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Go-to cookbooks for "must impress" dinner parties

by pistachio peas 2 months ago

I brought this up in the monthly cookbooks thread but I'm re-posting the question here as a couple other people thoug...


Querencia commented 2 minutes ago

Persian or Turkish Beef Stew (or Beef Filling)?

by opinionatedchef 7 months ago

I have a 3-5 lb. chuck roast in the freezer. I had bought it to make my annual big batch of boeuf bourgignon, but I h...


Querencia commented 9 minutes ago

Stuck in a soup rut

by highlyunlikely 3 days ago

My five favourite soups to make are (in no particular order): -NYT corn soup with poblano peppers -Anthony Bourda...


Querencia commented 36 minutes ago

Paul Prudhomme's Spiced Pecan Cake--your thoughts?

by dixieday over 9 years ago

Has anyone ever made Paul Prudhomme's Spiced Pecan Cake with Pecan Icing? It's from his first cookbook (I think)--Che...


WINDELLA commented about 3 hours ago

Create a nuts and seeds smoothie

by VeeK727 13 days ago

Hey Guys, I'm vegetarian and trying to add some nutrition to my diet and found out the nuts and seeds are a real powe...


VeeK727 commented about 5 hours ago

"Difficult" kids' recipes

by biggreenmatt about 20 hours ago

Arright. Here goes nothing on what may be a contradiction in terms. My 5 and 3 yr old niece and nephew are coming...


nannygoat commented about 6 hours ago

Caramel Coloring for Bread??

by Neurofabulous about 9 hours ago

Hello all, I'm wondering where to buy caramel coloring for baking pumpernickel bread and also a copycat Cheesecake F...


maccrogenoff commented about 6 hours ago

What's for Dinner #387: A Fresh Start

by hannaone 3 days ago

The first What's for Dinner since the new site roll out. In the northern part of the world Fall has arrived. Cooler...

ChristinaMason commented about 6 hours ago

Contorni (side dish) for sausage and grapes dinner

by Profsuzy about 14 hours ago

I'm hosting a dinner this weekend with an "Italian harvest supper" sort of theme. For the entrée (secondi), I'm maki...

Ttrockwood commented about 6 hours ago

recommendation for curry paste

by koshfoodie 2 days ago

Hello again! I am trying to make a tasty thai curry and would love a recommendation for curry paste. I would prefe...


koshfoodie commented about 7 hours ago

Pescatarian meals?

by nano404 about 23 hours ago

Hey guys, I've very recently decided to try and adopt a pescetarian(pescatarian?) diet. I've been eating fish and oth...

Ttrockwood commented about 7 hours ago

Recipes for pork/pig heart

by smprm 6 months ago

Hi everyone - I recently joined a meat club at my local butcher's. Like a CSA, we get around 5lbs a month, whatever i...


smprm commented about 8 hours ago

Former Taco Bell Employees, Please Help!!!

by HoundDogz about 4 years ago

Some time ago I started a discussion on how Taco Bell tasted a lot better in the '70s and '80s. The meat was much be...


whoeverdroid commented about 8 hours ago

Best Macaroni and Cheese Recipes

by chabrab over 2 years ago

Anything goes here, not looking for a specific method or style. I plan to make several and pick my favorite from the ...


Remy69 commented about 9 hours ago

Better Rice Pudding

by thebalch about 20 hours ago

Hi everybody! So I just started learning how to cook, and I decided to start with one of my favorite dishes -- ric...

MidwesternerTT commented about 9 hours ago

Knives and children, when?

by larryavsdad about 18 hours ago

My 6 year old daughter loves to help prep. Up to now, I've let her use a steak knife to work on soft foods like zucch...


nannygoat commented about 10 hours ago

Sir Beef Green Beans from the relish bar? Recipe anyone????

by tallguysmom over 5 years ago

There was a Sir Beef restaurant in Evansville Indiana that had a "Help Ye Self" relish bar with Kraut, Pickles, Bee...


smatthewcamp commented about 10 hours ago

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