Get advice on growing herbs, lettuces, tomatoes, beans, peppers, and anything else you want in your vegetable garden. Plus advice on pests like snails, beetles, and ants.

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Does anyone have experience with growing Beach Plums in their yard?

by coll 6 months ago

Luckily my area is as sandy as they come. But while I can take a stroll on any local beach (or grocery parking lot!)...

coll commented 11 days ago

Winter Cooking From the Garden

by dfrostnh 2 months ago

It's closing in on the end of December in NH - zone 5ish. It's been unusually warm but I have pulled the last of the ...


dfrostnh commented 12 days ago

Homegrown fresh herbs in winter

by AmySowder 22 days ago

I miss homegrown fresh herbs in winter. We have this balcony where we grew hot and sweet peppers, large and small t...

DonShirer commented 19 days ago

Getting rid of roly-poly's (or pill bugs)?

by baloney 7 years ago

How do I get rid of these pests? They aren't a huge army but they are all spread out over my garden. They like to h...


gjhawk commented 1 month ago

Kaffir lime is failing

by sippy 1 month ago

I live in southern TN. My tree did great outdoors in the late spring/summer. Since bringing the tree indoors in S...


MikeG commented 1 month ago

Can someone tell me what kind of bug this is?

by JoeSof 6 months ago

I just found these bugs on a weed near my garbage can. I haven't see any in my garden yet, but there are lots of the...

PoppiYYZ commented 2 months ago

Indoor Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree

by amanda3571 3 months ago

First...whoa! What happened to CH? This place is confusing (sorry, been about 2 years since my last log in). Sec...


medlar commented 2 months ago

Gardening Be the first to comment

I wish that y'all state your location and describe your soil when you post.

by Vinnie Vidimangi 3 months ago

Auckland, New Zealand, yellow clay, under the remains of what the developer scraped away. YANCBASMNSTYH.

Chile peppers

by NatashaDeAcutis 4 months ago

I have chile peppers on a plant outside. It's quite cold now and they are still green. I was told to cut them off the...


NatashaDeAcutis commented 4 months ago

Troubleshooting - Green tomatoes brought inside to ripen all turned brown

by sasha1 4 months ago

This year, we planted 11 tomato plants - a little late - because we had trouble getting the starts ready. We had a t...


Chowrin commented 4 months ago

Has Anyone Planted "Ketchup & Fries"?

by kaleokahu 8 months ago

I was startled last week when the checker at my local nursery told me that Potato-Tomato (aka "Ketchup & Fries") graf...

cayjohan commented 4 months ago

Learning experience Update

by Berheenia 5 months ago

We planted our first garden in years in late June. The delay was due to a late spring with everyone behind. Everyone ...

Berheenia commented 5 months ago

Dehydrating garden goodies

by dfrostnh 6 months ago

Anticipating a good crop of tomatoes this year, I have ordered an Excalibur dehydrator. I thought asking for recipes ...


dfrostnh commented 5 months ago

Fungal Foraging Manitoba?

by Allegra_K 5 months ago

I am an enthusiastic yet wary newbie to this exciting and fruitful hobby, and most of my finds go unpicked and uneate...


cancowboy commented 5 months ago

Any ideas what this plant might be?

by AmyH 5 months ago

My son just bought a house and moved in last week. The previous owners had planted an extensive vegetable garden all ...

AmyH commented 5 months ago

Garden porn

by gourmanda 6 months ago

I have no idea why this didn't post earlier. I want nothingswrong to know she isn't alone ;)

Wahooty commented 5 months ago

Best Tasting Beefsteak Tomatoes For a Home Garden??

by MarkG 6 months ago

wont be putting in a garden this year but looking ahead to 2016. Thanks!!


snippet commented 5 months ago

Sprouting avocado pit

by nemo 6 months ago

For the first time in ages, I have an avocado pit in a glass of water that has actually sprouted! Yay! The stem is ...


MikeG commented 5 months ago

Shiso on my porch

by borntolovefood 6 months ago

The porch is one story above ground. It turns out to be an ideal place to keep an herb garden in planters. Accessible...


borntolovefood commented 6 months ago

Planning for next year...

by RedTop 6 months ago

We have a 10 X 12 foot garden plot that we over-planted this year: Six beefsteak plants; four chocolate cherry tomato...

tcamp commented 6 months ago

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