic...


sandylc commented about 1 hour ago

potato gnocchi Sorrentino recipe search

by dfrostnh about 13 hours ago

On a long road trip thru rural NY state we stopped at a small, local Italian restaurant which looked like a typical s...


sr44 commented about 2 hours ago

Saltines as binder for delicious, back to basics meatloaf

by janniecooks over 1 year ago

I have tried all the complicated meatloaf versions - Paul Prudhomme's Cajun Meatloaf, Killer Meatloaf, Take No Prison...


masha commented about 2 hours ago

Troubleshooting homemade membrillo

by chilibaby 4 days ago

I have a LOT of quince puree in preparation for making membrillo (a delightful neighbor gifted about 20# of quince to...


chilibaby commented about 3 hours ago

August 2014 COTM - Diana Henry: Pure Simple Cooking

by delys77 about 1 year ago

Greetings all! Please use this thread to post your reviews of the following: Pure Simple Cooking by Diana Henry...

MmeFleiss commented about 3 hours ago

Second and third course suggestions with bone marrow?

by bleuchill 11 days ago

Hello, everyone! I was wondering what suggestions you have that I can pair with bone marrow for a dinner I'm planning...

letsindulge commented about 5 hours ago

Help with meals for homeless shelter, cooked at home

by allipalli about 7 hours ago

I'm going to start volunteering by cooking some meals for a local women's homeless shelter. The meals are for 24 wom...


allipalli commented about 5 hours ago

Wine friendly make ahead suggestions

by jillyjack 3 days ago

Would love ideas for make ahead or simple to assemble dishes that will pair with wine. Staying away from Mexican or ...

letsindulge commented about 5 hours ago

Smoked Oysters -- yummy ways to eat?

by bite bite over 8 years ago

Just picked up a couple cans on a whim. Last time I ate was when my parents were driving me to college in the back o...

juster commented about 6 hours ago

Substitute for MASA HARINA

by NimaF about 18 hours ago

I am currently living in TEHRAN, IRAN, after growing up in sunny Southern California. I miss MEXICAN food so much and...

ninrn commented about 7 hours ago

Thanksgiving Dressing

by caiatransplant 1 day ago

Hi all. I make a killer turkey dressing. However, my hips and my back have given it up and I'm trying to get thin...

sbp commented about 7 hours ago

October 2015 COTM: PRUNE by Gabrielle Hamilton - Bar Snacks, Dinner Small Plates, Cocktails

by herby 3 days ago

Use this thread to report on: Bar Snacks p. 1-29 Dinner Small Plates p. 30-95 Cocktails p. 508-517 If you are t...

Caitlin McGrath commented about 8 hours ago

Jamming, Canning and Preserving 2015

by rasputina 6 months ago

Anyone been doing any canning? I put up some raspberry jam and blackberry jam in the last week. Just waiting to harve...

meatn3 commented about 9 hours ago

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