Get advice on growing herbs, lettuces, tomatoes, beans, peppers, and anything else you want in your vegetable garden. Plus advice on pests like snails, beetles, and ants.

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fuyu persimmon from seed?

by pinstripeprincess 7 years ago

a batch of persimmons i got in chinatown had about 4 seeds each (usually mine are seedless) and since i thought i'd...


Dnholbrook commented 7 hours ago

Peeling garlic a week before planting

by Shrinkrap 2 months ago

I have the good fortune of being in Florence right now,and see the most amazing looking "Aglio Rosso" garlic at the...

Shrinkrap commented 2 days ago

Overwintering container fruit plants

by DonnaMarieNJ 14 days ago

I live in New Jersey and have several blueberry, raspberry and blackberry plants in small containers. Most of these ...

JustJake2 commented 14 days ago

Can I bury my kitchen waste in the garden rather than composting in a bin?

by janniecooks 7 years ago

It's difficult to keep the compost pile wet enough to produce good hot compost - the heat and the sun in Florida drie...


JRC14 commented 22 days ago

Has Anyone Planted "Ketchup & Fries"?

by kaleokahu 1 year ago

I was startled last week when the checker at my local nursery told me that Potato-Tomato (aka "Ketchup & Fries") graf...


digidana commented 1 month ago

New Compost Tumbler: no action at all

by danna 5 years ago

I've been very excited about my new tumbler....started it up with Liriope clippings and dead flower stalks and dried ...

coll commented 1 month ago

what happens to green bean plants after i pick the beans?

by lilaki 6 years ago

hi hounds, i'm growing green bush beans for the first time ever ... i picked off my first crop last week and enjoy...


nitrolock commented 1 month ago

No maintenance garden?

by terasec 2 months ago

I Live in the city but have place outside the city where i can garden problem is am never there often enough to pro...


nitrolock commented 1 month ago

Who knew, Radish Pods?

by Fooley0401 4 years ago

I just found out yesterday that when you let radishes bolt, that the radish plants eventually form these little green...


nitrolock commented 1 month ago

"Pesto Perpetuo" Basil

by cheesemaestro 4 years ago

This year I grew a pot of this basil to make some late-season pesto. If you're not familiar with this variety, it is...

DonShirer commented 2 months ago

Kaffir lime - freeze dried and growing

by Mars10 2 months ago

Greetings All, I enjoy SouthEast Asian cuisines, and finally found a peaceful relationship with lemongrass meaning...


polishjeweatswonderbread commented 2 months ago

Gardening Be the first to comment

Shaggy Ink-Cap Mushrooms

by outRIAAge 2 months ago

I'm rather stunned. I just searched here for "Shaggy Ink-Caps" and found no references. Reason I searched is becau...

Hydroponic Window Boxes

by outRIAAge 2 months ago

Living in an apartment, I wanted fresh herbs. So I got into hydroponics, and invented a hydroponic window box. Just l...

coll commented 2 months ago

Favorite gardening forum?

by MrsJonesey 2 years ago

Do you have one? Most that I know of aren't very active. Garden Web looks interesting, but it seems cumbersome to fin...


MikeG commented 2 months ago

2016 Pepper Project

by dfrostnh 7 months ago

Is anyone else growing their own paprika, Aleppo pepper, or chili powder? Last year I bought a dehydrator which has l...


dfrostnh commented 2 months ago

Back Deck Cherry Tomatoes and Lettuce and Swiss Chard

by MidwesternerTT 5 months ago

I've mentioned over on Home Cooking how much fun I'm having with a first-ever back deck container garden here in Minn...

MidwesternerTT commented 3 months ago

Why did my hydroponic basil wither and die?

by fldhkybnva 3 years ago

I have been using a lot of basil and so I figured it'd be a good idea to get a hydropic plant. I have never had a gre...


bettynorth commented 3 months ago

Does using cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes as pest deterrent affect the flavor of the vegetables?

by Sherri 7 years ago

Yes, this is a serious question, not a joke. When I first began using red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper to deter ...


pnw commented 3 months ago

Teeny, tiny white bugs on my indoor parsley plant. What to do?

by Googs 6 years ago

How can I get rid of the insects without harming hubby or my cat? Yes, I know my cat shouldn't be eating my plants, ...

junescook commented 3 months ago

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