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Kung Pow Spicy Peanuts Provide a Kick to the Mouth

The Sichuan peppercorn–boosted kick of Kung Pow Spicy Peanuts does a number on Supertaster's palate.

A Taste of French-Canadian Habitant Soup

A trip to the grocery wonderland of Woodman's in Madison, Wisconsin, yields unexpected rewards: the traditional split pea soup of Quebec, Habitant.

Crazy Candy from Japan: Meltykiss

Supertaster receives his first shipment of wacky Japanese snacks from a friend in Japan, and shares his thoughts on the matcha green tea flavor of Meltykiss chocolate candy. Music snippet is from "Gigolo 7" by Scha Dara Parr.

The Verdict on Edible Angry Birds

Did Angry Birds really need to manifest themselves as gummy candy? Supertaster bites back, bringing the popular mobile game—and its Space Fruit Gummies—into the real world.

Breakfast Cereal Face-Off: Marshmallow Avalanche vs. Lucky Charms

Supertaster pitted a wholesome, eco-packaged Lucky Charms pretender called Bear River Valley Marshmallow Avalanche against the real deal, then drew some conclusions.

Reaction to the “Obama Ate Dog Meat” Story

Which is worse: putting your dog on the roof of your car (Romney), or eating dog meat as a kid (Obama)? Or is this an apples versus oranges kind of thing?

Blake’s Upside Down Chicken & Waffle Pie

A (frozen) chicken-and-waffle pie that's also upside down? Could this possibly work? Supertaster put the Blake's All Natural Foods version to the test.

5 Cheeseburgers Reviewed in 3 Minutes

Lightning-fast taste testing of cheeseburgers from Wendy's, Five Guys, Culver's, McDonald's, and Burger King.

The Taste of Hemp Hearts's Supertaster dives into the world of hemp-related food and eats a bag of Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Hearts.

My Wonder Bread Cherry Gets Popped!

Supertaster tries Wonder Bread for the first time and renders a shocking verdict.