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Cheers to the Holidays! 9 DIY Liqueurs You Can Make at Home

Forget the liquor store and instead start by opening up your kitchen cabinets. Do-it-yourself liqueurs are a simple and easy way to make festive specialty cocktails without any of the overpriced ingredients you’d find at a fancy bar. READ MORE

11 Unexpected (but Delicious) Uses for Cider Vinegar

Reading about cider vinegar’s many household uses makes the stuff seem like a miracle potion: it will whiten your teeth! Banish odors! READ MORE

The Basics: How to Make Meatballs in Red Sauce

From the store to the kitchen to the table: We outline the steps that get you from raw ingredients to your dinner tonight, free of measurements and complicated techniques. It's a method you'll remember and whip out whenever you like. It is the most basic way to make the thing you're making—like some of the best Italian-American meatballs in red sauce you'll ever taste. READ MORE

What’s the Difference Between Our Favorite Squashes and Pumpkins

Now that Fall is upon most of the country, it’s time to ditch the tomatoes, peppers and lettuce in favor of some heartier vegetables. READ MORE

9 Easy Marinades for Slow Cooker Chicken

Many of our weeknight repertoire recipes are for chicken. And as such, our relationship with chicken can get stale pretty quickly. And yet, it’s one of the easiest, quickest, healthiest options on the block, so we inevitably return to it time and again. READ MORE

11 Apple-Inspired Cocktails Perfect for Any Fall Gathering

Fall flavors like apple and cinnamon are perfect pairings for a delicious and seasonally appropriate cocktail. READ MORE

Flan: 8 Essential Recipes

Richer and more concentrated than English-style custard, flan is the quintessential Latin American fine dessert. To get the texture right, many recipes call for sweetened condensed and/or evaporated milk, and a starting off by making a rich, reddish, amber caramel is non-negotiable. Still, flan is a living, changing thing, a truth reflected in the breadth and variety of these 8 recipes. READ MORE

Rethink Fall Produce With These 11 Slaw Recipes

Fall produce works its way into farmers’ markets and grocery stores pretty quickly: one moment you’re feasting on summer corn and tomatoes, the next, it’s all about roots and cruciferous veggies. READ MORE

11 Irresistible Ways to Make an Amazing Braise With Short Ribs

Brisket may hold court as the most beloved of the low and slow cooked cuts of beef—it’s tender, it’s fatty, and it looks pretty badass after spending a bajillion hours in a barbecue smoker. READ MORE

11 Ways to Lighten Up Heavy Fall Dishes without Losing Flavor

October begins the holiday season, bringing with it plenty of opportunities to eat rich food on cold nights and then regret it later. READ MORE