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Chinese Burrito = Chinito

Monday was the opening of Mission Chinese Food, the latest bizarre yet tasty concept from laconic young San Francisco chef Anthony Myint. A favorite among the food blogger set, Myint leaped onto the scene a few years ago when he started a gourmet taco truck called Mission Street Food. After ditching the truck, Mission Street Food moved inside a divey Chinese restaurant on Mission Street, where it morphed into an experimental fancy street food–inspired pop-up restaurant that donated part of its proceeds to a local food bank. Another pop-up called Mission Burger followed, operating out of an Asian market a few doors down. Now Mission Street Food and Mission Burger have bit the dust and Myint is in the process of opening a stand-alone restaurant next door to Lung Shan. Now operating out of Lung Shan: Mission Chinese Food. Yes, that’s right, a Chinese restaurant inside a pre-existing still existing Chinese restaurant. READ MORE

The Swedish Chef Makes Popcorn

The Swedish Chef, of Muppets fame, is back with an incredibly unhelpful instructional video focused on the making of both microwave popcorn and popcorn shrimp. Featuring bad subtitles, total kitchen chaos, and "Popcorn," the song.

A Multiculti B Star Brunch

The back patio at San Francisco's B Star is a little bare bones, and it still feels a little hidden and undiscovered. The fact that the staff doesn't usually mention that they have a patio when they seat people just adds to the feeling of discovery, once you know. It's a nice place to be if it's actually sunny in the Richmond District. READ MORE

Politically Correct Mexican Food

Being a vegetarian, or God forbid, a vegan, and a lover of Mexican food can really suck. In San Francisco you’ll be hard-pressed to find a taqueria where you can dine without your hair and clothing becoming saturated with aromatic meat grease from sizzling carne asada. And though a lot of places say they don’t use lard in their refried beans, can you really trust them? READ MORE

Guts, Fame, and Exciting Tripe

While Lessley was off investigating vegan Mexican food in the Mission, I was on the polar opposite journey, going to Chris Cosentino's manly meat temple Incanto. Now, it would be easy to get all cynical and dismissive about the restaurant since the chef (and Food Network star) was in the dining room signing autographs and taking photos with some fans while I was eating, but why get all petty when the food can speak for itself, and it's saying loud and clear: AWESOME. READ MORE

Salami & Aperitivi Heaven

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Adesso's abundance of cured meats. ... WATCH THE VIDEO

Confirmed Fans of Phan’s Breakfast

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There aren't many places like Out the Door, where you can get a coconut-caramel brioche, hot Vietnamese coffee, chicken porridge, and semolina pancakes with cherry compote. ... WATCH THE VIDEO

Drinking, Naturally, at Terroir

Terroir Natural Wine Merchant & Bar is filling a unique niche: supporting small wineries (mostly French and Italian) that produce wines "naturally." The way Terroir defines natural, says co-owner Dagan Ministero, is wine that is organic or biodynamic, and fermented naturally with native yeasts that are found on the grapes or in the cellars. Ministero says that the biology of a place is just as relevant to the idea of terroir as rain or the soil. READ MORE

French Symbiosis in SOMA

A vol-au-vent filled with shrimp cooked perfectly and sauced in a rich, creamy curry is not something that screams out food truck fare. Neither does foie gras torchon, or anything involving a truffle emulsion. But the Spencer on the Go! truck does it, and does it well, serving upscale French food in a parking lot by Oil Can Henry’s, an oil change business at Folsom Street and Seventh. READ MORE

What Wine to Drink with a Burger

What Wine to Drink with a Burger

The noble hamburger deserves better than a slumming wine. READ MORE