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Discuss chow in general, including personal preferences (ketchup or mayo on fries?), national cuisines, discontinued products, and other sundries.

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Whatever happened to birthday candle holders?

by anotherjennifer 4 minutes ago

You used to be able to buy little plastic holders for birthday candles. I haven't seen them for years. The places I k...

Confused about cayenne pepper, chili powder and paprika

by hungryann almost 9 years ago

They seem pretty similar; I guess thay are made from different types of chilies but are their differences so signific...


Kalivs commented 24 minutes ago

Shout out for Sir Kensington's Mayo!

by Science Chick 2 days ago

Has anyone tried this stuff? Best mayo EVER....! Very yolky taste and nicely seasoned. Rivals my homemade, for sur...

paulj commented 24 minutes ago


How do you define trashy?

by Quine almost 7 years ago

A post here made me wonder: how do you define trashy? As in White trash cooking? Or do you have another definitio...


sandylc commented about 2 hours ago

Limited/Unoriginal vegetarian choices in restaurants - why?

by AlexRast 5 days ago

A few trips over the last few days with some vegetarians have got me thinking about this seriously. There is, of cour...


ricepad commented about 2 hours ago

Help with my unruly spice containers & condiment bottles

by cstout 14 days ago

I have a ton of spices that are driving me crazy. I am looking at squatty tin boxes, tall glass jars, cardboard conta...

JuniorBalloon commented about 2 hours ago

Western Suburbs - carry-out fried perch?

by wineaux about 5 hours ago

I'm hoping to find a great place to do carry-out fried perch for about 20 people for Friday night. I know there's a ...


masha commented about 3 hours ago

Sweet Onions

by pjkobulnicky 3 days ago

Has anyone noticed that sweet onions in September and October are hot instead of sweet?

smaki commented about 4 hours ago

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

by knucklesandwich over 1 year ago

This came up recently. I say it's not, and and conferring sandwich-hood upon every snack involving bread and protein ...

Bob Martinez commented about 4 hours ago

My home cooking always tastes better than eating out

by Bottomless_Pit 5 days ago

Suddenly, I've become obsessed with cooking at home. Call me a glutton, but I really love the taste of food. One t...

tcamp commented about 5 hours ago

Foods local to Vienna, Virginia

by hangaleftatthepigglywiggly 1 day ago

Wondering if anyone can help me. I am looking for foods that are local to the Vienna, Va area. Not exactly trendy c...

JTPhilly commented about 6 hours ago

Green potatoes- Help!

by carolinaryan 15 days ago

So I am clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer and I ate some green potatoes today. They were little fingerling...


nannygoat commented about 16 hours ago

Jarred Alfredo-Still good?

by carolinaryan 2 days ago

I got a jar of Trader Joe's alfredo the other day when I was feeling lazy and used about half a jar and put it direct...

Atomic76 commented about 17 hours ago

Food Photo Pics

by pzilaro 4 days ago

Hello, I am doing research on a project and I would like to get your input. How important is photos of a dish to help...

Atomic76 commented about 17 hours ago

Storing and Reheating roast pork buns and the such

by AndyK over 13 years ago

Lots of places in Chinatwon (here in NYC) sell packages of different types of roast pork buns (not frozen) and I see ...


chocolatetartguy commented about 22 hours ago

Regional Indian Food: Spicy Levels

by mialebven 6 days ago

Which regional Indian cuisine is the least spicy? Is there any that serve dishes that is not spicy at all?


Steve commented 1 day ago

Why don't we eat cow cracklings?

by Terrie H. over 3 years ago

We love perfectly roasted chicken skin and pork cracklings, but I'm curious as to why we don't eat the skins of other...


Richardjohnmanson commented 2 days ago

No red in bolognese

by newmarket2 5 days ago

A few years ago we spent a short week in Bologna. As a foodie, I was very much looking forward to enjoying what many...

JTPhilly commented 2 days ago

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Carolina Reaper Sriracha?

by Jack2 2 days ago

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