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Discuss chow in general, including personal preferences (ketchup or mayo on fries?), national cuisines, discontinued products, and other sundries.

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Is it still possible to buy 3 lb fryer chickens anywhere?

by Dylan 3 hours ago

It used to be the case that most chickens were about 3lbs. Which was quite a convenient size. Over the years, chicke...

coll commented 3 hours ago

Refilling fountain drinks: unsanitary?

by ebchower 2 days ago

While having lunch at a diner counter, it's not uncommon for the server to take my drink glass and refill it from the...


Chowrin commented 3 hours ago

Lemon Love

by munchkin1 4 days ago

This is a no brainer, but want to share. I rarely eat sweets, but when I do it is lemon ricotta cheesecake, lemon mer...


munchkin1 commented 6 hours ago

Raw Vegatables to Eat Like Apples

by chezron 4 months ago

I am trying to eat more vegetables on the go. What vegetables can I eat raw? What strategies do you use to increase v...


medlar commented 11 hours ago

Shelf life of a cooked chicken?

by TroyTempest 7 years ago

My wife and I had an umm disagreement the other day. I had a 6 day old roasted chicken in the fridge that I was goin...


Emmalilly commented 1 day ago

Garlic burning my fingers

by RodrigodelR 5 months ago

I have been cooking for 15 years and about 3 years ago I started having a problem when working with garlic. When I...


Hellar commented 1 day ago

Those tasteless, juiceless navel oranges

by julesrules 9 years ago

Okay, I'm in Canada. So my local/seasonal fruit options are limited most of the year (I eat plenty of local apples y...


Wawsanham commented 1 day ago

What to make/serve for Oktoberfest?

by maddogg280 7 years ago

Hubby and I are throwing and Oktoberfest party at home and I need some recs on what to serve. So far, all we have on ...


Wawsanham commented 1 day ago

Best way to keep blue crabs alive?

by don515 4 years ago

Hi hounds, hope to go crabbing next friday sep 6 and not cooking crabs till sunday. In the past I've put them in m...


MichaelVespa commented 1 day ago

What Is Your Opinion Of Pangasius?

by PontiusPalate 2 days ago

There is a restaurant in my city of Norfolk, Virginia, that boasts of their fish tacos. They claim that they make th...


ricepad commented 1 day ago

Why is there no fresh guanabana in the US?

by Steve 7 years ago

Guanabana (aka Soursop) is a tropical fruit that seems to be unavailable in the US, except for frozen pulp and the li...


spiceislander commented 1 day ago

How To Keep Picnic Supplies Cold in France

by pepisstud 3 days ago

Each time we travel in Europe we love to enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner for a welcome change from restaurants twice a...

John Talbott commented 2 days ago

USA heavy cream vs UK double cream

by BevRS 4 years ago

I am British but sometimes spend a few weeks in the US. All I can get in stores there is "heavy cream" which is heat...


Foxeyblue commented 3 days ago

KFC's Secret Spices/Recipe Revealed?

by rainsux 3 days ago

Apparently; oops:


MikeG commented 3 days ago

Cotton Candy Grapes

by Guinness02122 1 month ago

Hi, I had the organic version of these last month, and I'm told the non-organic ones will be out in early August. D...


catsmeow commented 3 days ago

Any memories of "poor people food" from your childhood that you still crave?

by QueenDairy 4 years ago

My mother was amazing, raising three children all by herself. We were very poor, but simple and happy. I have very fo...


JanetJ commented 3 days ago

Which is better: veal or beef steak?

by marywhwang 9 days ago

I am planning on treating myself with a steak dinner, and am right now having a hard time choosing between veal and ...


MikeG commented 4 days ago

Reverse Takeover...

by phil123 17 days ago

Hi, I just wanted to share an amusing occurrence that happened to me last week. We've all heard about people askin...


phil123 commented 4 days ago

'They Must Have Had an Off Night'

by treb 7 days ago

Small rant here; I've read many a blog and post where someone dined at their favorite high-end restaurant and post...


treb commented 4 days ago

What is the VERY BEST thing you've ever eaten?

by chefmindy 5 years ago

Of all the foods you've tried and made, what do you say is the most delicious? Post a recipe if you want to share.


hbkawachi commented 4 days ago

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