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Crap! Is my stock ruined??

by EAH 1 day ago

I was so excited to make extra stock this year for gravy. I went to WF and purchased 2 turkey legs, 2 wings, 2 backs ...


DLovsky commented 6 minutes ago

Please Help Me!! 12 People for a week!!!

by caiatransplant 22 days ago

Hi All. Although I love the holidays, my hips are without cartilage (double hip replacement coming up) and my back i...

ChristinaMason commented 11 minutes ago

Weekly Menu Plans - November 2015

by pistachio peas 25 days ago

This thread is a continuation from last month, when we had some discussion about weekly dinner menu planning. Midwest...


masha commented 18 minutes ago

lemon meringue pie - how to transport?

by basil4me 3 years ago

I have been requested to bring a lemon meringue pie to a dinner party next Sat. I've never made this before and don'...


wsply commented 20 minutes ago

Homemade Pumpkin Pie Help

by eviemichael 17 hours ago

Hi all, I am making pumpkin pie with real pumpkin this year, and after roasting I have 4 cups of pumpkin puree. Ca...

THewat commented 1 hour ago

Question about roux

by ronojo 6 hours ago

I have no problem making a roux for gravy but am never sure how much of it to make. I will be making about 8-12 cups...


DLovsky commented 1 hour ago

Cantonese/Hong Kong Cookbooks (Preferably... English)

by night07 7 hours ago

Hey everyone, After enjoying one of my favorite cuisine for a good while, I have a bit of a desire to actually go...


sheetz commented 2 hours ago

Canned green beans casserole question

by cubanita7272 5 hours ago

Hi all ! Im trying to get everything ready for thanksgiving tomorrow to make less to do tomorrow morning. I am making...


cubanita7272 commented 2 hours ago


by Canthespam 4 hours ago

There are several versions of this on Chow. Some say trim the crust, some don't mentioned it, and the video shows t...


Canthespam commented 2 hours ago

Roasting a whole chicken for Thanksgiving

by jennywithan_ie 6 hours ago

I'm planning on cooking a roast chicken for a small Thanksgiving gathering instead of the traditional turkey. I was w...

dave_c commented 2 hours ago

Brineing a turkey overnight

by cubanita7272 5 hours ago

Hi! This is my first time brineing a turkey for thanksgiving and i was wondering if i put the turkey in a big bowl wi...


cubanita7272 commented 2 hours ago

Chickpea brine is the new meringue?

by eatingjoy 4 hours ago

I heard about this for the first time today during an interview with Moby talking about his new restaurant. Has anyo...


milklady commented 2 hours ago

SOS chocolate pecan pie

by Fuffy 9 hours ago

MUST I use corn syrup in chocolate pecan pie or can I use just regular granulated sugar?

paulj commented 2 hours ago

Looking For Healthy Snacks Recipes

by AvanthikaReddy 1 day ago

Hi Friends, My Kids were asking for snacks, after returning from the school. Suggest me some recipes related t...


maccrogenoff commented 2 hours ago

What are you baking these days? November 2015 edition!

by buttertart 24 days ago

Here we are into glorious fall weather in our little corner of the world, and the oven beckons (as if it doesn't alwa...

THewat commented 3 hours ago


by maxwel 4 hours ago

Help! I am making the usual sweet potato casserole with marshmallows here in Africa for tomorrow, Thanksgiving. I op...

paulj commented 3 hours ago

Poach Eggs and cook Grits in the same pot at the same time

by RollTribe123 18 hours ago

Start cooking Quick grits (5 minute kind). After 2 minutes of cooking crack and drop a couple of eggs in the same po...


RollTribe123 commented 3 hours ago

Comfort Food Mac & Cheese Recipe

by Sunsun 5 years ago

What is your best no frills (not fancy hard to find ingredients) home made macaroni & cheese recipe (not the blue box...

tim irvine commented 3 hours ago

How long do frozen homemade unbaked cinnamon buns need to thaw?

by IndyGirl 3 days ago

I've already made this recipe up to the point where the buns are shaped and put in the pan. Then I covered with plast...


treb commented 3 hours ago

What's For Dinner #388: Holidays, Holidays Edition

by hannaone 7 days ago

Happy Occult Day, Independence Day (Morocco, Western Sahara), Repentance Day (Germany), Armed Forces Day (Haiti), Rep...

grayelf commented 4 hours ago

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