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A Chef at Play Where Quebec Meets Queens

M. Wells Diner's Quebec-meets-Queens culinary project—closely watched by Chowhounds (and the CHOW Tour crew)—entered a new phase this m... READ MORE

CHOW Recipe Challenge: Make Chicken Breast Exciting!

CHOW Recipe Challenge: Make Chicken Breast Exciting!

Join in on the next Chow Recipe Challenge: your favorite boneless, skinless chicken breast recipe. We want to be proven wrong that this cut of meat is just boring! You have from Monday, February 28, until Sunday, March 6, 2011, at 11:59 p.m. EST to submit your recipe, and win! This time, there's a real prize in the offing (not that a CHOW T-shirt is anything to sneeze at): a Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle. READ MORE

Lobsters on the March?

The New York Times had us drooling for lobsters this weekend. 2010 was reportedly a record year for the crop in Maine—a 93 ... READ MORE

Tofu Pudding 101

We love hearing about Chowhounds’ favorite foods in the city. This instructive thread is devoted to tofu pudding. What is tofu pudding, ... READ MORE

Where Can I Stand and Eat?

Chowhound wysiwyg writes in seeking bar-height restaurant tables in order to aid a friend who can’t sit for long because of back pai... READ MORE

Pizza with Deep Red-Sauce Roots

Rubirosa on Mulberry Street fired up its oven just a few months ago, but its roots stretch back many years to Staten Island, home of some o... READ MORE

Wine’s Weasel Words

A wine economist tells us what we already suspected: Fancy words used to describe wine are just describing the price, not the flavor. READ MORE

Shawarma Without Shortcuts

In Astoria's Middle Eastern quarter, recently rapt with revolution, Duzan stands apart. For one thing, it's a few blocks outside the tradit... READ MORE

Overheard on the New York Boards

"Appetizers: preserved egg with green peppers in spicy sauce, fried potatoes in hot sauce, cucumbers in mashed garlic sauce, bean spro... READ MORE

CHOW Tour Oakland: Unpretentious Street Food

CHOW Tour Oakland: Unpretentious Street Food

Way before people sold crème brûlée on the sidewalk, there was great street food thriving in Oakland that didn't inv... READ MORE