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Sing It, Sugar Junkies

English rapper Mc Burberry mocks the fat and the sugar-addicted with this song, "Eatin Sweeties," that's both offensive and amusing. Not safe for work unless you have on headphones. Paradoxically this had the effect of making me crave Cadbury's Creme Eggs.

Early Jolly Green Giant or Satanic Imp in a Toga?

This spot was made for the Minnesota Valley Canning Company, which later re-named itself Green Giant after the great success of the mascot created by Leo Burnett (the Don Draper of his times). This particular commercial, however, was not a success, quickly removed from television amidst fears that it was too scary for young viewers. I totally agree with them, too, if you replace the words "too scary" with "pants-dampeningly horrifying" and "young viewers" with "every sighted person on planet Earth."



Wendy’s Drink Training or DeBarge Video?

Going back in time always has a certain charm to it. This Wendy's training video about Hot Drinks (seemingly circa early '90s judging by the styles and general musical attitude) is far, far better than you might think. And, yes, "better" includes accounting for comedy as well as the actual instructional quality of the video (which is surprisingly good).

Don't miss, of course, the counterpoint video that nails the many subtle aspects of serving cold drinks.

The Anatomy of a Burger Lover

In this charming little video featured over at the Daily Beast, food writer and hamburger expert Josh Ozersky talks about the weirdness of burger fanatics as rating "between that of Civil War re-enactors and foot fetishists."

Ozersky also gets into the bubbling bits of fat that sometimes percolate through a hot burger, likening them to a "mini-ecosystem," and "tidal flats." Not exactly appetizing, but certainly food for thought.



Junk Food Is a Secret Government Eugenics Program!

Like any other person, I enjoy a good conspiracy rant, and Alex Jones' "Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed" is better than most, simply because there's a good amount of truth to his argument. Ingredients allowed into food by the very government sworn to protect us have been linked with the health problems Jones elucidates in his 10-minute hate: miscarriages, cancer, genetic malformations, and so on. I personally don't believe it's a massive federal eugenics plot to sterilize the population. But what do I know?

When Lovin’ It Goes Overboard

People sure do enjoy their McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. This video—number-one story on BBC News as of Tuesday, 6 p.m. Central time—shows what can happen when you, as a McDonald's worker, have the temerity to not serve McNuggets simply because it's breakfast time.

An Irrational Fear of Peaches

"I understand if you don't like peaches. But you're scared of peaches," says Maury Povich, unhelpfully. Stay tuned at least for the gratuitous squishing of the terrifying peaches. Maury's really kicking this food-phobia thing out of the park (first pickles! now peaches!).

The Biggest Restaurant Rooftop Garden Ever?

Nightline had a mind-blowing segment on Bell Book & Candle, a soon-to-open New York City restaurant that is growing its own produce hydroponically on the roof. This is not some token "I have a few raised beds" type thing, but a super-ambitious full-scale farm. Chef-owner John Mooney hopes to grow nearly all of what he uses in the restaurant in these water-only, no soil, freestanding plastic towers. He's growing lettuces, fresh chickpeas, eggplant, squash, strawberries, and more for ten months out of the year; he'll get the other two months of the year's produce from farmers' markets. Check this video out: so many implications for not just restaurants, but apartment buildings and offices. READ MORE

My Name Is Mariah and I Hate Pickles

Speechless. Is she faking it? And how can Maury live with himself after taunting her like that with trays of pickles? It's brutal.

Underground Sandwich-Dealing Jumps the Shark

There has been a lot of buzz about the New York underground sandwich dealers Dr. Claw (the lobster roll dude) and Bread.Butter.Cheese (the grilled cheese guy). The deal is, you can Facebook these guys and get a sandwich delivered to you all quasi-secret and illicit (they are totally unlicensed food businesses). But now that Kathie Lee has cooed over the grilled cheese sandwich on the Today show, while talking about how she wasn't supposed to eat bread and jalapeños, it looks like the trend is officially shark-jumped.

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