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Eggnog - Love It or Leave It

by treb 12 months ago

Eggnog, tis the season! I've tried to enjoy this beverage. Not sure if it's the viscosity, sometimes it tastes l...


Querencia commented 11 minutes ago

JennieO Turkey Products-Any Opinions?

by RVAwino 7 years ago

I've seen a few commercials and check out the website. Looks interesting but I haven't found any reliable reviews? I ...


AnneBonney commented 3 hours ago

What brand of eggnog is your favorite?

by bigdave48 6 years ago

I love eggnog fortunately for my waistline I only drink it at Thanksgiving or Christmas. I love the extra thick crea...


HoosierFoodie commented 3 hours ago

Northern versus Southern Thanksgiving Meals: What's the Diff?

by Perilagu Khan 3 years ago

Just taking a stab in the dark here: North, bread stuffing -- South, cornbread dressing North, pumpkin pie -- Sou...

SweetPhyl commented 4 hours ago

Quick Look at URL's for Mailing Food Gifts

by nemo 5 hours ago

Sometimes we just want to see a list that we can click on. AKTONY suggested in a recent post to look at www.foodydir...

EM23 commented 4 hours ago

Pie for breakfast!

by masha 12 months ago

One of my favorite post-Thanksgiving rituals -- apple pie for breakfast on Friday morning. Who else is indulging?


masha commented 8 hours ago

Oysters - Gigas

by jounipesonen 8 hours ago

I've purchased twice now Gigas grown in Zeeland, The Netherlands. Both times they have been perfectly good in term...

OK to bring frozen turkey into Ontario from US?

by Nyleve 27 days ago

Does anyone know if it's ok to bring a frozen turkey across the border from New York State? Longish stupid story but ...

estufarian commented 12 hours ago

Freezing mozzarella

by kseiverd 1 day ago

Found "bargain" I couldn't pass up... 2 pint containers of fresh mozz in water/liquid @ 50% off cuz sell by date is t...

Ttrockwood commented 20 hours ago

Coconut Milk - high price and higher quality?

by pumpkinspice 1 day ago

I am new to the world of cooking with coconut milk. Yesterday, I was at the store and noticed there was a huge price ...

Ttrockwood commented 20 hours ago

Have you ever had to hide any foods or drinks from others ?

by emglow101 2 years ago

I'm just remembering when I had a roommate. He would never replace anything so I began hiding my non perishable food ...

SunnyCalifGirl commented 1 day ago

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Pickled eggplant?

by dumoyer2 1 day ago

Bought a jar of Vietnamese pickled eggplant (white and about the size of a small ping pong ball. I tried one and it ...

Food by mail for Xmas

by Fulan 12 months ago

Hi I've enjoyed finding good food—biscuits, barbecue, occasionally spices and things online and sending them as Chri...


aktony commented 1 day ago

There are tiny crabs in my oysters! Is this normal?

by Ziv 3 years ago

I just had some of the best seafood I have enjoyed in years, but in two cases I ran into tiny pea crabs in some of my...


nyquilcoma commented 1 day ago

Brussel sprout stalks -- edible?

by Marc Wallace 12 years ago

I keep seeing brussel sprouts sold on their stalk for what seems a reasonable price -- if the stalk is actually edibl...


SteveMarshallUK commented 1 day ago

Are Dark M&Ms harder than regular (original) M&Ms?

by kattyeyes 2 days ago

Is it just me or are do the dark chocolate M&Ms have a firmer consistency than the originals? I bought a large bag to...


treb commented 1 day ago

No one ever eats what I bring to functions

by debodun 10 days ago

Be an après church coffee fellowship, the local senior's club, Bible study refreshments or any other social function ...


acgold7 commented 1 day ago

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Turkey storage overnight question

by cubanita7272 2 days ago

My turkey is a little frozen still. Thats why im thinking im going to keep the turkey in the bowl of saltwater covere...

HELP! Quick thawing a turkey

by blueways 3 days ago

Help...Please! I need to quick thaw a turkey in 2.5 days.... to cook spathcocked (Michael bitterman's recipe) IDEAS &...

Bob Martinez commented 2 days ago

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