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Cooking with Orange Marmalade

Orange marmalade is a great condiment with cheeses and deli meats. Pour it over baked brie and top with salted nuts, or serve it with goat cheese. Use it in smoked turkey or hot ham and cheese sandwiches. ... READ MORE

Secrets of Searing Scallops

There are a few secrets to cooking perfectly seared sea scallops. The first is buying the right scallops. Most sea scallops out in the marketplace have been soaked in a solution of sodium tripolyphosphate, a process that helps to preserve them, and plumps READ MORE

Taylor Pork Roll

Taylor pork roll (a.k.a. Taylor ham) is a homey favorite cold cut. It’s known as a New Jersey kind of thing, but it’s frequently available in any deli that sells Boar’s Head cold cuts. ... READ MORE

Pocket Coffee

Ferrero’s Pocket Coffee is a sweet way to get a hit of caffeine. It’s a hard chocolate candy shell that’s filled with espresso–that’s a double caffeine whammy. ... READ MORE

All’s Fair in Food and Prose

This Sunday’s New York Times boasts a remarkably food-savvy piece of op/art: Fairs Enough (requires registration). It’s an illustrated rundown of the most delectable fair foods from states as far-flung as Washington State, Vermont, and Texas. READ MORE

Pack It In

The Today show’s recent feature on healthier choices for kids’ school lunchboxes provides a nice introductory primer for the burgeoning line of snack-y, grab-and-go foods produced by natural foods makers. READ MORE

We be jammin’

‘Tis the season for preserving fruits and vegetables, and the food blog world is not going to let it pass unheralded. The most recent edition of Sugar High Fridays, a monthly blogging event, was devoted to canning. READ MORE

Child of the Corn

Description: A Massachusetts farm jumps on the Julia Child bandwagon with a corn maze tracing the toothy chef’s likeness. READ MORE

Young palates, aged wines?

Derrick of An Obsession With Food wrote earlier this week that his blog was popular with the teen-n-tween crowd, according to Microsoft’s demographic analysis tool. “I’m skeptical that the next generation has so much passion for wine, homemade charcuterie READ MORE

Killer chips

The chemical acrylamide, a “probable carcinogen,” has been found in potato chips, and the news is disturbing enough to make food science writer Robert L. Wolke swear off the snacks for good. READ MORE