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The Best Recipes for Christmas

Everybody knows a turkey (also mistletoe), help to make the season bright, but what about other delicious things? Here, we've rounded up 30 of our favorite recipes for the holidays, from cocktails to cookies (of course), and from glazed ham to that most refreshing on non-cliché holiday proteins, lamb. (For more on lamb, check our our step-by-step on cooking a boneless leg, and scroll our ideas for great lamb chop marinades.) READ MORE

Cocktails for an Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly sweater parties are the best of the holidays, a chance to humiliate yourself in the presence of a roomful of humiliated others. The simple truth is, though, get 40 people in an apartment in thick, long-sleeved wool and nylon blends appliquéd with heavy, potholder-like teddy bears and snowmen, things are going to get thirsty pretty fast. With that in mid, here are 10 boozy drinks perfect for an ugly sweater party. READ MORE

12 Braising Recipes to Keep You Warm

Braising is a cook’s best friend—with a few simple steps, you can make a meal that tastes like it's straight out of a Michelin-starred restaurant. Remember that braising liquid is worth its weight in gold. The rich sauce that results is packed with flavor, velvety and mouth-watering. Check out these 12 recipes for some all-star braising ideas: READ MORE

Banana Bread How I Love Thee: Let Me Count the 15 Recipes

Banana bread is one of the most versatile snacks: You can have it toasted with butter for breakfast, or frost it with cream cheese and bake it in a Bundt pan for an elegant dessert. It’s simple, comforting, and very reliable. And the variations are endless! Here are 15 recipes to test out this baking season. READ MORE

Steal These 10 Breakfast Ideas from Around the World

Breakfast, the experts maintain, is the most important meal, so it’s high time we stopped giving it the least amount of thought. Put down that cup of fruit yogurt, banish your shredded wheat to the back of the pantry, and instead, jump-start your day with one of these 10 flavor-packed first meals from around the globe. READ MORE

14 Cool Jewish Foods That’d Make Your Bubbe Plotz

Jewish food used to mean schlepping to your grandmother's house in Queens for tasteless matzo ball soup and endless games of canasta. Or, if you were lucky, maybe a trip to Katz's for its world-famous pastrami that requires an extra dose of Lipitor and more than a few Tums. However, Jewish food has taken a turn for the chic and awesome—no Manischewitz required. Here are 14 updates and new takes on Jewish cuisine that will make you look beyond latkes. READ MORE

14 Soups You’d Never Guess Came Out of the Slow Cooker

The concept of mixing ingredients together, going to work, and coming home to dinner is ideal in theory. In reality, it isn’t always quite so appealing. If you’re uninspired after scrolling through crockpot recipes for cheeseburger soup and canned-bean chili, we’re here to help. Behold, 14 soups—from lamb birria to beef pho—so sophisticated you’d never guess they could be made in a plug-in appliance. READ MORE

What to Do with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Once Thanksgiving has come and gone, we hit the turkey-and-stuffing wall long before the leftovers are eaten. But you can give new life to your surplus by reincarnating the turkey and sides in these decidedly un-Thanksgiving recipes. We even have a couple of cocktails that use the dregs of the cranberry sauce, which always seems to be the last Tupperware in the fridge. READ MORE

11 Unusual Thanksgiving Leftover Mashups That Taste Great

Thanksgiving is a holiday meant for leftovers—go big or go home, right? But if you’re sick of microwaved plates of leftover turkey, stuffing, and sides, here are some ideas to creatively use up the components of the year’s most delicious meal! READ MORE

12 Cocktails to Help You Get Through Thanksgiving

If, like us, you get sick of beer and wine at Thanksgiving, try one of these recipes for a special cocktail (or big cocktail batch) that you can use to impress those relatives you only see once a year. With just a few ingredients you already have in your bar, you can make something that pairs perfectly with the rich and seasonal fare we all love to sit down to. READ MORE