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The Agenda of Cats with Thumbs

This brilliant Cravendale milk commercial posits that the only thing standing between cats and cats with thumbs is time. And it further posits that the only thing standing between us not getting skinned alive by superintelligent cats thirsting for Cravendale milk is the lack of said thumbs. An elegant ad, and further proof that less really is more when it comes to using computer graphics to sell a point.

Dr Pepper TEN Scorns Female Customers

All right, we get it, the rollout of "midcalorie" soda Dr Pepper TEN is supposed to corner the "dudes who like diet drinks but don't like looking unmanly" market (where, as Jezebel points out, Coke Zero and Pepsi Max have failed). It would just make this female soda-drinker so much happier if appealing to men wasn't accomplished so often by mocking and rejecting women. The brawny commercial for Dr Pepper TEN, part of a test campaign for the new brand, says that women can "keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks" and that the soda is "not for women." Really? Aw, you won't let us in the clubhouse for your He-Man Women Haters Club?

8 Stomach-Turning Food Commercials

Why oh why do food companies want to make us sick to our stomachs?

1. Carl's Jr: If the hideous sounds of smacking, slurping, and munching don't get you, the face-covered-in-what-looks-like-puke most definitely will.


The Best (and Worst) Food Ads from Super Bowl 45

Like nearly all things American, the Super Bowl is as much about food and drink as it is about anything else. So it's no surprise that advertisers of all things edible and drinkable get in the game in a big way. Out of a slew of different ads hawking snacks and drinks, the following four really stood out—as being excellent or quite the opposite. READ MORE

Sexually Confusing Colombian Hooters Commercial

OK, so I only speak menu Spanish so I'm not sure what the message of this food ad is, but I think I might now be sexually attracted to motorcycle helmets, or refrigerators filled with all-white food. And what, dear God, what did the customer order? A jar of...anchovy paste mixed with yellow mustard?

via Copyranter

Making Yule Logs Is NOT Difficult

For a cake that comes out looking so incredibly fancy, a yule log (or bûche de Noël) is surprisingly easy to make. It's basically just a jelly roll cake: a thin, flat génoise that any fool can glop filling on and then roll up into a reasonable facsimile of a log. Icing the cake is equally easy, as it doesn't require particularly steady or skilled hands, just a load of buttercream frosting tinted brown and some powdered sugar to mimic snow. This video from a couple of bakery owners has some additional helpful tips for refining your cake technique. These bakers use meringue mushrooms, but I prefer marzipan mushrooms: They're ridiculously easy to make (indeed, here is a tutorial!), and plus, you get to bite into a big marzipan thing, which is always nice.

Transform Rice Into Bread with a Magic Machine

From the world of the future known as "Japan" comes the latest crazy invention that we all kind of want but will never be able to import, afford, or operate: the Gopan rice-bread machine. This terrific instructional video (in English) lays out how the Gopan transforms rice and a few additives into a loaf of what seems to be totally ordinary sandwich bread. Advantages: Different kinds of rice yield different sorts of bread! Also: Eating rice is patriotic in Japan! Other than that, a bit mystifying, albeit awesome-looking. Plus: a blockbuster seller.

Brain-Melting Japanese Candy Ad

Oh, Japanese television advertising. Is there nothing you can't do? Because there are clearly some things you shouldn't do, yet continue to do regardless. Here, representing Choco Balls, is what's guaranteed to be the weirdest ad for a chocolate confection that you watch all day. Probably all week. Quite possibly all year.


Via copyranter, a prime source of ads that mess with your sense of normalcy

Food Freaks Skewered by “South Park”

In case you missed it, the South Park season 14 (really!) finale was pretty funny. Stan's dad, Randy, becomes obsessed with the Food Network and gets all, um, sexual over shallots. And says crème fraîche a lot. READ MORE

All You Need for Viral Video: A Grease Bomb and a Girl

It's a simple formula: Take three different processed meat products, add cheese, coat in cornmeal batter and deep-fry, slather in mayo made from bacon grease, and you have the newest man-made evil to stalk this planet. Have that devoured by a small, attractive girl, and you end up with this web video that, like a car wreck, you can't look away from even if you wanted to.