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Discuss chow in general, including personal preferences (ketchup or mayo on fries?), national cuisines, discontinued products, and other sundries.

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Pistachio ice cream toppings?

by MissMoxie911 6 days ago

I wasn't sure if salted caramel syrup would be good on cheap pistachio ice cream. I love the ice cream by itself, but...

smaki commented 6 minutes ago

My home cooking always tastes better than eating out

by Bottomless_Pit 1 day ago

Suddenly, I've become obsessed with cooking at home. Call me a glutton, but I really love the taste of food. One t...


ferret commented 13 minutes ago

Food Photo Pics

by pzilaro about 18 hours ago

Hello, I am doing research on a project and I would like to get your input. How important is photos of a dish to help...

smaki commented about 1 hour ago

98-year-old needs to gain weight, doesn't eat enough: Food suggestions

by jhopp217 over 4 years ago

Hey, my grandother has emphysema and the docs said she burns approximately 3000 calories a day just trying to breath....


lovemom commented about 3 hours ago

Limited/Unoriginal vegetarian choices in restaurants - why?

by AlexRast 1 day ago

A few trips over the last few days with some vegetarians have got me thinking about this seriously. There is, of cour...


treb commented about 3 hours ago

Cinque Terra/Florence: looking for Italian-brand canned tuna w/ cannellini beans in red sauce

by MyLovelyGourmet over 2 years ago

Searching for Italian-brand canned tuna with cannellini beans in red sauce I was in Cinque Terra, Italy some years...

minchilli commented about 5 hours ago

No red in bolognese

by newmarket2 2 days ago

A few years ago we spent a short week in Bologna. As a foodie, I was very much looking forward to enjoying what many...


allende commented about 11 hours ago

Need recommendation for Thai food

by twcowdery 16 days ago

Is there any Thai dish that tastes kind of like Indian food? My wife loves Thai food, but isn't crazy about Indi...


hansi21 commented about 19 hours ago

How to eat umeboshi?

by UncleLongHair over 7 years ago

A friend of ours got us a small package of umeboshi as a present. These are small, pickled Japanese plums, apparentl...


sedimental commented about 20 hours ago

How do you define trashy?

by Quine over 6 years ago

A post here made me wonder: how do you define trashy? As in White trash cooking? Or do you have another definitio...

euromongrel commented about 21 hours ago

Baking Soda to Reduce Acidity of Tomato Sauce

by Funwithfood about 11 years ago

Has anyone used baking soda to reduce the acidity of tomatoes in either tomato sauce or tomato soup? What was the ...


texaninnw commented 1 day ago

Cost of lamb and it's popularity in the U.S.

by Ed2014 about 2 months ago

I love lamb chops and until about 2 years ago, I could buy them at the local grocery store for about $5/lb. Now the ...


acgold7 commented 1 day ago

Good frozen pizza

by 51rich 7 days ago

Just tried a table 87 frozen pizza. Admittedly as $$ as some local shops.They sell them cryovacked as a whole pie or ...


wincountrygirl commented 2 days ago

Fermented WAY too much eggplant

by Chowemooshi 4 days ago

I got quite into fermenting this summer and got very carried away. I thought I'd ferment one eggplant for caponata o...


Chowemooshi commented 2 days ago

Tasting Menus - Do You Like Them? (And... ever NOT finished one?)

by MattHooper 5 days ago

Tasting menus are on my mind because I have a couple coming up (Momofuku Shoto, Alo). It's interesting that Tastin...

Charles Yu commented 2 days ago

Alert! Good avocados are back, at least at my Costco!

by mushroomaffairs 7 days ago

I've been back to buying avocados (both Port Chester, NY and Norwalk, CT stores) from Costco for the past two weeks n...


treb commented 2 days ago

"Just Whites" Deb-El - discontinued?

by thimes 7 days ago

So I wanted to make some royal icing this weekend so that some kids could decorate some cookies. . . . I have always ...


thimes commented 2 days ago

Layered Cheese With Walnuts

by MarkinLA over 10 years ago

I'm not a huge cheese guru, and I'm typically satisfied with what I can find at local ethnic markets, Trader Joe's et...


jennmicki commented 2 days ago

Regional Indian Food: Spicy Levels

by mialebven 3 days ago

Which regional Indian cuisine is the least spicy? Is there any that serve dishes that is not spicy at all?

hal2010 commented 2 days ago

Ordering Foods from Overseas

by charlesqw 2 days ago

I live in the US and see some interesting foods I can order from overseas. Are there any regulations that must be fol...

Ttrockwood commented 2 days ago

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