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Take Some Jerky With You

Celestino’s makes the best jerky in-house, in a ton of different flavors, says cdmedici. They have venison and buffalo in addition to beef. ... READ MORE

Head Cheese

Head cheese is not a cheese but a jellied sausage-like terrine. It’s made by simmering the head of a hog or calf, for a long, long time. ... READ MORE

New Brent’s Now Open

The long-awaited Westlake Village branch of Brent’s famous is now open, and the pastrami and corned beef is just as good as at the Northridge original, reports LesThePress. Plus, it’s quieter, softer, and more comfortable. ... READ MORE

Truffle Salt

Truffle salt is a combination of ground truffles and sea salt. It doesn’t have the intensity of truffle oil, but the essence of truffle is definitely there. ... READ MORE

Corn Off the Cob

It’s hard to imagine overdosing on corn on the cob, but if you do, cut the kernels off your end-of-summer corn, and use it in one of these recipes. ... READ MORE

Give That Steak a Rest

Most home cooks know that large roasts should rest before being carved, so their juices can reabsorb. The same is true of the simple steak. But how to keep such a small piece of meat from cooling off while it rests? ... READ MORE

Snackie Cakes

Our own versions of cellophane-wrapped classics allow you to make your own old-fashioned treats. READ MORE

The Weak in Review: Least Essential Food Writing for Sept. 4-8

Why read the crappiest food writing around when you can read our snarky summaries of said crappy writing instead? READ MORE

A Crush-Worthy Candidate

There’s a new food blogger in town, and he happens to be the most adorable candidate for Agriculture Commissioner of South Carolina this writer has ever seen. Probably also the most adorable candidate for Agriculture Commissioner anywhere. READ MORE

On the Hook

Could Red Hook get any more hyped? As if a Fairway with a view and a burgeoning IKEA weren’t enough to bring the yupsters, the divey taverns of Van Brunt street now have a brand-new neighbor, Tini, an Italian-inspired wine bar. READ MORE