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Lily with Nuts Italian Ice Recipe?

by bocce 5 years ago

I'm originally from Bronx, NY and there is a pastry shop that makes an Italian ice called Lily with nuts. Its creamy...


Gigi20 commented 33 minutes ago

How to save Salmorejo (spanish cold tomato/bread soup)??

by katesalter 2 days ago

I followed the Saveur recipe for Salmorejo http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Classic-Salmorejo and I read "one b...

paulj commented 1 hour ago

Mint Mystery

by munchkin1 14 hours ago

I have been reading savory recipes that call for mint. (And my neighbor gave me some.) I can't seem to get beyond min...


C70 commented 1 hour ago

Best way to divide/store chicken into meals?

by cgxy96 2 days ago

Hi I'm a college student looking for the best way to divide and store my chicken into meals. Buying a whole chicken ...


LorenzoGA commented 1 hour ago

Oil Splatter when frying

by ios94 6 years ago

Any suggestions on how to cut down on the amount of oil splatter when pan frying/searing meat? I guess one of those ...


yair commented 1 hour ago

Shrimp & Cheese Grits/Polenta for Twelve Diners

by zackly 2 hours ago

I'm serving 12 people dinner tonight, buffet style. I'm serving grits or polenta. Any tips on how to keep it "runny/f...

April 2015 COTM: POLPO - Chapters 1 & 2, Cichèti & Breads

by MelMM 1 year ago

Use this thread to post your reports on Polpo, chapter 1, Cichèti (pp. 21-59), and chapter 2, Breads (pp. 61-101). ...


Westminstress commented 2 hours ago

What cookbooks have you bought lately, or are you lusting after? July, 2016 edition!

by buttertart 26 days ago

New, old, Apicius...what are you succumbing to or thinking about getting? What of your books are you rediscovering, ...

nomadchowwoman commented 3 hours ago

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

by munchkin1 17 hours ago

I will be hostessing a girls' night out? I am weary of menu planning so who has some great ideas?


munchkin1 commented 3 hours ago

April 2015 COTM: POLPO, chapter 5, Vegetables

by MelMM 1 year ago

Use this thread to post your reports from Polpo, chapter 5, Vegetables (pp. 191 - 247). Per Chowhound rules, pleas...


Westminstress commented 3 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans - July 2016

by MidwesternerTT 1 month ago

With hot weather, holidays, vacations and summer activities, many of us may not be cooking much in July. But we'll a...

MmeFleiss commented 4 hours ago

What are you baking these days? July edition!

by buttertart 26 days ago

Hi all, sorry I missed yesterday, it was a whirl of birthday activity for my 93-year-old MIL, the mighty. I made a d...


Nannybakes commented 11 hours ago

Leftover spinach "cream" sauce

by GeorgiaMom 2 days ago

Last night I wasn't home & my husband cooked chicken ravioli for himself & our boys. He also made a "spinach cream sa...


tastesgoodwhatisit commented 14 hours ago

ISO whipped topping recipe for figs

by itryalot 15 days ago

I was at an event last summer and they served fresh figs (halved) with a really nice creamy whipped topping (must be ...

Ttrockwood commented 17 hours ago

August 2016 COTM Winner - Sweet Myrtle and Bitter Honey

by Allegra_K 5 days ago

I'm happy to announce that we will be exploring Sardinian flavours next month from Elfisio Farris' Sweet Myrtle and B...

blue room commented 19 hours ago

Home Cooking Dish of the Month: August 2016 Voting

by L.Nightshade 3 days ago

We are now in the voting round for the August Dish of the Month. During the month of August, we’ll be cooking (or oth...

meatn3 commented 23 hours ago

Home Cooking Dish of the Month: August 2016 Nominations

by L.Nightshade 9 days ago

Welcome to the nomination thread for August’s Dish of the Month! (I’m posting one day earlier than usual, as I won’t ...

meatn3 commented 23 hours ago

Simplify a jam recipe

by Father Kitchen 2 days ago

I was just promised some sour cherries from Door County. As it happened, I had just made pectin stock from underripe ...

Father Kitchen commented 1 day ago

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