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Korean Fusion – Kimchi stuffed pork chops

by hannaone 3 days ago

Kimchi can easily be used in many non-Korean dishes/meals. It goes extremely well with pork. Take a few thick cut p...


Joebob commented 23 minutes ago

Pressure Cooker Beef Rib Timing

by Jeri L 1 day ago

I've got some beef back ribs and I'm looking for pressure cooker recipes, but timing seems to be all over the map, f...


DLovsky commented about 5 hours ago

A wonderful sauce for salmon

by Marc Listokin about 5 hours ago

Last Friday we had dinner at a friend's house. The main dish was a whole filet of Salmon in a flavorful light brown s...

A Simple Great Beef Marinade

by Marc Listokin about 5 hours ago

A little while ago a friend offered me a few slices of grilled London Broil. It tasted wonderful, slightly sweet and ...

How do you dress up a bowl of Top Ramen?

by anniediaz almost 9 years ago

I just had a great bowl of Top Ramen. I used the oriental flavor ramen and crumbled in some tofu and a little jarred...


Lensmatter commented about 5 hours ago

Do you add oil to cook brown rice

by gargupie 3 days ago

At home, my brown rice is always plain, but when I get tired, I would buy brown rice from Chinese take out places and...

Atomic76 commented about 5 hours ago

Help with meals for homeless shelter, cooked at home

by allipalli 3 days ago

I'm going to start volunteering by cooking some meals for a local women's homeless shelter. The meals are for 24 wom...

Atomic76 commented about 5 hours ago

Cinnamon, Oregano and Black Pepper

by timmeesue 5 days ago

I picked up these 3 spices at the store the other day: Vietnamese cinnamon, dried oregano and coarse ground black pep...


timmeesue commented about 6 hours ago

What's the best chili recipe you've ever made?

by scully4er 6 days ago

We have an annual chili cook-off at my office. I've never won yet, but I would like to. One year I made a lovely chic...

Atomic76 commented about 6 hours ago

What's For Dinner #386. The Happy (pick your observance) Day or Week Edition

by hannaone 21 days ago

Independence Days (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico) , Malaysia Day, Eat a Hoagie Day, National Cr...


calmossimo commented about 6 hours ago

A different question about boneless, skinless chicken thighs

by kolasu 2 days ago

I feel like I'm the only person in the world who doesn't know how to cook these. I'm not asking about recipes, but ab...

Atomic76 commented about 6 hours ago

October 2015 COTM: PRUNE by Gabrielle Hamilton - Dinner Mains, Dinner Vegetable Sides

by herby 5 days ago

Use this thread to report on: Dinner Mains p. 96-155 Dinner Vegetable Sides p. 156-210 If you are the first to r...


kaymbee commented about 7 hours ago

Miso paste - tips on storage? how to use?

by masha 5 days ago

Back story: The NYT recently had an article on Asian pantry items to keep on hand for easy meals, one of which was m...

Ttrockwood commented about 7 hours ago

Cake Day 2015

by TorontoJo 1 day ago

My friends and my annual celebration of cake was yesterday. This year we had 9 people and between us, we made 15 cake...

Ttrockwood commented about 7 hours ago

Sweet Onions

by pjkobulnicky about 12 hours ago

Has anyone noticed that sweet onions in September and October are hot instead of sweet?


random amblings commented about 8 hours ago

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