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Soups with Winter Greens

Soups with Winter Greens

While winter may make you pale and lackluster, there's no reason for dinner to be bland too. Get a heaping dose of color and warmth with th... READ MORE

Don’t Trust an Alligator Wearing Sneakers Peddling Pasta

I reviewed Allergaroo Spyglass Noodles for two main reasons. One, the packaging was so completely off-putting (the sneaker-wearing cartoon-alligator chef on the bag of shelf-stable noodles practically screams, "Sketchy!") that if this turned out to be a tasty dish, the public deserved to be alerted. READ MORE

Serious Pimento Cheese

Mr. Haney has spent years perfecting his technique for homemade pimento cheese, a spreadable and totally addictive concoction of cheddar ch... READ MORE

Love for VA-VA’s Hot Ajvar

Jim Leff loves VA-VA brand hot "home made" ajvar (roasted red pepper spread). It's "an entire new class, an entire new universe of ajvar," ... READ MORE

Natural Peanut Butter Naturally Bad, Says Cook’s Illustrated

As has been previously noted by CHOW, "natural" peanut butter (just peanuts and maybe some salt, no other additives) is just filled with flaws. It's gritty. It's hard to spread. It separates into dry peanut mash topped with a slick of oil that's messy and a pain to stir in. has taken up the matter of separating spreads in a story in their March/April 2011 issue, "The Reinvention of Peanut Butter" (only part of the article is reprinted online). READ MORE

Caribbean Barbecued Swai Frozen in Walmart

Proving that Chowhound-worthy food can pop up where you least expect it, Bert2011 found Caribbean barbecued swai (a type of catfish farmed ... READ MORE

Irish Coffee at Dutch Kills: Warm Booze in a Cold City

If you find yourself in Long Island City in need of a warming drink, hop into Dutch Kills for an Irish coffee. Or make it yourself! ... READ MORE

Digging Into Meat Sourcing Is Discouraging

Lady_Tenar doesn't eat much meat, and she wants what she eats to be sustainably/humanely raised. Finding steaks, stew meat, chops, that's n... READ MORE

Overheard on the General Topics Board

– caliking on Chinese-Indian cuisine – Will Owen – magiesmom ... READ MORE

Cambridge Brewing Company Ratchets It Up?

Cambridge Brewing Company has gotten a lot of board-hate for "for not having the food to back up their fantastic beers," says Spenbald, but... READ MORE