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Stopping In at Wayfare Tavern

Celeb chef Tyler Florence's new restaurant, Wayfare Tavern, just opened and is packing in foodies and Food Network fans alike, says Foodnut8. The chef de cuisine, Michael Thiemann, comes from Merriman's in Hawaii and the Hapuku Lodge in New Zealand, but the focus at Wayfare is on American comfort food made with local and sustainable ingredients.

The food is "surprisingly very good for a brand-new place," says Foodnut8, who particularly liked the baked avocado with crab, pickled anchovies, organic fried chicken, and smoked Sonoma pork ribs.

The old-fashioned decor is "out of the Barbary Coast era with dark wood floors, old school lightbulbs, lots of hunting trophies," and other details, Foodnut8 says. The dining area sprawls over two floors, and there’s also counter and rustic booth seating, plus a billiards room.

Wayfare Tavern [Nob Hill]
558 Sacramento Street, San Francisco

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The Basics: How to Make Basil Pesto

The Basics: How to Make Basil Pesto

Simple, quick, summery, and classic. READ MORE

In Asian Elmhurst, a Mexican Surprise

In a sea of very good Asian food—Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, and more—an island of hound-worthy Mexican has surfaced. The El Picosito truck turns out fine lengua and carnitas tacos from its customary spot in front of a Walgreens in Elmhurst, Queens, E Eto reports.

In the prime taco turf along Roosevelt Avenue to the north, E Eto's top tier includes Los Cuatro Vientos, Tia Julia, El Gallo Giro, and Tacos y Quesadillas Mexico. El Picosito's tacos rank right up there, he says.

El Picosito [Elmhurst]
Broadway between Elmhurst and Whitney avenues, Elmhurst, Queens
No phone available

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Diary of a New Food Truck Owner, Part 8: Loud Generators Make Neighbors Hate You

Diary of a New Food Truck Owner is an ongoing series where we talk with Meg Hilgartner, co-owner (with Siri Skelton) of a fledgling San Francisco mobile soft-serve ice cream business called Twirl and Dip. In this installment, Meg and Siri wrangle with the Health Department, learn how to make window screens, and explain how easily they could become the scourge of a new neighborhood. Read all the installments.

So much stuff has happened since the last time we talked, I don't even know where to start. Let's see. We've been making fruitsicles, which are truly, truly fantastic. We make them out of really ripe fruit we get at the farmers' market. We did a strawberry with a little slice of berry tossed in sugar frozen in the middle. And something I got a little creative with and called summer salad. It was blueberries, cantaloupe, and sweet corn. It sounds gross but It. Was. Delicious. The corn was raw and puréed, and gave a little toothsomeness to the popsicle, and they were sweet, and a really beautiful purply-blue color. We did three different kinds of peach 'sicles: peach with riesling, peach with brown sugar, and peach with a little blueberry frozen in the middle.


Yummy, and Good for Your Tummy

Yummy World lives up to its name with subtly flavored, healthier-than-usual Cantonese fare, hounds say. “The steamed egg white with tofu and seafood was excellent—soft and delicate and sweet with somewhat salty egg whites,” says charliemyboy. It's great comfort food, pilinut agrees. “The egg whites were so tenderly cooked that we needed spoons to eat the dish.”

"The kitchen is expert in frying," comments Melanie Wong, who loved the salt and pepper fried beef, and tofu and calamari platter garnished with fried garlic.

The restaurant does seafood well—sweet, succulent lobster shines alongside flat egg-and-wheat e-fu noodles. Clams in black bean sauce shows off fresh, plump clams, while clams in steamed egg have "that creamy custard texture that's so difficult to replicate at home," says foodlover. Honey walnut prawns are expertly done, with a light hand on the sauce and house-prepped honey walnuts.

But there are also good meat dishes, like the meltingly tender pork with preserved vegetables. House special pork chop is nicely fried, with a sweet-tart sauce; chicken with Chinese sausage has "great flavor and wonderful texture in the mushrooms," charliemyboy says.

Perhaps most notable of all: This is a nice restaurant with modern decor that doesn’t skimp on quality or authenticity. Even the presentation of the dishes is well thought out, comments vliang.

Yummy World [South Bay]
2216 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo

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Yummy World, San Mateo

Two Destination Sandwiches, Italian Style

Di Palo's Fine Foods, a mecca for Italian cooks, is a destination for sandwich eaters, too. Its porchetta sandwich is simple yet sensational, Westminstress reports: just freshly roasted pork on good ciabatta. "The pork was so juicy and flavorful from the herbs," she says, "and every bite had a bit of crispy crackling."

Meatball parmigiana lovers keep coming back to Frankies 17 Clinton Street Spuntino, whose standout sandwich comes on rosemary bread from Grandaisy Bakery. It's "mighty fine," promises Blumie.

Di Palo's Fine Foods [Little Italy]
200 Grand Street (at Mott Street), Manhattan

Frankies 17 Clinton Street Spuntino [Lower East Side]
17 Clinton Street (between Houston and Stanton streets), Manhattan

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Meatball Parm Nirvana

Fried Chicken to Go-Go

Hounds looking for fried chicken to go in the East Bay can choose between the traditional soul food version and Chinese style, which is usually just drumettes.

Scend's and the thin-crusted chicken at Merritt Bakery are the top picks in the soul-food category, while shanghaikid has relied on Best Taste in years past for a drumette fix.

In San Francisco’s Chinatown, davidljam likes New Golden Daisy's drumettes by the pound, while RiverGal58 goes for the seasoned ones at Tai Chi.

Scend's [East Bay]
3627 San Pablo Avenue, Emeryville

Merritt Bakery [East Bay]
203 E. 18th Street, Oakland

Best Taste [East Bay]
814 Franklin Street, Oakland

New Golden Daisy [Chinatown]
1041 Stockton Street, San Francisco

Tai Chi [Nob Hill]
2031 Polk Street, San Francisco

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Chinese-style fried chicken drumettes and wings outside of Chinatown

Overheard on the New York Boards

"Douse their soups with their chile paste; they have the best chile paste in ctown by far (well, Bo Ky's is just as good, actually); it's got shrimp paste in it and I believe some black bean." – Lau on New Chao Chow and New Bo Ky

"Go to the roof of the Met and have cocktails up there. They're a little pricey, but that view is amazing and in the summer it's so nice to be up there and see the trees in the park and enjoy the breeze that is hard to get on the ground." – alysonlaurel on the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Roof Garden Café

"The odds of finding an egg with a double yolk are about one in a thousand. You can stack the deck, however, if you're lucky enough to get on line early at Knoll Crest farms at the Union Square Greenmarket. Knoll Crest, from Clinton Corner, New York, occasionally offers a dozen super jumbos for the bargain premium price of just $5.25. ... Virtually every egg in the package delivers a double yolk." – guttergourmet

Overheard on the San Francisco Bay Area Board

"Today I had some of the best ribs I have had in a long time ... The smoke is deep and the sauce is a sticky, thick, flavorful mixture made with cola." – dcfb, on Aunt Mary's Cafe

"I loved the buffalo taco—for me, it was the perfect combination of the retro American taco and innovative flavors." – purveyorofawesome, on C Casa

"This sandwich is enormous in size. It has rich, fatty, salty pastrami as the centerpiece—good amount of pepper; I think it had some coriander, too." – osho on the pastrami sandwich, served with duck-fat fries, at Orson Restaurant

The BBC Double Baby Downer

Not that you were likely out there drinking and birthing, but the BBC has published some research results that give you another reason to avoid alcohol while with child:

"In a study of almost 350 young men, sperm levels were a third lower in those whose mothers had drunk more than four drinks a week during pregnancy compared with teetotalers."