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Chinese Food and Doughnuts: Why?

Classic American doughnuts and Chinese steam-table food are sold side-by-side in endless locations in California. How did these odd-bedfellow combo shops come to be? delves into the mystery, and finds an economic reason: "Henry Trang, the owner of Mom's Donuts and Chinese Food to Go, a tiny hut-shaped restaurant in LA's Silverlake neighborhood, told me that when he took over the shop in 1995 it was known as California Donuts, and he focused only on the sweet stuff. Recently, though, 'a lot of [doughnut] places have been closing,' he explained while cleaning up for the night. Not wanting to see his business suffer a similar fate, he expanded his offerings. 'We have to make both. If I don't have food, maybe I don't survive.' READ MORE

How to Blog a Firing

Coverage of a chef's firing in D.C. shows off what happens when blogging goes right. READ MORE

Pies ‘n’ Thighs Alive and Kicking

Satisfying Southern comfort at a reborn Brooklyn favorite. READ MORE

Coming Round to the Meatball Shop

At The Meatball Shop, have them your way. READ MORE

50 Things to Do with Sriracha

50 Things to Do with Sriracha

How to use more of the "crack" condiment in your cooking. READ MORE

Little House on the Yuppie Prairie

Can raising chickens relieve the malaise of upper-class housewives? READ MORE

The Bronx Is Baking

Knockout muffins and a cheesecake surprise. READ MORE

Overheard on the New York Boards

Non-goopy Indonesian, well-respected ribs, and the best brands of German franks. READ MORE

Vending Machines: Neanderthal Style

Just what a hungry caveman needs. READ MORE

Twitter Prank Madness

Meet Jasper Slobrushe and Ruth Bourdain. READ MORE