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Pretty, Pretty Food from Eleven Madison Park

The video trailer for the Eleven Madison Park cookbook (out November 11 in time for holiday wish lists) really takes you there. There being the classy, art deco environment that is Eleven Madison Park. The food looks amazing: carefully composed like dollhouse furniture, but full of natural beauty (flowers, fronds, snow).

When Celebs Push Candy

News that Method Man has just released a new song centered around Sour Patch Kids candy made us remember other ignominious celebrity candy endorsements. READ MORE

The Sexiest Vietnamese Coffee on Video

Check out this great video on how to make Vietnamese coffee, from CHOW's former video team member Eric Slatkin. It made me feel all languid and relaxed, like I wanted to slurp a bunch of Vietnamese coffee while wearing a halter top and flip-flops.

Naked Chicks Covered in Food: Avant-Garde or Cliché?

"This is about life," artist-chef Tiberio Simone says at the beginning of the short video introduction to his La Figa Project, a collaboration between photographer Matt Freedman and Simone that resulted in a photo book that's basically nudes-with-food. All right, some of the stuff he says is true. Food is sexy, beautiful to look at, with curves and colors that put one in mind of the zzzzzzzz oh my God! I'm so sorry, I just dozed off right there! I was listening to some dude presenting yet another rationale to show skinny 20-year-old women naked, and I just sort of zoned out. Why is that?





You Will Laugh at “The Trip”

Steve Coogan never shuts his eyes in ecstasy while chowing down in The Trip, and that's just one of the reasons to take in this brilliant film made from editing together the 2010 BBC series of the same name. The Trip follows Coogan and comic partner Rob Brydon on a tour of upscale restaurants in the north of England. While eating some of the best-looking food committed to celluloid in recent years, Coogan and Brydon constantly deflate it (and each other) as they do in this clip where they compare a fizzy locavore manioc leaf, ginger beer, and whiskey cocktail to mucus:


The Top 6 Fake Artisanal Food Ads

A column in The Atlantic dings the National Pork Board for an ad campaign that brims with what writer Jane Black terms "fake authenticity." Pork is wholesome and real, insist the ads. Real people cook it, including chefs and a lady who looks like a mom.

This reminded us of all the other "fake real" food ads we've seen. Let's take a look, shall we? READ MORE

Scientific Cadbury Creme Egg Snuff Films for Easter

Easter candy destruction has moved far beyond the old microwave-Peeps-and-watch-them-explode trick. Here are two extremely high-tech looks at decimating a Cadbury Creme Egg in a lab, courtesy of scientists from the University of Nottingham and video journalist Brady Haran. First, the Creme Egg goes through a series of physics tests, including being flung on a crash track and smashed in a compressive-strength test.

Chemists at the same university also do some crazy stuff to a creme egg, including trying to "release the goo" by heating the egg in potassium chlorate. The fellow at 1:40 could really have a second career as a TV "crazy scientist."


Vegan Myths Dispelled, In Song

Not since Trolololololololo (or possibly since the Trader Joe's song) have I heard an Internet song that I wanted to play over and over again. Until now. Jonathan Mann is a San Francisco musician who has been writing, performing, and making a music video for one song every single day since January 1, 2009. He's in the midst of a project to finish an actual album, so what better time is there than now to appreciate one of his finer efforts, #810, "Vegan Myths Debunked," which flawlessly skewers clueless carnivores.

Rave Meets Ramen

Here's a little something to start your week out right: a dude filling his shopping basket in an Asian supermarket while raving about as hard as he can to "No Alternative" by DJ Merlin and DJ C-Bass. You'll marvel at the efficiency with which he shops while staying more or less on beat.

[Via eltron]

Wheatgrass Makes Ladies Swoon

This apparently 1980s-era ad for the Canadian smoothie chain Booster Juice shows more than a few glimmers of the imagination and promise that helped the company grow to almost 200 units worldwide.

Except, hang on, everybody's texting. It can't possibly be as vintage as it looks.

Anyhow, wheatgrass—gets 'em every time.

[via Deets After Dark]