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Sweet and Savory Spanish Snack

Torta de aceite is a rustic, handmade Spanish crisp bread, typically made with lots of olive oil and often dusted with crunchy bits of sugar and sesame seeds, and a touch of anise. ... READ MORE

Cool As a White Cucumber

White cucumbers are appearing this tear at some farmers’ markets; they taste a lot like their green cousins. Kater finds white cucumbers perfect for a cool summer soup… READ MORE

Pennsylvania Dutch Country: Breakfasts, Buffets, and Beery Yearnings

All I’ve ever had in Pennsylvania Dutch Country is super-touristy food. I’ve only eaten in venues with (literally) busloads of tourists, so I was looking forward to digging deeper. READ MORE

Plats Perdus

When you’ve spent hours preparing a dish only to have it turn on you like an evil beast, what do you do? Strip it for parts and create something unique, that’s what. READ MORE

Bon Appetit’s 50 Delicious Years

Bon Appetit celebrates its 50th year of publication with this month’s issue, which contains some real gems amid a field of mostly predictable retrospectives. READ MORE

Butter on a Stick

One-handed eating is all the rage at the Minnesota State Fair, and this blog gets it all on video, from the deep-fried Twinkies to the hot dish on a stick. READ MORE

Foodie Wedding of the Year?

Leave it to a chef to throw a foodie wedding to end all weddings. Chef David Bouley’s marriage last month in France was a five-day extravaganza of guests, food, and wine from around the world. READ MORE

Deep Fried Tofu Box . . . With Lid

If you order the age tofu at Minako, don’t expect a few tastefully arranged cubes of fried tofu. They serve up a hollowed-out tofu box the size of an external hard drive, deep fried and filled with seasoned soy sauce and chopped scallions. It even has a d READ MORE

Tasty Japanese Small Plates

If you order right, you can get a variety of great dishes from Yume-ya at a surprisingly reasonable price. Chowhounds avoid the sushi, sashimi, and grilled dishes, but brothy, stewed dishes are good bets, and the fried stuff is excellent. Melanie Wong READ MORE

Blue Hill at Stone Barns Revisited: Late Summer Showcase

Simple pleasures abound this time of year at Blue Hill at Stone, where gorgeous farm-fresh produce is prepared with skill and minimal fuss. ... READ MORE