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Putting Philly Indulgence Through the Tasting Paces's Supertaster tries milk and dark chocolate Philadelphia Indulgence cream cheese spreads with ice cream, fruit, pretzels, and—of course—bacon. (Here's what Chowhounds thought of the chocolate-flavored cream cheese.)

Supertaster Takes on YouTube Commenters

James Norton tackles the first week and a half of YouTube comments on Supertaster Daily with as much aplomb as he can manage. Plus: the shocking truth about the name "Coors Light Iced T."

Hot Pockets Snackers: The 3 A.M. Magic Bullet

The magic spice called "being totally exhausted and starving in the middle of the night" proves to be just what Hot Pockets' new baked-not-fried snack bombs need in order to be mostly irresistible.

Pretzel Crisps, the Tasty Snack of Controversy

Pretzel Crisps are under fire from Frito-Lay for their arguably too-generic name. But name aside, Supertaster columnist James Norton just finds them plain old delicious.

Taco Bell’s Loco Taco Could Be More Loco

Doritos-based hard shell notwithstanding, the new Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos are a triumph of branding over flavor, declares Supertaster columnist James Norton.

Reaction to a Coors Light Iced Tea Announcement

With the recent announcement that Coors Light is going to test-launch an iced tea variety of its popular macrobrew (called Iced T), Supertaster's imagination went into overdrive, coming up with some other things that Molson Coors could start adding to their popular Silver Bullet.

Unraveling Quiznos’s Lobster & Seafood Sub

How does the toasted Quiznos Lobster & Seafood Salad Sub stand up to, say, a Maine lobster roll? Supertaster gives the newly released seafood-themed sandwich a go in the famous port city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Case of Duff and the Wells Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream

What's Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes doing on the side of a box of cut-rate Midwestern red velvet cake ice cream made by Wells Blue Bunny? Suptertaster columnist James Norton tastes the ice cream and commentates on the branding implications.

The Debut of Supertaster Daily's Supertaster columnist, James Norton, kicks off his new ultra-intense, Monday-through-Friday food-devouring video series by taking some questions.

Miso Is the New Mayo in Salad Dressing

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Can miso make for a full-flavored, healthier spin on traditional salad dressing? ... WATCH THE VIDEO