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11 Irresistible Ways to Make an Amazing Braise With Short Ribs

Brisket may hold court as the most beloved of the low and slow cooked cuts of beef—it’s tender, it’s fatty, and it looks pretty badass after spending a bajillion hours in a barbecue smoker. READ MORE

11 Ways to Lighten Up Heavy Fall Dishes without Losing Flavor

October begins the holiday season, bringing with it plenty of opportunities to eat rich food on cold nights and then regret it later. READ MORE

Non-Beef Burgers: 8 Recipes That Flip the Cow

Beef is the defining protein for burgers, obviously, but burger eaters crave the occasional break. (This is assuming, of course, that the burger eaters in question are omnivores. Vegetarians, vegans, and the red-meat averse have their own, well-grounded reasons for avoiding cows.) Here are 8 burgers that taste amazing and contain approximately (okay, exactly) zero beef. READ MORE

Peak Kale Chips: 7 Recipes for Crispy Snacking

No snack has inspired as much passion and ambivalence as kale chips. You either like them or think you’ll hate them and, after tasting a well-made batch with proper seasoning, get nudged into the first category. Don’t get us wrong: we’ve tasted our share of odd, non-crispy, and aggressively seasoned kale chips. That’s where these 7 recipes come in—we guarantee they will inspire no ambivalence, only satisfied snacking. READ MORE

These 9 Recipes Will Convince You to Try Stuffing Your Squash

Pimento olives. Jalapeño poppers. Turduckens. The hall of fame for foods stuffed with other foods is a pretty illustrious one. But if there’s one full-loaded dish that deserves its own display in this hypothetical gastronomic shrine, it’s stuffed squash. READ MORE

6 Foolproof Tricks and Tips for Making Perfect Caramel Every Time

Caramel is one of the most delicious (and most frustrating) dessert components that tastes infinitely better if you make it at home. But you have to be really careful as caramel is quick to burn and very easy to ruin in only a matter of seconds. READ MORE

9 Reasons Why You Should Be Roasting Your Cauliflower

This isn’t going to be a story about all the myriad ways you can cook a cauliflower. Because, really, there’s only one way that you should be making it. Call me a cauliflower snob or a cauliflower fascist, but I truly believe there is one method that’s superior to all the others: roasting. READ MORE

12 Spaghetti Squash Recipes That Prove It Is More Than a Healthy Pasta Alternative

As we ease into cooler weather and less daylight, it’s the warm and comforting dishes we crave. Warm and hearty pasta dishes become especially appealing in the fall, blanketed with parmesan measured in inches. READ MORE

14 Crowd-Pleasing Family Meals from the Slow Cooker

Even if you’re the world’s most avid home cook, let’s be honest: Between work, family commitments, and now, holiday shopping, sometimes you just need to get dinner done. For those days, turn to one-pot pleasers that are packed with flavor and sure to make everyone—from your pea-averse five-year-old to your persnickety significant other—happy. Here are 14 that never leave our crockpot rotation. READ MORE

16 Delicious Things You Can Make from a Pumpkin

Canned is cool, but cooking with actual pumpkins, from scratch, is better. Maybe you went pumpkin picking and ended up with a few too many. Or you carved some pretty amazing jack-o’-lanterns and now you have a pile of pumpkin innards on your table. Fear not: Here are 16 ideas to turn fall’s iconic porch decoration into something delicious. Most of these recipes start with a base of pumpkin purée (see number 1 below) that is simple to make and keeps for months in the freezer. READ MORE