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On What Shall We Dollop Salmon Roe?

Bright orange salmon roe add a pop of color and an even bigger pop of flavor to all kinds of foods.

Tripeler halves avocados and scores the flesh down to the skin, then adds ponzu sauce and allows the halves to marinate in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Fill each with salmon roe, and eat with a small spoon. "The color contrast is stunning," he says.

shanagain loves salmon roe on baked potatoes with butter and sour cream. "I tend to have a few bites of just the still cold sour cream and roe," she says. "I stir everything together once the potato has cooled somewhat. You end up with a pink, fishy baked potato. That is delicious." Veggo tops a Swiss cheese omelet with sour cream and salmon roe.

More ideas: Eat roe on hot white rice, use it to top deviled eggs.

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New Ideas for Asparagus: Pesto and Pizza

If you love asparagus, but are looking for something new to do with it, give this asparagus pesto recipe a try, recommend hounds. Asparagus is cooked until completely tender, and used in place of basil in a classic pesto recipe. "It was absolutely lovely!" raves LNG212. "I tweaked a little bit—less cheese and more lemon," she says, adding, "the recipe is just asking for personalization!" karykat loves the pesto, too, and thinks it would be a great room-temperature dip or spread.

LNG212 found another new use for asparagus in this shaved-asparagus pizza. Thinly shaved asparagus tops a sauceless pie with mozzarella and Parmesan. Red pepper flakes and a squeeze of lemon juice are nice additions, says LNG212.

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Overheard on the Home Cooking Board

"Things that used to be poached very gently before being presented in a cream sauce are now being seared, sautéed, or flame-broiled instead. What's the point? We want our dishes to be interesting, rather than 'refined,' and coaxing that flavor out of a scallop or piece of fish or veal, and adding a bit of tooth to it as well, adds some excitement our forebears would have regarded as gauche." – Will Owen

"I prefer homemade ice cream and find it particularly delicious when it's freshly churned and has the consistency of soft ice cream ... Also, you aren't limited to the flavors at the supermarket. If you want orange ice cream, you can make it. Try to find that in a store." – nofunlatte

"I add a dribble to bland salad oil to give it a nutty direction." – buttertart, on toasted sesame oil

Consider the Gulf Oyster

Sneer all you want at Red Lobster (Lord knows I've done it), but the fact that the massive seafood chain is booting oysters from its menu is nothing short of a disastrous sign vis-à-vis the health of the national seafood industry after the BP spill. The menu change comes from the shutdown of Red Lobster's supplier, AmeriPure. DailyFinance reports:

Make Friends with Your Freezer

When you're overburdened with leftovers or want to hang on to seasonal produce just a little bit longer, turn to your freezer and a few techniques. READ MORE

What the *&@#%!$ Should I Do with All These Radishes?

Slice them thin in salads. Or serve them with a slather of butter and a dunk in fleur de sel as a predinner munch. Or, um … (Crickets.)

That peppery root vegetable, part of the brassicaceae family (its cousins include the cabbage, turnip, mustard, and wasabi plant), is woefully underused in the American kitchen. Radishes' bad reputation seems to have started way back in Pliny's era, when he proclaimed the radish "a vulgar article of the diet" that has a "remarkable power of causing flatulence and eructation." READ MORE

Food Ads Make You Hungry

You can find worse Internet time-wasters than Ads of the World, where print and television ads are posted and then dissected by media insiders (the site's run by Mediabistro).

Criticize at will, or just watch. There are plenty of food ads. See a seductive monkey on a stripper pole and round bed, a string-cheese monster attacking a city, a bummed-out salt shaker, and a "bagel savant." READ MORE

Is It a Sin to Put Truffle Oil on Sushi?

Does truffle oil belong on sushi? Only as a novelty, says la2tokyo. "Over time I have eaten what is probably almost every possible condiment that exists for sushi," says la2tokyo. "If there are any condiments that I haven't tried I have no desire to try them. IMHO, anything other than soy, salt, tare (thickened sweet sauce), and salt+lemon (on rare occasions) is just a novelty, and ultimately loses its appeal once you've had it a few times."

"There is nothing that can compete with the traditional neta (toppings) if they are truly top quality," says la2tokyo. "Novelties can provide some fun as a distraction for a little while, but things like the best Ohma blue fin tuna have a complexity that is unmatched by anything a chef can create, and that is why the best sushi bars in Japan all serve relatively simple sushi."

J.L. thinks there are virtues to both. "I do enjoy Edo-style sushi, but living in a progressive, creative (& hedonistic) city like L.A., I also very much like to try the fusion creations from certain gifted itamae (Ken-san from Kiriko comes to mind)," says J.L. "The bottom line is: If the combination tastes great to you, then enjoy! As with any art, there will always be a camp for the 'purists' and a camp for the 'avant garde.' Food is no different. Without experimentation, there would be no forward progress."

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Wild Mulberries

If you have access to a wild mulberry tree, you're lucky, says goodhealthgourmet. They're delicious and packed with nutrients, but they're very perishable, and fresh mulberries are almost impossible to obtain commercially. You need to use them within a few days of picking—or freeze them, says goodhealthgourmet.

Ripe mulberries are so purple as to be almost black, and they collapse in your fingers if you attempt to pick them. It's a better bet to lay out a tarp or net below your mulberry tree, and then either shake the tree or wait for them to drop naturally.

If you catch some, goodhealthgourmet suggests making muffins, cobbler, pie, or jam. "Macerate with liqueur (or just a little sugar and citrus) and serve over ice cream," says goodhealthgourmet, or "make ice cream or sorbet." The more adventurous might prepare a gastrique (fruit reduction) for meat or fish. Enjoy the summer!

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Wok with Caution

Wok with Caution

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