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The Perfect Ricotta Cheese

The Perfect Ricotta Cheese

food52 cofounders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs were nearly stumped when asked for their example of a perfect food for this video. Then... READ MORE

Macaron Update

Putting out the call for a Bay Area macaron update, Eat.Choui says that of the known contenders, only the cookies at Pamplemousse Pâtisser... READ MORE

Overheard on the San Francisco Bay Area Board

"Pretty much everything is good, but I can't leave here without the grilled beef tongue and beef innard soup." – sfbing r... READ MORE

Where to Eat in Austin, SXSW Edition

Where to Eat in Austin, SXSW Edition

Two of our editors have been tirelessly crawling Austin to find the best food the city has to offer. And hordes of people are about to desc... READ MORE

4 Great Infomercial Gadgets (and 2 Sucky Ones)

It's kinda hard to resist the appeal of anything advertised on late-night TV. They make the stuff look so darned useful. Is it? Well, some things are. I'm completely in love with my ShamWow, for instance. And word on the street is that there are some very handy things hawked on infomercials. Ginsu Knives: In Japan, the hand can be used like a knife. But not with a tomato! Surely a product with a commercial this cheesy cannot be good. But wait! Fans of these ever-sharp steak knives are legion, with stories about knives bought decades ago still slicing briskly today common on the Chowhound boards. "Got the Ginsu set as a wedding gift in 1988," goes a typical post by hamboney. "Late wife and I thought it was a hoot at the time. Fastforward 24 years; I use the steak knives daily and still have the whole set in a drawer somewhere, just can't let them go." READ MORE

CHOW Tour Oakland: From Laos to Ethiopia

CHOW Tour Oakland: From Laos to Ethiopia

Every time we asked someone in Oakland what makes the city a great place to live and eat in, the number one response was the diversity. It's a place with nearly every cuisine you can think of, from soju bangs serving Korean drinking food to street-side champurrado vendors. WATCH THE VIDEO

Curry Leaves Make the Dish

Curry leaves are unrelated to what most of us know as curry; they are the leaves of a tree native to South Asia. They are used in many Indi... READ MORE

The Grocery List Rorschach Test

A Wal-Mart grocery list stirs up a tempest in a teapot. READ MORE

Oil or Butter for Fried Eggs?

Sunny side up or over easy isn't the only important decision hounds make when frying eggs. Which fat the eggs are fried in affects both tas... READ MORE

Frozen Peas in a Starring Role

Frozen peas are often thrown into rice and pasta dishes for an easy hit of green, but hounds also embrace them as a starring ingredient. h... READ MORE