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10 DIY Infused Liqueurs to Get You Through the Holidays

Infusing alcohol like vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and brandy is a great way to add your own special touch to a homemade cocktail, and it also makes a great gift. Here are some recipes for making your own flavored liqueur. Prepare yourself—the flavor combinations are endless. READ MORE

Believe It: 14 Thanksgiving Classics Made in a Slow Cooker

Every Thanksgiving, we hear the same complaint: There’s not enough space in the oven. And we concede that between roasting vegetables, baking pies, and cooking the hours-long turkey, it can seem nearly impossible for everything to arrive hot to the table, all at the same time. That’s why we’re introducing a new idea: the concept that you can cook your entire Thanksgiving meal in the slow cooker. READ MORE

10 Appetizers You Won’t Believe Came Out of the Slow Cooker

Time-strapped home cooks know the crock pot to be the secret behind a set-it-and-forget-it supper. But the ceramic vessel, which is typically tasked with breaking down tough cuts of meat, can also be your secret weapon at a holiday party. Next time it’s your turn to host cocktails at home, bust out the insert for one of these 10 appetizers. READ MORE

The Smart Cook’s Guide to Interactive Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is every American's biggest cooking event of the year, highly anticipated for all its tryptophanorific goodness. There are two ways to enjoy our delicious Thanksgiving menu for 8 to 10 guests that puts seasonality at the forefront (no green beans, no corn). READ MORE

14 Pies You Need on Your Thanksgiving Table This Year

When you think of Thanksgiving dessert, the number one pick is always pie. Here are 14 kinds that would be a welcome addition to any Thanksgiving menu, starting with everyone’s favorite, pumpkin! READ MORE

Tips for the Perfect Pie Crust

The two imperatives of Thanksgiving pie crust are make it tender, and make it flaky. Those things don't happen by accident though. These tips from our Test Kitchen range from the best way to transport your rolled-out dough from counter to pie dish, to how to roll a rectangular sheet. Amy Wisniewski leads the way to the perfect holiday-meal ender. READ MORE

Thanksgiving for Six

Yes, you can have a big Thanksgiving and invite the entire family. But with travel delays, family tensions, and heightened expectations, the stress can often overwhelm. So try this tactic: fewer guests, more fun. This mostly make-ahead menu feeds six, and everything—from the goat cheese crostini to the pear tart—celebrates the flavors of fall. It's a holiday dinner with all of the flavor, but with none of the stress. Isn't that how holidays are supposed to be? READ MORE

Don’t Get Duped on Heritage Turkey

Whether it's turkeys or tomatoes, heirloom varieties are hot, hot, hot. More people are looking for foods that hark back to an era before industrial agriculture and genetic manipulation. You might be one of those people opting for a "heritage" turkey this Thanksgiving. But are you sure you're getting a real heritage turkey? SHOCKER: You might not be. READ MORE

The Basics: How to Make Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes bust into the seasonal American diet in a big way every year at Thanksgiving. Below, you'll find a handful of recipes appropriate for the Thanksgiving buffet (and other holiday tables), but first, an easily memorized formula for the simplest sweet potato side ever: diced, tossed with a little oil, seasoning, and brown sugar. You roast them in a hot oven till they're brown, and serve; few dishes are as satisfying in their simplicity. READ MORE

The Basics: How to Make Cranberry Sauce

Cranberries are essential at Thanksgiving, but what you don't need is extra stress. Good thing making a delicious, orange-scented, and not-too-sweet cranberry relish is so easy, you don't even need a recipe, certainly not a complicated one. Here's a simple, memorizable method that turns four ingredients into the perfect condiment for your holiday bird. When you're ready to move on and tackle something a bit more complex, check out the recipes below. READ MORE