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Reform School for Tightwad Tippers

Reform School for Tightwad Tippers I tip about 20 percent on meals, including alcohol and taxes. One of my closest friends typically tips about half the amount I do, and doesn't believe in tipping on alcohol or tax. I think he is cheap and uninformed but otherwise a great guy. What would you recommend? READ MORE

My Friends Are All Give and No Take

My Friends Are All Give and No Take We have some relatively new friends. So far, they have hosted more dinner/meal get-togethers than we have, and every time I invite them to our place for dinner they ask us to come to their house instead of actually responding to the invitation to come to our house. We always have a good time together, but their doing more than what I think should be a fair share makes me feel we are being rude somehow. READ MORE

Rules for Effective Food-Swapping

Rules for Effective Food-Swapping I keep reading about food swaps being really trendy right now. What is the etiquette? For example, do you have to trade your stuff for items you might not like just to be polite? Also, I feel a bit weird about eating food from the kitchens of total strangers. How do I know their cooking is safe? Is it rude to question people about how they have made something? READ MORE

Why Is the Sommelier Drinking My Wine?

Why Is the Sommelier Drinking My Wine? What is up with the sommelier taking the first taste of your wine? When I buy a nice bottle of vino, I will be the judge of whether I like it or not. READ MORE

Can I Use a Coupon on a Date?

Can I Use a Coupon on a Date? I am trying to be proactive about online dating, so I'm going on a lot of first dates courtesy of I always treat on a first date, and not at some hole in the wall either. I'm also really into Groupon. But if I take a girl out to dinner, will I look cheap if I ask the server to apply my Groupon? READ MORE

The Etiquette of Dumpster Diving

The Etiquette of Dumpster Diving The other day I was loading several bags of groceries into my car when I observed a man rooting through a dumpster near the back door of the store. He had already found a bunch of bananas and seemed to be holding a plastic box containing what looked like a perfectly good carrot cake. Is this stealing? Is it "rude" to rummage through a business's trash? READ MORE

Please Pass the Scavenged-Bone Soup

Please Pass the Scavenged-Bone Soup I'm all in favor of thrift in the kitchen—saving your old Parmesan rinds to enrich soups, for example. But where is the line between leftovers and garbage? Or, as a fascinating thread on Chowhound asks: Is it OK to scavenge the bones from your guests' plates in order to make chicken stock? READ MORE

School Lunch Mockery

School Lunch Mockery My kid is an amazing eater, and at home she eats more or less what we eat, from tempeh to turnips. I pack her these great nutritious lunches, but recently she has come home feeling upset and embarrassed because they are so different from what the others are eating. Is there some way I can help her feel better about her lunch and defend herself against the other kids? READ MORE

How to Avoid the Lure of the Buffet

How to Avoid the Lure of the Buffet I've been dating a very nice woman for about three months now, and one of the things she's asked me about is going out to a buffet dinner with her family. I've been prone to overeating before, and I really don't want to make this mistake again and have her family think less of me. How much should a person eat, and when should they get up for a second plate? READ MORE

Doghouse Dining Dilemma

Doghouse Dining Dilemma I offered to housesit my friend's dog, little realizing that this task would come with five pages of elaborate instructions, including a special meal plan of foods I have to prepare. Are they being rude in expecting me to do so much, and since they won't find out, would it be bad to skimp on the requirements? READ MORE