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Is this possible: already opened jar re-popped when opening?

by jen223 1 hour ago

I bought a jar of pesto a few months back. It's half used and has been sitting in the back of the fridge. I was going...

rasputina commented 4 minutes ago

Meatball Party

by Cemota 1 hour ago

I want to buy a big bag of frozen (yeah, I know) meatballs and do them up in a few different ways, I need some help o...

rasputina commented 6 minutes ago

Weekly Menu Plans - November 2015

by pistachio peas 1 month ago

This thread is a continuation from last month, when we had some discussion about weekly dinner menu planning. Midwest...


masha commented 9 minutes ago

Can any cookie recipe be made into a roll and slice cookie?

by hungryinmanhattan 2 days ago

I love baking cookies but they are very time consuming. I prefer to make roll and slice cookies. My question is, can ...


sheetz commented 13 minutes ago

What are you baking these days? November 2015 edition!

by buttertart 29 days ago

Here we are into glorious fall weather in our little corner of the world, and the oven beckons (as if it doesn't alwa...

Savour commented 19 minutes ago

January 2010 COTM: Patricia Wells MEAT AND POULTRY

by yamalam 6 years ago

Welcome to the MEAT AND POULTRY thread for the January 2010 Cookbook of the Month, featuring Bistro Cooking & Trattor...


Westminstress commented 40 minutes ago

What's For Dinner #388: Holidays, Holidays Edition

by hannaone 12 days ago

Happy Occult Day, Independence Day (Morocco, Western Sahara), Repentance Day (Germany), Armed Forces Day (Haiti), Rep...


eatingjoy commented 1 hour ago

Butternut Squash for Thanksgiving side dish

by wineaux 7 days ago

Only 3 of us for Thanksgiving this year, so I can have a little more fun straying from some of the traditional items....


wineaux commented 1 hour ago

January 2010 COTM: Patricia Wells APPETIZERS AND SALADS

by yamalam 6 years ago

Welcome to the APPETIZERS AND SALADS thread for the January 2010 Cookbook of the Month, featuring Bistro Cooking & Tr...


Westminstress commented 2 hours ago

January 2013 COTM: JERUSALEM -- Vegetables; Beans & Grains; Soups

by blue room 3 years ago

Please report here for these recipes: Vegetables 24 - 93 Beans & Grains 94 - 129 Soups 130 - 149 The Chowhou...


Westminstress commented 2 hours ago

Cantonese/Hong Kong Cookbooks (Preferably... English)

by night07 5 days ago

Hey everyone, After enjoying one of my favorite cuisine for a good while, I have a bit of a desire to actually go...


DougK commented 2 hours ago

Christmas Preparations

by AvanthikaReddy 3 days ago

Hi Buddies... So...All are done with Thanks giving day...so What are your plans for X-Mas ?


BethNH commented 3 hours ago

Thanksgiving 2015- Hits and Misses

by espressoiloveyou 4 days ago

What were your hits and misses this year? Hits: Sally's Baking addiction crumb apple pie and her pumpkin pie. Mol...


walker commented 3 hours ago

The Best Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe – Turkey Quesadillas!

by LargoBarandGrill 3 hours ago

Thanksgiving is over, you’ve celebrated with family and loved ones, feasted on delicious roasted turkey and so much m...

Thanksgiving 2015

by hotoynoodle 25 days ago

ok, usually this would already be running so hopefully we're not too late! the big day is exactly 3 weeks away. ...


Splendid Spatula commented 4 hours ago

Pressure Cooking Freekeh!?

by ChickWithBrains 2 years ago

I get that Freekeh is immature, roasted spelt, but the interwebs are silent as far as whether there's a difference ti...

AmyH commented 4 hours ago

Need help with a Coq Au Vin please!

by Basmoth 12 hours ago

Hi I'll be making it as part of my Christmas dinner this year. However, I'm just a little confused as there seems ...


Sam D. commented 5 hours ago

Salad Recipes

by RollTribe123 5 hours ago

I am giving all my friends on Chowhound a free copy of my salad recipes. Hoping to help us all recover from Thanksgi...

Home Cooking Dish of the Month (December 2015) Nominations

by meatn3 10 days ago

Nominations are now open for the December Dish of the Month! Leaves have fallen, the air is nippy and the holi...

MidwesternerTT commented 5 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans - December 2015

by MidwesternerTT 1 day ago

What, December already? Yes, for those who are reporting their menu plans for the up-coming week. Those of us who de...

pistachio peas commented 5 hours ago

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