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Mint Mystery

by munchkin1 2 days ago

I have been reading savory recipes that call for mint. (And my neighbor gave me some.) I can't seem to get beyond min...

nannygoat commented 2 minutes ago


by Allegra_K 29 days ago

Use this thread for the following chapters: Tossed -p.1 Steamed - p.37 Blanched - p.53 If you are the first t...

RainyRamone commented 1 hour ago


by Allegra_K 29 days ago

Use this thread for the following chapters: Simmered - p.73 Braised - p.115 Grilled - p.137 If you are the firs...

RainyRamone commented 2 hours ago

Brazilian is the theme!

by nosey 4 hours ago

In honor of the Opening ceremonies on Fiday, we are having friends in to celebrate. I always try to serve the food of...


Autumm2 commented 2 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans - July 2016

by MidwesternerTT 1 month ago

With hot weather, holidays, vacations and summer activities, many of us may not be cooking much in July. But we'll a...

clcorbi commented 2 hours ago

Lettuce Wraps - Home Cooking Dish of the Month June 2016

by meatn3 2 months ago

What a great topic for the start of Summer! There's plenty of dietary flexibility so anyone with interest should be a...

MmeFleiss commented 3 hours ago

Searing chicken before breading

by antihawk 6 hours ago

Hi, all. I'm making "oven-fried" chicken tomorrow. Obviously this means breaded chicken baked, not deep-fried. ...


ricepad commented 3 hours ago

What cookbooks have you bought lately, or are you lusting after? July, 2016 edition!

by buttertart 28 days ago

New, old, Apicius...what are you succumbing to or thinking about getting? What of your books are you rediscovering, ...

buttertart commented 3 hours ago

Herdade Do Esporao Alentejo Portuguese Red Wine Vinegar

by satana_666 3 hours ago

Does anyone where I can buy this in Montreal / Laval area ? Thank you.

Refrigerator Pickles - Heating the Vinegar?

by nickdziegler 20 hours ago

Hello, I have been looking at recipes for refrigerator pickles, and they mostly seem to call for heating the vineg...


MikeG commented 4 hours ago


by munchkin1 1 day ago

I FINALLY have mastered soft scrambled eggs and did not follow the great chefs' instructions. 20 minutes?!?!?! Nope. ...

dave_c commented 4 hours ago

Carp roe--making caviar & scrambled roe eggs

by Sam Fujisaka 9 years ago

My wife went fishing the other day without me. She caught an eight pound, female, egg bearing carp. I opened the roe ...


charliesommers commented 5 hours ago

Lily with Nuts Italian Ice Recipe?

by bocce 5 years ago

I'm originally from Bronx, NY and there is a pastry shop that makes an Italian ice called Lily with nuts. Its creamy...


Gigi20 commented 7 hours ago

August 2016 COTM Winner - Sweet Myrtle and Bitter Honey

by Allegra_K 7 days ago

I'm happy to announce that we will be exploring Sardinian flavours next month from Elfisio Farris' Sweet Myrtle and B...

Allegra_K commented 7 hours ago

C'est si bon!

by munchkin1 22 hours ago

Girls' Night out planning continues. I am going with a French theme. It has morphed into a casual supper with copious...


DowntownJosie commented 8 hours ago

fresh turmeric root... how to use it?

by luckiestduck 4 years ago

I impulsively bought some fresh turmeric root as a friend was espousing its various health benefits. I have no idea w...


buckytom commented 9 hours ago

advice on using summer savory

by Madrid 2 years ago

I've been on the lookout for this herb for a long time, and never saw it as a plant or as a cut herb .... until today...


buckytom commented 9 hours ago

Cookbook of the Month VOTING - August 2016

by Allegra_K 12 days ago

Onward to the voting round for the next installment of the COTM. The nominations were fairly straightforward this tim...

JoanN commented 10 hours ago

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