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Zombies Come Back from the Grave!

Zombies Come Back from the Grave!

Bartenders shake up some serious tiki drinks. READ MORE

To Pick a Pepper

To Pick a Pepper

This week's mission: Can crispy peppers fill a new garnish niche? READ MORE

Mediocre Cookies Evoke Camping Adventure

Mediocre Cookies Evoke Camping Adventure

This week's mission: three s'mores-themed goldfish cookies, one bag. READ MORE

Marmalade: The Good Stuff

Is it possible to find good marmalade in the United States? As far as orange marmalade is concerned, says Karl S, make sure your marmalade is made from sour (Seville) oranges, not regular sweet oranges: "a lot of American marmalade is of the sweet type, which is not the gold standard, as it were," he says. Imports are often a better bet. plum likes Wilkinson's Tiptree Tawny thick-cut marmalade, with its "dark, almost caramelised flavour and thick pieces of orange rind." It can be found in some large supermarkets or British import stores, says plum. And along the lines of dark, caramelized marmalade, cheesemaestro recommends Busha Browne's "Burned Orange Marmalade," made in Jamaica. "Availability in the US is spotty, but Gourmet Library in N.J. has it now," he says.

As for non-orange marmalades, Linda Whit thinks the tangerine marmalade from Aloha from Oregon is fantastic. cavandre likes Stonewall Kitchen Pink Grapefruit Marmalade, which isn't as sweet as most others. And smtucker loves all the Trappist Monk marmalades, but especially the lemon. KristieB agrees: "I would love to find another jar of that lemon marmalade. It was fabulous! I also like Rose's Key Lime marmalade on English muffins."

Discuss: what's the best brand of marmelade (orange or other)?

Pickles as Hot and Sour as Love Itself

Oh, Moon Brine pickles were so wonderful! Crispy, flavorful, perfect ... too bad you can't get ’em anymore, because the guy who made them is moving to Oregon. A worthy substitute is Grillo's. "The guy who makes them was on hand at the Fresh Pond Whole Foods and he said he's following his grandfather's recipe, and making them in Newmarket Square. I'm not a dill pickle lover, but I thought they were the best dills I've ever tasted," says katzzz. Grillo's runs a stand outside of the T station if you want a taste; two spears for a buck.

In other pickle news, BostonZest responded to a request for Amish-style hot pickles with this scintillating news: "I was out at Wilson Farms in Lexington today and saw lots of pickled items. There were hot bread and butter pickles, Okra, beans, etc."

Grillo's Pickles Stand [Downtown]
Park & Tremont streets, Boston
No phone available

Wilson Farms [North of Boston]
10 Pleasant Street, Lexington

Discuss: Moon Brine pickle dude is moving to Oregon
Amish-style hot pickles

Overheard on the General Topics Boards

"Every so often I'll overlook a container of mini mozzarella balls from TJ's in the fridge, and when I taste test them WAY past their sell by date they're usually just a little bitter tasting, but what's interesting is that they seem almost carbonated." - EWSflash

"It reminds me of those push-up pops, always felt like I was eating ice cream out of a toilet paper roll." - Boccone Dolce, on pop-up sushi in a plastic tube

"How can I not resist paying $1.29 with my club card of some warm French Loaf bread love? They could mark it up a thousand percent and they would still kill it. I just want to thank the Grocery stores on the marketing concept. It really is brilliant." - Beach Chick, on warm loaves of French bread at the grocery store checkout line

An Irish Breakfast to Cure What Ails You

When last night's indulgences are making this morning a headache, giant Irish breakfasts are a good way to come back to life. Rashers of bacon, sausages, fried eggs, black and white pudding—these are stick-to-your-ribs foods to settle you on a Sunday morning.

Hounds recommend the fry-up at Sonny's Adams Village: "it's tremendously popular with the Irish folks in the neighborhood. The ones who are actually from Ireland and want a taste of home," says C. Hamster. "Plus the Village is the most Irish neighborhood around."

The other board favorite is the Druid in Inman Square, where Small Plates says there's an "[e]xcellent Irish breakfast that rivals any I've had in each of the 26 counties." It is served Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and includes traditional Irish Galtee sausage links, with "lovely crispy fried spuds and really wonderful crispy sunny side up eggs and baked beans," says mick_t.

Sonny's Adams Village Restaurant & Lounge [Dorchester]
750 Adams Street, Boston

Druid [Cambridge]
1357 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

Discuss: What's the best Irish Breakfast around?

Welcome to Wisconsin, Bar Capital of the Universe

The geography blog Floatingsheep has done a magnificent job of dramatically illustrating something that I learned first-hand while growing up in south-central Wisconsin--the Badger State is the epicenter of drinking in the country, if not this branch of the spiral galaxy known as the Milky Way.

Casual drinking, professional drinking, irresponsible drinking, jolly drinking, stopping by the gas station to buy some beers for later before going to the bar drinking--it's all part of the state's folkways. A Floatingsheep map depicts red dots featuring places where bars outnumber grocery stores and Wisconsin cleans up. (No disrespect is intended toward northern Illinois and northern Iowa, nor parts of Minnesota and the other plains states, since they do OK.) It's gotta be some sort of perfect storm of Germanic heritage and six-month-long winters.

An Oshkosh resident chimes in on the comments section to add a bit of cultural clarity:

"It is someplace warm to go hang out and relax with your friends, neighbors, and coworkers and it has always been that way. I guess other places have coffee shops?"

A Taste of Puerto Rico

Mofongo is a classic Dominican/Puerto Rican dish that elbev reverently calls "king of them all." It's not mangu, a gooey mash of boiled green plantains, and it's not a canoa, a plantain split down the middle, filled with spiced beef and cheese, and then fried. Instead, mofongo starts with deep-fried plantains, which are then mashed with garlic, broth, olive oil, and, when the lily is being gilded, pork cracklings. Then, "if someone is being extra fancy," says StriperGuy, they can make canoas de mofongo, patting the mofongo into a canoe shape, deep-frying it again, and filling it with meat or seafood. Yow!

Where can you get this paragon of fried meat and starch? Hounds suggest the mofongo offerings of Izzy's, Cafe Latino, and Rincon Macorisano.

Izzy's Restaurant & Sub Shop [Cambridge]
169 Harvard Street, Cambridge

Cafe Latino [Downtown]
2 Center Plaza, Boston

Rincon Macorisano [North Shore]
350 Washington Street, Lynn

Discuss: Puerto Rican? Mofongo?

Overheard on the Boston Boards

"Unbelievable. One of the best calzones I've ever had. Not only were all of the flavors bright and rich, but keeping the (fresh) tomato sauce on the side prevents the calzone from getting soggy." - TroyOLeary on the calzones at Picco

"Hands down the best barbecue I have ever had is at Formaggio in Cambridge. On Saturdays in the summer they have a barbecue on the sidewalk outside the store and it is fantastic." - Dan Boston

"Kickass Cupcakes in Somerville offers a side of frosting for $1." - maillard on where to find a "frosting shot"