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Stuck in a soup rut

by highlyunlikely 6 days ago

My five favourite soups to make are (in no particular order): -NYT corn soup with poblano peppers -Anthony Bourda...


dfrostnh commented 5 minutes ago

Pescatarian meals?

by nano404 4 days ago

Hey guys, I've very recently decided to try and adopt a pescetarian(pescatarian?) diet. I've been eating fish and oth...


smtucker commented 9 minutes ago

Cookbook Challenge

by rasputina 4 months ago

We all have those cookbooks on our shelves that we've never cooked from. My list appears to be about 300 on my shelve...

MmeFleiss commented about 1 hour ago

How do I make my own ghee?

by KathleenMP 2 days ago

I went to buy ghee yesterday and discovered that no stores sell it where I live. Ridiculous, I know. Can I make my ...


KathleenMP commented about 1 hour ago

Favorite Spreads

by nannygoat about 15 hours ago

Most of my meals are sandwiches and I'd like to branch out with my spreads. I've always relied on avocado, but lately...


dfrostnh commented about 1 hour ago

What's for Dinner #387: A Fresh Start

by hannaone 6 days ago

The first What's for Dinner since the new site roll out. In the northern part of the world Fall has arrived. Cooler...

ChristinaMason commented about 2 hours ago

how to use dole grapefruit sections in syrup - recipe ideas?

by hulihulichix 1 day ago

I bought a carton of dole grapefruit sections in those little plastic cups. Other than just eating them as is, do any...

alkapal commented about 5 hours ago

Why does the miso become tasteless?

by anotherjennifer about 13 hours ago

I love the flavor of miso. Miso soup is delicious. I'd really like to do some kind of chicken with miso for family di...


MikeG commented about 7 hours ago

Ebook deals of the minute.

by milgwimper12 about 2 months ago

I think we were discussing this in the what cookbook have you bought lately or lusting after, but I don't think anyon...


eatingjoy commented about 8 hours ago

How do you flavor home-made yogurt?

by Rivilian 2 days ago

I've recently dived head-long into home made yogurt, with great initial success. I now routinely produce a heavy Gree...


eatingjoy commented about 8 hours ago

October 2015 COTM: PRUNE by Gabrielle Hamilton - Brunch, Lunch

by herby 12 days ago

Use this thread to report on: Brunch p. 362-416 Lunch p. 262-336 If you are the first to report on a recipe, ple...

nomadchowwoman commented about 8 hours ago

No-knead dough vs regular dough?

by Amypeanut about 11 hours ago

Hi! I was making no-knead bread for the first time, following a recipe on youtube. I noticed that after mixing all th...


Amypeanut commented about 8 hours ago

Smoked Oysters -- yummy ways to eat?

by bite bite over 8 years ago

Just picked up a couple cans on a whim. Last time I ate was when my parents were driving me to college in the back o...


Lostupstate commented about 9 hours ago

Jamming, Canning and Preserving 2015

by rasputina 6 months ago

Anyone been doing any canning? I put up some raspberry jam and blackberry jam in the last week. Just waiting to harve...


chocchic commented about 9 hours ago

Ugly pears available at work....what to do with them?

by tcamp about 2 years ago

I'm planning on liberating these pears from the "free food" table at work. The brown spots are not soft and they are ...


chocchic commented about 9 hours ago

Need idea for make-ahead brunch treat to serve at room temp.

by curlyspice about 16 hours ago

Tasked with making a brunch treat (e.g. cinnamon rolls, quick bread, muffins, scones, etc.) but it needs to be someth...

Ttrockwood commented about 9 hours ago

COTM November 2015 - Nominations Thread

by herby 5 days ago

It is this time of the month again when we need to start thinking about a book to choose for the next month. November...


dkennedy commented about 9 hours ago

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