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Eating Veg at Peter Luger Steakhouse

It’s the sort of headline that makes you click: Peter Luger as a vegetarian? As goodhealthgourmet astutely expressed it, "I have to confe... READ MORE

Syrian Grandma-Style Kibbeh

At the new, family-run Palmyra, vulber discovered delicious Syrian specialties. "Their kibbeh is the real thing—almost as good as my gran... READ MORE

Carp Easier to Swallow with New Name

The Asian carp is a fish sorely in need of eating... and rebranding. READ MORE

Do You Take Your iPad in the Kitchen?

One of the best things about cooking from books or paper recipes is that you can mark up the recipe as you adapt it to your own tastes. Maybe you replace half the oil in the muffins with applesauce, or you put an extra two cloves of garlic in, or dear God, it's only half a teaspoon of salt, not two tablespoons. Whatever you change, you want to remember it, and one glaring flaw of most of the electronic recipe apps out there is that they don't allow it. READ MORE

Hong Kong Fusion at Mac’s

Fans of the now-closed Jac's Asian Bistro have been eagerly awaiting the opening of its new incarnation, Mac's Wok. Of Jac's spaghetti with... READ MORE

Sala, the New Hercules Hot Spot

The new Thai-Asian fusion restaurant Sala in Hercules is in the historic Civic Arts building, and boasts a gorgeous deck (with heaters!) ov... READ MORE

Overheard on the San Francisco Bay Area Board

– missvile on the new Disco Volante – Cynsa – Robert Lauriston on B Restaurant & Bar, where a new chef is turni... READ MORE

CHOW Tour Austin: Purple Gold, Texas Wine

CHOW Tour Austin: Purple Gold, Texas Wine

When we heard there was a wine country outside of Austin (the Texas Hill Country AVA), we were immediately intrigued, mostly because, well, we had never really thought about the fact that winemaking was happening in Texas. WATCH THE VIDEO

It’s Not a Party Without Deviled Eggs

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no matter the crowd or whether the spread is homey or sophisticated, deviled eggs will fly off ... READ MORE

How to Tell If a Cowardly Troll Is Pretentious

Bad things happen when crusty, obsolete diners trying to define "pretense." READ MORE