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A Glorious Bowl of Lamb Tendon

Deezi Café’s kaleh pacheh is a gorgeously gelatinous bowl of boiled lamb tongue, tendon, and cheeks, in its own broth. READ MORE

Extreme Dessert Tasting

Recommendations in hand, one intrepid Chowhound samples many, many desserts. READ MORE

Indian Curry Meets Texas BBQ

Beef rendang is the thing to get at Old Town Café in Dublin. READ MORE

Hand-Pulled Noodles at Imperial Tea Court

They’ve got a nice chewy bite to them, and a good sauce. READ MORE

A Flawless Ristretto in San Jose

An astoundingly skilled set of baristas are pulling awesome espressos in downtown San Jose. READ MORE

Coffee Rubbed Pork Shoulder at Range

It’s pretty much the best comfort food you could find—not subtle, not delicate, but just one big platter of tender, heavy, slow-cooked pork, with creamy hominy and braised greens. READ MORE

New China’s Rice Noodle Soup

It has a deep, rich broth—it tastes like good chicken, instead of watered down junk with MSG. READ MORE

The Supreme Hidden Soft Serve of the Universe

Michaelis Wine & Spirit is a liquor store, but in the back corner they have a frozen yogurt stand. READ MORE

Nami Nami Is Kappo Ecstacy

There is sushi here, but perhaps you ought to revel in Nami Nami’s specialty: small cooked dishes. READ MORE

Flaky Australian Meat Pies

Australian Products Co. sells about three thousand different things from Australia—including tims tams, mites, biscuits, lollies, Gravox, and fountain sauces. READ MORE