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Lilac Wood

Pruning lilacs can yield a lot of woody branches. Let them age, and they make wonderful fuel to use for the smoker. JMF says the light floral taste is recommended for fish and lamb. ... READ MORE

Salt This Away

If you’ve ever wondered whether throwing down four bucks for a bag of fancy fleur de sel is worth it, wonder no longer: David Lebovitz makes an excellent case for the pricey crystals. READ MORE

Pennsylvania Is for Potato Chips (and Indonesian)!

Jim loses weight despite the CHOWTour. In this dispatch he explores Reading Market and the supermarket chip aisle. READ MORE

No Gawking Allowed

Amateur food photographers beware: Superchef Gordon Ramsay is coming to New York City, and your digital cameras are not welcome in his restaurant. READ MORE

Pixar Plating Up a Foodie Film

Animation studio Pixar is following their blockbuster films The Incredibles and Cars with the story of a Parisian-born foodie who can’t get enough gourmet nibbles — only problem, this foodie is a rat. READ MORE

Epitaph for a Neighborhood Bar

Manhattan User’s Guide, an online magazine and email newsletter for NYC culture, ran an essay today by an employee of the imminently closing P&G Cafe. READ MORE

Nuthin’ in the Oven

Ivonne of the always-fun blog Cream Puffs in Venice has a bit of a problem: The baker-blogger is going to be without an oven for a month. In a speedy outpouring of goodwill, scores of readers sent condolences, often accompanied by helpful suggestions. READ MORE

Stalking the Wily Richmond Hot Churro Guy

Freshly-fried, hot churros are worth waiting in line for–and the line for this little churro cart is often around the corner. The churros are made to order; some patience is required, but it’s completely worth the wait. The churros are long coils of dou READ MORE

Sweet Sashimi

It doesn’t look promising. The place is empty, the selection is limited, and the display cooler is so old that the glass is opaque–but don’t let that scare you off: you can get truly superior fish here. ... READ MORE

Greek Seafood Classics at Bayside’s Pelagos

Pelagos in Bayside shows a deft hand with seafood, which is fresh and simply prepared. “This is a good Greek fish house alternative to Astoria,” says ptkchow, who insists you try whole grilled black sea bass if it’s available; it’s flaky, sweet, and spa READ MORE