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What are your HOLY GRAIL recipes?

by EAH 2 months ago

You know, those recipes so good that you aren't even tempted to try the newer "hotter" version? One of mine ( by way...


EAH commented 6 minutes ago

Baby Shower Menu Suggestions for 1 PM...

by mlyon 2 days ago

Would love to have suggestions on a what to serve for a 1:00 PM shower. Am expecting up to 35 people attending, so bu...


mlyon commented 11 minutes ago

Weekly Menu Plans - February 2016

by MidwesternerTT 22 days ago

Planning for February meals already? Will you be cooking for Valentine's Day, or making reservations? Planning may b...

LulusMom commented 19 minutes ago

How do I make brownies a bit less chocolatey?

by vvv03 2 hours ago

I made this brownie recipe from epicurious this weekend and they were terrific -- easy to make, perfect gooey texture...

hotoynoodle commented 26 minutes ago

Weight Watchers Foodies: New (Lunar) Year, New Mindset, New Focus, New Results!

by The Dairy Queen 8 days ago

Hopefully your 2016 is off to a great start. If so, keep going. If not, here's your change to start anew! Eaten an...


GraceW commented 29 minutes ago

Canning time!

by Fritter 6 years ago

I just picked up a bushel of Romas so it looks like the fun will begin for me manana. What's every one else canning t...


CooknNuStuf commented 35 minutes ago

What are you baking these days? February 2016 edition!

by buttertart 14 days ago

So here we are almost in February, which is liable to be a cold month at least in my little corner of the world. Ano...


dkme commented 38 minutes ago

Arabic Spice Question

by atomicpurple 4 hours ago

When I have time, I love to pop in a local arabic store for fatayer (?sp). They have amazing, delicious, wonderful s...


pumpkin donut commented 42 minutes ago

How do I cook really tender green beans?

by danny_w 4 years ago

I know this is a very basic question, but I love the really soft tender green beans that you get at places like Crack...


CooknNuStuf commented 1 hour ago

Tzatziki with Pizzazi - 12 - 24 hour Dip Recipe

by kgiannakos 2 hours ago

Over the years i've been scoping out, sampling, and working on how to make the best Tzatziki dip. There many variati...

rasputina commented 1 hour ago

Kentucky Fried Chicken's 11 Herbs and Spices Reverse Engineered

by scrumptiouschef 6 years ago

Ron Douglas shares the ingredients for his version of KFC's 11 herbs and spices recipe — 1 teaspoon ground oregano ...


Kuklapolitan commented 1 hour ago

Home Cooking Dish of the Month: March 2016 Nominations

by meatn3 3 hours ago

Yikes! It's time to start brainstorming about the dish to focus on for next month. Daylight savings time will begi...

KitchenSlave commented 2 hours ago

Calling all 1-lb Breadmakers: share your recipes please

by staub 5 years ago

Hello, I recently purchased a Zojirushi mini (1-lb) breadmaker, which I absolutely LOVE. I had previously written of...


DonnaMarieNJ commented 3 hours ago

COTM Cookbook of the Month NOMINATIONS - MARCH 2016

by Allegra_K 5 days ago

Greetings, fellow food enthusiasts! Pardon the interruption from our scheduled programming just as we're gaining mome...


qianning commented 3 hours ago

Recipes for Pretzel rolls

by rnin85 3 hours ago

I have the Zojirushi 1 pound bread maker. I have found many recipes for making pretzels. I am looking for recipes f...

Can I sub Sour Cream for Heavy Cream?

by Pupster 11 years ago

The scones thread below has inspired me to try a cream scones recipe, but when I went to the store I was put off by t...

KitchenSlave commented 3 hours ago

What's for Dinner #390: Post Groundhog Day Edition

by hannaone 10 days ago

Well, here in the US our rodents have returned a mixed verdict. It's either going to be an early spring or six more w...

JoanN commented 3 hours ago

Dish of the Month - Meat & Savory Hand Pies (February 2016)

by masha 12 days ago

Welcome to the February Dish of the Month, which will be Meat & Savory Hand Pies. We had an extraordinarily tight ...

meatn3 commented 3 hours ago

Help adapting smoked pork recipe using liquid smoke

by MissM1 6 days ago

I am trying to reproduce this recipe using Wig...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 4 hours ago

Help with planning a dinner party for guests with various dietary restrictions!

by townsendsmith 4 days ago

Help! I'm hosting a dinner party tomorrow night for another couple and have to manage a wide range of dietary restric...


Chowrin commented 4 hours ago

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