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Holiday Treats 2016

by Caitlin McGrath 4 days ago

As we gear up for the winter holidays, let's talk treats! Whether it's cookies, candy, savory snacks, homemade condim...


vttp926 commented 1 minute ago

Cooking from Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbooks

by The Dairy Queen 1 year ago

In my perpetual pursuit of expedient and efficient deliciousness, I recently splurged and bought an Instant Pot 7-in-...

DuffyH commented 8 minutes ago

What's for Dinner #398 (December 2016) - The Merry & Bright Edition

by ChristinaMason 4 days ago

The winter holidays are upon us - and whether that means Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, or even Kramp...

Rmis32 commented 20 minutes ago

September–November 2016 Baking COTM: King Arthur Flour — Sweet Recipes

by Caitlin McGrath 3 months ago

Our Baking COTM for September through November 2016 is comprised of recipes from the King Arthur Flour Website (http:...

blue room commented 29 minutes ago

Great deal on the 6Q Instapot electric pressure cooker - Cyber Monday

by dyrewolf 6 days ago

Just happened on this deal on Amazon and snapped one up https://www.amazon.com/Instant-Pot-IP-DUO60-Multi-Function...

DuffyH commented 36 minutes ago

Tuna Salad - Just The Facts Please!

by DayLateDollarShort 1 month ago

OK, here it is. I can make a great tuna salad. And I've seen lots of recipes for great tuna salad. That isn't what...

nannygoat commented 2 hours ago

Cooking from The Smitten Kitchen Blog and Book, by Deb Perelman

by Goblin 10 days ago

The Smitten Kitchen Blog and Cookbook was a very close contender for Cookbook of the Month, December 2016. Since the...


sallyt commented 2 hours ago

Cookbook suggestions for a 15 year old girl

by ccotta 4 hours ago

My 15 year old step-daughter has asked for a cookbook for Christmas. Her mother isn't much of a cook and she wants to...


ccotta commented 2 hours ago

What are you baking these days? December, 2016 edition!

by buttertart 2 days ago

Here we are in December...one of the biggest baking months of the year. On a Thanksgiving trip to see my 93-year-old...


pavlova commented 2 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans - December 2016

by MidwesternerTT 8 days ago

Let's use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week of December. Will you try Venetian cooking b...


masha commented 2 hours ago

Looking for old-fashioned butter cookie recipe...

by 3388 6 hours ago

My grandmother used to make the best Xmas cookies I've ever tasted. They had loads of butter and were squeezed out ...


masha commented 2 hours ago

Lipton's Noodle Soup noodles, what kind are they?

by Mola Ram 5 years ago

Okay, so I had some of my slave chlidren do some Google searching and they still haven't been able to uncover this my...

DonShirer commented 3 hours ago

Shrimp Chow Fun Recipe?

by Jim Leff 5 months ago

I love the beef chow fun recipe from Grace Young's "Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge" : https://www.thestar.com/life/foo...


ricepad commented 3 hours ago

CITRUS SALADS - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, December 2016

by L.Nightshade 3 days ago

Welcome to the last Dish of the Month for 2016! This is the thread for reporting on the Citrus Salads that you ma...

herby commented 3 hours ago

What cookbooks have you bought lately, or are you lusting after? December, 2016 edition!

by buttertart 2 days ago

Here we are in December... I've been a bit behind due to a Thanksgiving trip to see my MIL, who is not doing terrific...

bundtlust commented 3 hours ago

Chicken kabob salad recipe

by mk82682 6 hours ago

Does anyone know how the Greek pizza shops like Giovanni's roast beef, Anthony's roast beef or omega pizza in Danvers...

December 2016 COTM: Polpo (revisit) Vegetables 191 - 247

by blue room 4 days ago

Please report here for chapter 5, vegetables. Back to main page http://www.chowhound.com/post/december-2016-...

articshark commented 8 hours ago

marinade - What do you do with it after your done with the initial use

by Soup 6 years ago

I been grilling a lot and been marinading my meats in different sauces. One of the most frequent is a vietnamese ins...

Hatchy commented 8 hours ago

Large Amount of Corned Beef

by esdad697 2 days ago

How would one go about cooking corned beef for 50 people for a fundraiser? I was thinking of the pre-brined, like the...


travelerjjm commented 9 hours ago

Making pretzels in Toronto (and Searching for Food Grade Lye in the GTA/Online)

by FoodNerdGrrl 1 day ago

Hi Everyone, My Dad's 80th birthday is coming up in 2 weeks and I'd like to make some authentic German Pretzels wi...


travelerjjm commented 9 hours ago

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