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Big Bucks, Bad Bucks

It’s been a bad week for Starbucks: first a $114 million lawsuit, now a nutritional analysis that likens slurping down a venti mocha to sipping a 500-calorie burger through a straw. READ MORE

Corn Dogs of the Gods

Chowhounds like hand-dipped corn dogs. Every Chowhound. Even a vegan hound, upon hearing about made-to-order, freshly fried corn dogs, will begin to hope in their inner hearts that tofu pups are available. Uncle Bill’s Gourmet Corn Dogs fries your choice READ MORE

In Brooklyn, Farm-Fresh Produce from Community Roots

It’s no Union Square Greenmarket–in scene, cachet, or high-end selection–but Added Value in Red Hook is something more, devotees say. This small farmers’ market, operating outside the umbrella of the city-sponsored Greenmarkets, brings farm-fresh prod READ MORE

Utopian Dream

You aren’t supposed to give chicken bones to your dog–broken chicken bones are really sharp. However, human hounds with the prudence to carefully eat around the chicken bone shards can enjoy the wonder of the clay pot dishes at Utopia Caf READ MORE

Chocolate Cupcakes, Done Just Right, at Ciao for Now

Chocolate cupcakes at Ciao for Now in the East Village are something special, intensely chocolaty but not too sweet, says curranthound, who ranks them well ahead of better-known cupcake makers Magnolia and Billy’s. ... READ MORE

New Bakery Pastry Crawl

Dana B’s pastry crawl through eight of the city’s new (less than a year old) bakeries yielded a few top picks… READ MORE

An Evolutionary Leap in SFV Banh Mi

Sandwich Express is a big step up from the existing banh mi places in the Valley, says yclops. Unlike the rest, they bake their own baguettes. ... READ MORE

Unorthodox Route to Perfectly Cooked Steak

Going against the conventional high-heat-is-better school of steak cooking, A Fish Called Wanda experimented with searing, resting, and finishing in a very low oven–and the results were fantastic. “I have finally made a perfect steak,” she exults. ... READ MORE

Olive Oil that Won’t Leave a Stain on your Wallet

Buying expensive single-estate olive oil only makes sense if you’re going to serve it in the raw. For cooking, once you add other flavors, the subtleties of the really fruity oils are lost, advises Texas Toast. So you’ll probably want two oils… READ MORE

Foolproof Halibut

Pan-searing and finishing in the oven is a foolproof way to cook halibut perfectly every time, swears Bostonbob3. Here’s his technique… READ MORE