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The Problem of Lunch

Schools are trying to cut the junk out of kids’ trunks by serving up healthier school lunches. But will students eat them? READ MORE

Cooling Off

You don't even need to turn on the oven for these dishes. Sip a cool drink and enjoy the end-of-summer heat. READ MORE

Traipsing the Suncontinent

There is no one best Indian/South Asian restaurant in greater Los Angeles, but the local diaspora captures some of the variety of the subcontinent’s cuisine. losfelizhound breaks down some favorites by region… READ MORE

Udon at Rokko

Good udon can be hard to find, and the desire for an udon fix cannot always be satisfied by soba. Rokko has great udon–thick and chewy, says Wendy san, and comparable to noodles she had in Nagoya. ... READ MORE

Chowhounds and River Rats in the Thousand Islands

Some good eats morning to night in Clayton, NY, a gateway to the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River… READ MORE

Michoacan Paletas

The Mexican state of Michoacan is known for its excellent paletas (popsicles). A popsicle may not sound that exciting, but a truly superior paleta can mean an icy, slightly creamy block of frozen arroz con leche (Mexican rice pudding), studded with raisin READ MORE

Cappuccino Update: Beans and Balance at Sant Ambroeus

A couple of things lift Sant Ambroeus’s cappuccino above the pack, says Sean Dell: top-notch coffee, made from Danesi beans from Italy, and milk gently steamed to the perfect temperature–“steamed, not scalded, as is usually the case in New York coffee READ MORE

Make Your Maki More Memorable

If you make your own maki sushi at home, but are looking for ways to change it up, here are some goodies chowhounds love tucked into their rolls. ... READ MORE

Food of the Hunanese Proletariat

The San Gabriel Valley has another new Hunanese restaurant, reports Chandavkl. The menu leans toward working-class fare, including family-style rabbit, duck tongue, and organ dishes. Also exotica like frog, turtle and snail, and the mysterious-sounding READ MORE

Hazelnut Oil

Hazelnut oil is great in a dressing for bitter salad greens. It pairs well with lemon juice and sherry vinegar–they don’t overwhelm its delicate flavor. ... READ MORE