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A Temple of Traditional Sushi

Japanese folks visiting L.A. know to head to Kasen for high-end omakase sushi. It’s very old school–sometimes they try to persuade non-Japanese people to go elsewhere, thinking they want California rolls, teriyaki and the like. Stick with it and profess READ MORE

Italian Tomato Salad

During summer tomato season, simple tomato salads are a staple on the table in many Italian-American homes. ... READ MORE

“Start with a Pound of Butter”: Real, Old-Fashioned Pound Cake

They just don’t write pound cake recipes like they used to, laments Das Ubergeek. After all, the cake got its name because it took a pound of each ingredient. His recipe stays true to the old ways, and also bakes for two hours! gus tried it out, and s READ MORE

Squeaky Cheese

Squeaky cheese, a.k.a. cheese curds, are the very fresh curds of cheddar cheese, before they’ve been gathered in a mold and pressed. ... READ MORE

Stains on Plasticware

Tomato stains on plastic storage containers are really unsightly. To clean the stained ones you have, rworange says that Cascade Plastic Booster can’t be beat; it works every time. ... READ MORE

Weighty issues

The bloggers at The Food Museum ruffled a few feathers yesterday with a snarky post about obesity rates in the U.S. that puts the responsibility for overweight squarely onto eaters’ shoulders. READ MORE

Rich, Dark, Chocolatey Justice

Now that Norwegian police have recovered “The Scream,” the marketing types over at the Mars candy company are claiming credit for the painting’s recovery. READ MORE

Philadelphia: Southeast Asian, Shrimp, and the Young Crab Men

Chowhound-at-large Jim Leff is eating his way across America. Read along from the beginning of his trip. READ MORE

Lukewarm Repast

Bravo is replaying Top Chef’s first season to whet viewers’ appetites for the season two, set to premiere October 18. But if anything, a second look at the show makes its flaws more glaring. READ MORE

Food porn on the brain

Tasty recipes and snappy copy do not a great food blog make—we want the tantalizing, drool-inducing photos to go along with it. These days, everyone’s talking about food porn. READ MORE