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February 2016 COTM: PHOENIX CLAWS and JADE TREES by Kian Lam Kho - Chapters 6-9

by herby 6 days ago

Use this thread to report on: Chapter 6: Harnessing the Breadth of Wok p. 93-132 Chapter 7: Explosion of Wok p. 133...

Allegra_K commented 2 minutes ago

Recipes from "Always Hungry" by Dr David Ludwig

by jen kalb 11 days ago

Im going to start a recipe thread here for folks that are following the new Always Hungry diet program. http://drdavi...


Beelily commented 41 minutes ago

Dish of the Month - Meat & Savory Hand Pies (February 2016)

by masha 5 days ago

Welcome to the February Dish of the Month, which will be Meat & Savory Hand Pies. We had an extraordinarily tight ...

opinionatedchef commented 1 hour ago

February 2016 COTM: PHOENIX CLAWS and JADE TREES by Kian Lam Kho - Chapters 10-12

by herby 6 days ago

Use this thread to report on: Chapter 10: The Virtues of Slow Cooking p. 187-230 Chapter 11: The Intricacy of Boili...


RainyRamone commented 2 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans - February 2016

by MidwesternerTT 15 days ago

Planning for February meals already? Will you be cooking for Valentine's Day, or making reservations? Planning may b...


masha commented 3 hours ago

Cooking with Marcella Hazan

by CaptCrunch 8 hours ago

Hey! I plan to do a fair bit of cooking with "The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking" from Marcella Hazan (see ...


CaptCrunch commented 3 hours ago

Toddler Food Ideas - tips & tricks?

by myy2 1 day ago

I can use some collective intelligence and guidance here. What sort of toddler foods do you all prepare/recommend?...

Ttrockwood commented 3 hours ago

Salad to serve with chili

by sandlee1 5 hours ago

We are invited to a Super Bowl party and the host is making chili. I was asked to bring a salad. I was thinking of ...


munchkin1 commented 3 hours ago

What's for Dinner #390: Post Groundhog Day Edition

by hannaone 2 days ago

Well, here in the US our rodents have returned a mixed verdict. It's either going to be an early spring or six more w...

hannaone commented 4 hours ago

Lots of easy game day dishes

by BitchenKitcen 4 hours ago

We've been cooking up quite the mix of foods for game day. Be the star of your party by filling stomachs as well as t...

What are you baking these days? February 2016 edition!

by buttertart 6 days ago

So here we are almost in February, which is liable to be a cold month at least in my little corner of the world. Ano...

souschef commented 4 hours ago

Turkey bacon

by bxgirl 5 hours ago

What is the best way to prepare turkey bacon so that it's crispy but not too dry? Thanks

Table Talk with Chef Zachary Golper of Bien Cuit

by The Chowhound Team 11 hours ago

This is the second installment of Table Talk, and at this time, we want to welcome Chef Zachary Golper of Bien Cuit a...


sandylc commented 5 hours ago

January 2007/2009/2016 Zuni Cafe Cookbook: Leafy Salads/ Soups

by redwood2bay 9 years ago

----------------------------------------------------- 2016 REVISIT NOTE: If you are the first in 2016 to comment on ...


dmjordan commented 5 hours ago

Rustic main course recipes for small wedding

by Willanoah 1 day ago

I'm catering a small wedding in my log cabin. Will be casual, 15 people, probably buffet. Suggestions or recipes fo...

tim irvine commented 6 hours ago

Using salt pork in soup

by EM23 5 days ago

I have a package of salt pork leftover from gravy-making at Christmas. I would like to use it to make pea soup, but I...

EM23 commented 6 hours ago

Help recovering a Greek shrimp recipe

by conradical 6 days ago

I'm trying to recover a specific recipe for shrimp cooked with feta, tomatoes, and onions, and flambéed with ouzu....

Gastronomos commented 6 hours ago

Looking for a Cheesecake Recipe from old Bon Appetit Magazine

by sheltiepup 5 years ago

Hi, I hope someone can help me. Several years ago Bon Appetit published a recipe for cheesecake with lemon curd swir...


pokermama27 commented 7 hours ago

Enchiladas Suizas, help needed

by zackly 16 hours ago

This is one of my favorite dishes served at Mexican restaurants around here (suburban NYC). I've tried to make it sev...

Ttrockwood commented 7 hours ago

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