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Cut Your Way to a Better Hot Dog

Serious Eats finally addresses the always pressing "how can we make hot dogs fun to eat?" question with a knife skills tutorial that'll teach you to crank out octopi and crispy star-shaped nuggets in no time flat.

(You could, of course, always buy an Octodog, but that would be patently ridiculous. Fun, but patently ridiculous.)

Blockheads Trash Blockheads

Nothing good, karma-wise, can be gained by viewing this head-shaker of a video featuring fist-fighting idiots trashing the outdoor dining area at the appropriately named Blockheads in New York City. There may be a lesson in customer service here, somewhere, but it's definitely obscured by all the flying fists and property. READ MORE

The Food World According to Titli

I've got a new favorite hilariously named video personality: Titli Nihaan. The British-accented, housewifely host of an online program called Titli's Busy Kitchen delivers deadpan comedy and kitchen advice in equal proportions, delivering far more wit than you'd suspect as well as a good deal of reasonably sound commentary on food and cooking. READ MORE

What Should I Think About Jolene Sugarbaker?

I don't know how to feel about Internet cooking instructor Jolene Sugarbaker, who's been posting cooking videos to YouTube for years now. On the one hand, this "Trailer Park Queen"—in reality she's a male comedian named Jason Saffer—has a lot of fans, and does have a winning way in front of the camera. And a theme song with a lot of head-nodding, which I find amusing. READ MORE

The Pub Queue Problem, Solved

If you're not familiar with British comedian David Mitchell (he and partner Robert Webb have a sketch about conscience-struck stormtroopers that's rightfully become a modern classic), here's a chance to make his gastronomic acquaintance. As part of his ongoing video Soap Box series for The Guardian, Mitchell drills down on the topic of people who place complicated orders in pubs and jam up the works for regular people who just want to buy a beer.


Watermelon Nights: The Video

The most genuinely cheerful stop-motion animated fruit video of 2010 is surely upon us: a track called "Watermelon Nights," acted out by a team of enthusiastically animated watermelons. Also features an aggrieved eggplant. READ MORE

The World’s Greatest KC BBQ Video

Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne's got great flow, much love for his hometown, and an appreciation for barbecue that is ironclad and awe-inspiring. Below, in a video for "O.G.," he raps prolifically about 'cue, focusing on the food of local legend Ollie Gates: "I'm hella fine like the food at Ollie Gates / Strawberry baked bean mixed plate." Calvin Trillin, eat your heart out. READ MORE

Seeds for a Time of Need

After the coming apocalypse (and once the zombie activity has died down), future Earthlings will at some point need to return to agriculture. How to assure that the seeds of edible crops are kept safe in the meantime? Bury them in an Arctic vault.


Chew on This

Here is a good lesson for the larcenous: Steal and you'll end up drawn and quartered inside a gumball machine. Then a red horse will come and drool over you in a disturbingly sexual way. There is something very Kafka-esque about this. READ MORE

The Exoticism of Marshmallow Fluff

YouTube user and professional trend forecaster Simone Haruko Smith did some ethnic anthropology of the first order (wherein first means most entertaining) while traveling through a gourmet grocery store in Berlin's Alexanderplatz. She discovered (and video documented) the "American" ethnic food section. So if you've ever wandered through the Asian or undifferentiated "Latin" section of a grocery store and wondered what it would feel like to have the shoe on the other foot, here's your chance. [via The Daily What] READ MORE