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Trend-O-Meter Says: Unfortunately, Lamb Lollipops Are Still In (5/22/09)

We are disturbed and downright perturbed to learn that the opening-tonight Swift Half Pub in Philly will be serving “lamb lollichops” (otherwise known by sensible people as lamb chops). Other spots using a cutesy version of the word lollipop to describe the cut: The Local Vine, Seattle, and Olenjack’s Grille, Dallas.

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Trend-O-Meter Says: Korean Tacos Are In (5/21/09)

Tacos filled with Korean-barbecue-style meats, cabbage, bean sprouts, kimchee, and spicy salsa are showing up all over the nation.

Spotted: at new Portland food truck Koi Fusion PDX, filled with spicy bulgogi pork; at LA’s venerable Kogi trucks, packed with chopped-up Korean short ribs and sesame-chile salsa roja (pictured); added to the menu a few weeks ago at New York’s Seoul Station, where you can order them with spicy pork or beef; at John’s Snack and Deli in San Francisco, with sautéed kimchee and kalbi (short rib); and you can make them at home with DIY kimchee and bulgogi.

Image source

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Trend-O-Meter Says: Pickled Eggs Are In (5/20/09)

Once a fixture of old-man bars east of the Mississippi, brilliant-red pickled eggs have moved out of the jar and onto trendy dinner plates.

Spotted with deviled egg, country ham, and pimento cheese toast at Egg in Brooklyn; of the quail variety at the Alembic, San Francisco; with beets and blue cheese foam (pictured) at The Admiral, a dive-bar-with-a-good-restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina; and at Territory, the combo record store/bbq joint in LA’s Silverlake neigborhood.

Image source: Melissa Robinson, The Admiral Restaurant and Bar

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Trend-O-Meter Says: Scrapple Is Movin’ In (5/19/09)

Scrapple, the homely breakfast meatloaf famous in Pennsylvania, is finally getting its due. Let’s hope it puts a stop to the bacon media blitz.

Spotted with fried eggs and country toast on the Sunday brunch menu at upscale Chicago gastropub The Publican; blogged about on Serious Eats for its presence on the menu at Williamsburg’s famous breakfast haven Egg; and adding meat to this long-running Chowhound thread.

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Trend-O-Meter Says: Homemade Granola Is In (5/18/09)

Homemade Granola: It goes well with beards. Spotted at NY’s Dovetail, given away at the end of dinner; at LA’s Clementine, a chic takeaway joint; customizable online for the Oprah crowd; and tied up in a ribbon at the Brooklyn Flea Sunday Market.

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Trend-O-Meter Says: Toast In, Cupcakes Out (5/15/09)

In: Toast. It’s cheap and comforting in these hard times. Spotted at Trouble Coffee, thick-cut with cinnamon and butter; on the grill at Outerlands café; and as an espresso accessory at Blue Bottle Coffee, all in San Francisco.

Out: Cupcakes. Now a national mall staple.

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Trend-O-Meter Says: Haute Pretzels In, Sliders Out (5/14/09)

In: Homemade Soft Pretzels. Spotted at NYC’s Death & Co (pretzel nuggets, pictured) with whole grain and honey mustard; San Francisco’s Monk’s Kettle with house-made cheddar ale sauce; Boston’s Lower Depths Tap Room with sea salt and spicy ale mustard; or you can make your own.

Finally on the Way Out: Sliders. Now starring in a Billy Mays infomercial.

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Trend-O-Meter Says: Kimchee Is In (5/13/09)

People are eating Korean pickled cabbage with chile …

• At the Cultured Pickle Shop in Berkeley, California
• On Korean tacos from Kogi taco truck, Los Angeles
• With hot dogs at the Asia Dog pop-up restaurant in Williamsburg’s Trophy Bar
MYO style

Image source: flickr member foodista under Creative Commons

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