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A different question about boneless, skinless chicken thighs

by kolasu about 4 hours ago

I feel like I'm the only person in the world who doesn't know how to cook these. I'm not asking about recipes, but ab...

Robin Joy commented 5 minutes ago

What cookbooks have you bought lately, or are you lusting after? October 2015 edition

by buttertart 4 days ago

Hey everybody, this looks like a dynamite cookbook season. I'm trying to carve out some time to wallow in The Food L...

Breadcrumbs commented 5 minutes ago

Real Pita Bread

by MissDior 15 minutes ago

I make pita bread at home and bake it either on the stove top or in a very hot oven pretty successfully. It's basical...

My apple dessert needs some flavor!

by itryalot about 6 hours ago

I made this recipe as a trial this past week. I loved the look, Italian custard and crust. I think the apples themsel...


masha commented 21 minutes ago

1950s Atrocities

by Chazzz about 2 months ago

I just read this article, and it seems like an idea hounds would love. The BLUF: host a get-together where everyone m...

Tehama commented 21 minutes ago

Spatchcocked Turkey advice needed - any success stories and tips?

by itryalot 12 months ago

I have ordered a 20-25lb Turkey for this upcoming weekend and am hosting Cdn family on Columbus Day. The thing I've ...


itryalot commented 28 minutes ago

My Beef...tastes like a cow.

by sedimental over 3 years ago

Have you ever had a nice cut of beef taste...well, like a "cow"? Barn-yardy? Not gamey, that is different. I mean...


San Antonio Sam commented 35 minutes ago

October 2015 COTM: PRUNE by Gabrielle Hamilton

by herby 3 days ago

Welcome to somewhat controversial but enjoyable and challenging COTM: PRUNE by Gabrielle Hamilton There is no index,...

JoanN commented 38 minutes ago

What are you baking these days? October 2015 edition!

by buttertart 4 days ago

FINALLY it's cool here! Hooray! Visions of the perfect apple crumb pie dance in my head...couldn't bake last weeken...

zitronenmadchen commented 39 minutes ago

Need advice: Tired of cooking

by hansi21 about 1 hour ago

Hello awesome community, I hope this is the right place to post this problem: I have loved food and cooking my ...


San Antonio Sam commented about 1 hour ago

What's Cooking? - Fall 2015 - Show us your meals

by Breadcrumbs 10 days ago

What's on your table these days? Here's a Quick Ratatouille from Melissa's Everyday Cooking With Organic Produce c...

Breadcrumbs commented about 1 hour ago

Pie crust frozen for 5 months?

by hansi21 5 months ago

Some homemade pie crust made it into the freezer around Thanksgiving and has been in there for close to 6 months now....


hansi21 commented about 1 hour ago


by kuan about 2 hours ago

Look I made dosa this morning. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWdJPjLl5Vg

Afternoon Tea

by Elllie about 7 hours ago

I decided to take a catering course (graded) and the first part is to make 4 afternoon tea recipes in just 2.5 hours ...


Querencia commented about 3 hours ago

Sunday Suppers at Lucques: Summer Menus

by Katie Nell over 8 years ago

May 2007 Cookbook of the Month: Sunday Suppers at Lucques, by Suzanne Goin. Please post your full-length reviews ...

articshark commented about 3 hours ago

Help with meals for homeless shelter, cooked at home

by allipalli about 23 hours ago

I'm going to start volunteering by cooking some meals for a local women's homeless shelter. The meals are for 24 wom...

Berheenia commented about 3 hours ago

Breakfast casserole?

by Laura almost 10 years ago

I would love some advice on some type of breakfast dish that can be assembled the night before so I do not spend Chri...


trakk commented about 3 hours ago

How do I make my smoked salmon appetizer look appealing?

by movesalot about 21 hours ago

I am doing a very simple appetizer for a crowd with just cucumber, small slice of smoked salmon on top and a sprig of...

hotoynoodle commented about 3 hours ago

Dairy and Yeast free English Muffins?

by kvsocks about 4 hours ago

My husband is allergic to milk, and I want to find an english muffin recipe that does not require any milk or yeast. ...

sunshine842 commented about 4 hours ago

December 2014 & February 2011 Cookbook of the Month: THE ESSENTIAL NEW YORK TIMES COOKBOOK Chapters 5-8

by smtucker over 4 years ago

Welcome to our February COTM: THE ESSENTIAL NEW YORK TIMES COOKBOOK Chapters 5-8: Vegetables, Potatoes, Corn, Legumes...

LulusMom commented about 4 hours ago

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