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Discuss chow in general, including personal preferences (ketchup or mayo on fries?), national cuisines, discontinued products, and other sundries.

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Any memories of "poor people food" from your childhood that you still crave?

by QueenDairy 4 years ago

My mother was amazing, raising three children all by herself. We were very poor, but simple and happy. I have very fo...


prasantrin commented 7 hours ago

Hatch green chiles!

by sparkette 14 hours ago

Hi I am going to be traveling cross country from California in a couple of weeks, and will be passing through NM duri...


sparkette commented 11 hours ago

Brownies: Edgers vs Insiders

by Meowzerz 3 years ago

I'm an insider all the way. I even like slightly underdone, fudgy moist brownies. I avoid the "edges"- whereas, I kno...


Regg44 commented 12 hours ago

Toyko and Kyoto in October

by rwilley13 1 day ago

I'll be working / vacationing in Japan for 10 days this October, spending roughly half my time Tokyo and the rest in ...


rwilley13 commented 13 hours ago

Sushi Pizza- California specialty?!

by downpressor 8 years ago

Hi California Chowhounds: I am an ambassador from the Ontario chowhound board where we had a question maybe you gu...


catscat commented 16 hours ago

Favorite Sandwiches

by Jukauz 9 days ago

I was reading an older post from 2009 here regarding Olive and Cream Cheese Sandwiches and got to thinking about favo...


cavandre commented 21 hours ago

Bread for bread...

by sombiker 3 days ago

How common a practice is it to charge for a bread basket at a pricey restaurant? We ordered main dish lunch salads. I...


Steve commented 23 hours ago

Craving Craze

by munchkin1 2 days ago

Mine is iceberg lettuce, chopped. Oil, vinegar, my NoSalt Salt and lots of freshly ground pepper. Or with Fran's Hot ...

Ttrockwood commented 1 day ago

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Williams Sonoma Puttanesca Sauce from the 1990's

by cookingjill 1 day ago

I am looking to find the Puttanesca sauce that was sold by Williams Sonoma in the early 1990's. Williams Sonoma disc...

Has Anyone Ordered from Omaha Steaks?

by tomaneng 9 years ago

We have to get a food gift for a couple who are both homebodies and hardcore grillers. Is it worth it?


MarthaR commented 1 day ago

Do you remember vanilla popsicles?

by DaisyM 8 years ago

Am I the only one who loved these when I was a kid? Do they still exist? Does anyone sell them? Where they as good ...


katelynnmonticciolo commented 1 day ago

Traditional in Nassau

by Gastronomos 1 year ago

Enjoying some Dominican food in Uniondale reminded me of what we look for when out to eat. The stews. The casserol...

Gastronomos commented 2 days ago

Italian Name for Tuscan Fried Vegs

by Jim Leff 5 days ago

What's the proper term for the Tuscan fritti of fried vegetables, flowers, and herbs? I've googled variations of ...

The Chowhound Team commented 2 days ago

Hair Nets and gloves?

by Motosport 4 days ago

At COSTCO I noticed the "sample pushers" all wear hair nets, beard nets and gloves. At a local Mexican chain restaur...


ricepad commented 3 days ago

How much food for pre- and post-concert cocktails?

by Isolda 5 days ago

So my husband built a harpsichord and we have invited a professional musician to play it at our home. We're having 30...


LorenzoGA commented 3 days ago

Corn on the cob TOO sweet!

by LunarPrimate 3 years ago

Corn on the cob used to be a summer obsession and binge fodder for me. But now it's gotten too sweet, and I just don'...

Motosport commented 3 days ago

Mad hunt for vintage candy

by Phil_A_Mignon 8 years ago

My wife, for years, has raved about a holiday candy she enjoyed when she was a young girl back in the late seventies,...


lmckenzie37 commented 3 days ago

Memorable Food & Funerals?

by Passadumkeg 8 years ago

No connection with Halloween. I know that at a traditional Irish wake, the food is liquid. But the fondest memories...


lemons commented 3 days ago

Foods that taste like soap?

by Elster 4 years ago

There's a big ol' hoo-haa going on at my parents' house at the moment as my dad has just invented a recipe for salmon...


ashleighjayneex commented 4 days ago

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